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Political Scandals

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posted on Jul, 9 2009 @ 03:04 PM
I thought this would be a fun little tact to just lay out how many politicians have been caught in the middle of some non-sense.
Lets start with the current
Neveda Senator Ensign : cheated on his wife with a staffers wife the husband of the wife threated to spill the affair to news so Ensign and other Republican members tell him he has to make this go away. So Ensigns parents pay off the husband and wife with 25K cash and a new house in Colorado..WoW..

Now this isn't a Republican or Democratic thread I just want ALL affairs and scandals put in here so we can see a clear picture of what kinda trash we are electing into office.
maybe this will help people make informed choices from now on who they put into office.

So help me out guys
Oh and ONLY 1 scandal per post lets see how long this thing gets?

Have Fun!


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