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Proportion...a giraffe could bite its toenails.

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posted on Jul, 9 2009 @ 06:19 PM
I was contributing to another thread, well sort of, when I made a startling discovery.

This is how I came to this conclusion on the thread concerning eyes being always on the head.

Just a post stated that the eyes are close to the brain for speed of nerve transfer...surely if the optic nerve where 30ft long the time lag would be imperceptible.

Another...the eyes are at the front because creatures move in that direction...what about species of crabs they move sideways, don`t they.?
On crab anatomy it shows eye stalks and says that they are useful for directing food into the mouth...but creatures that have two articulations, shoulder and elbow, cannot help but hit the mouth...try it yourself, raise your arms to a crucified position then bend at the elbow towards the face, slap in the mouth.
on the crab articulations...I think that this could even apply to the four legged creatures, like a giraffe, maybe it too could reach its mouth with a toe if it was anatomically possible to do so, a question of proportion.

I do not know how this worked out....comments

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