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YouTube's Structure of Society

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posted on Jul, 9 2009 @ 03:01 PM
I've been sitting hear lately contemplating and meditating on the links between social threads and Governing systems. Thinking about the Elite powers that be who control the powers that be.

Well, you know, Youtube's social framework is a direct cousin to our own here in the United States.

By overlapping it's structure to the frame work of our apparent life, and manipulating the Youtube controls like you would the daily grindings of your governed, you will gradually understand the Elite forces..the Holy Magic.

You see, You are the FED.. you own the page. Nothing comes before you, because you created it. All information and anything done under it's shadow, ultimiately leads back to you.

When you want to attract your audience, you create something of such delusional grandeur that they flock to your page in gradually increasing numbers. Or so you hope.

You analyze what attracts the flock...and what doesn't. The ones that did not attract, were the one's fraught with war and battles that were not good. Not because of the damage that happens to people's feelings and ego's, but to how it affects YOU only.

So at your will, you can cancel the illusion and dump the flock to start anew. Rinse and repeat.

Now the thread is a very important ingredient to our social systems and networks. In that it's important to understand the flow of information and influence. Here's some simple observations that will help you envision what I'm speaking about.

Consider the fact, that a person can flock to the illusion and decide to have input. He inputs his thoughts and emotions and wisdom. He puts forth these things to share among others, the ones he sees branched off in an increasing list of communication.

The only one who HEAR's the communication is you and the specific person the communication was meant for. You see, I can monitor your conversations...but you can't easily monitor mine. I get a little "PM" on everything you do in my world..I mean, my page.

So, what about the SEE. They can see all the communication that has happened in the past pages. Well, they only see what you allow them to see. YOU the creator of this page, can delete or praise individual communicative threads at will to sculpt the supportive environment you so desire.

Note, that the PEOPLE have no effective say in who get's deleted or supported. If they revolt too destructively, they can be canceled and forever gone from the HISTORY of the thread. Understand that, it's the History that you have the power to erase EVEN if it existed a few moments before,Only you. But beware, you can not create history. You can only erase it and lead it.

So "they" see only what you allow. Mind you, you may make mistakes and let certain things through that you did not take the time to approve, or perhaps you had no interest in the damage it would cause.....none at all..

Through this eb and flow of manipulation of your threads, and fine tuning the visual illusion you need to stimulate the crowd, you control your land, and the only one who matters, is you.

Also know that there are other "lowerlings" withing your thread, who support you all the way. They support you so much, they have power over subordinates by the simple fact that you will fight for them. Their support is important, for those are the suckers that bring in more flock.

There is even a system, where the "subjects" are allowed to input their own "judgment" onto others..what's called a "digg". This is only there to give them the illusion they have control over the influence of the thread.
A "Digg" isn't something the owner of the page is notified of. He doesn't care how they vote..........

So what of this ELITE I speak of? What about the Extreme powers of the world relation to Youtube's social framework?

Well my friend, Those are the people that can delete your behave...

Oh, and KILL those that start their own page when i say so...

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posted on Jul, 9 2009 @ 03:49 PM
So to contemplate the other side of this setup, how could I, a little person have an affect on the environment of the HAITI UFO video thread? A thread that has millions of communications?

Thinking about that led me to a whole new dynamic of thought.

What if I was Your brother. You and I are very close, and we monitor the thread together. I would have a very strong influence on the environment of the thread. I could be the "President" and delete and praise whomever I like, with your permission of course... you might even bless me by trusting my judgment from time to time....

I would dare an individual to protest against you, knowing I have your full might at my disposal. Note that I said YOUR might...not mine.

I can even encourage you to accept a friend invitation from other special people, of course you have veto power over all of my decisions.

Now let's transfer off of Youtube for now and continue.
What if I was you're brothers next door neighbor. How much influence can I have on the thread? Perhaps I can lightly threaten to make you're brother's life a living hell if you don't throw me a biscuit.

What if I was Your brother's next door neighbors husband? How much influence?

How about that Husband's Boss?

That' Boss's employee?

Ultimately we end up with just the lowly employee's kids...

Now have a drink and answer me this. I'll wait 'till you had your drink...

How much influence do those kids have?

I think that the bottom line is that, someone always has to fight from getting pushed down, in order to make room for the person moving up. If that someone places their foot squarely on the head of the ascending individual, they might go up as well.

But the fight is increasing everyday, and the more you sit still at the bottom, the more bottom-likes you have surrounding you and keeping you from moving freely.

As far as freedom, that is air that only the ones at the top of the bottle get to breath. The one's at the bottom are the foundation keeping you're nose in the fresh air....and as they die off.....others will be born.


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