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TinWiki: Ancient Mystic Order of Samaritans

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posted on Jul, 9 2009 @ 01:43 PM
The Ancient Mystic Order of Samaritans (AMOS) is the Order of the Odd Fellow's equivalent of Freemasonry's Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (or Shriners). It is not an officially recognized body within Odd Fellowship; it is a private club to which only those who are Odd Fellows may belong. A brother who holds the third degree and is in good standing within his subordinate lodge (i.e. he has not been expelled or in arrears of dues, etc.) is eligible to make an application to join. As we can see by the group photo, racist jokes were a fashionable trend of the times. Member to the right in front has written "Keep Off Grass" on the bottom of his right shoe and "Post No Bills" on his left, apparently a mockery of black mailmen.


In the early Twentieth Century, the Odd fellows had no fewer than five Shriner-like side orders: The Imperial Order of Muscovites, the Veiled Prophets of Baghdad, Knights of Oriental Splendor, the Ancient Mystical Order of Cabirians, and the Oriental Order of Humility and Perfection.

The OOH&P based its ritual on the legend of Xerxes I, son of Darius I who assumed the Persian throne in 485 B. C. Xerxes is mentioned—but only in passing—in the Bible in the books of Ezra, Daniel, and Esther where he is called Ahasuerus. He played no significant role in Biblical history and his only secular claim to fame is his disastrous invasion of Greece in which his navy was defeated in the battle of Salamis in 480 B.C. and his army the following year at Plataea. Quoting Asimov’s Guide to the Bible, “Xerxes gave up the plan to conquer Greece and retired to a life of ease with his harem.”

Oriental Order of Humility and Perfection (OOH&P), was a group founded c.1880 for Odd Fellows whose motto was "We Never Sleep." Their ritual was based on the legend of Xerxes, King of Persia who succeeded his father Darius in 485 BC. In 1924 the OOH&P was amalgamated into the AMOS along with several other Odd Fellows clubs and side degrees. In 1924, all of the above orders were merged into the Ancient Mystical Order of Samaritans.


AMOS is the playground for the Odd Fellows Lodge where fun is a central theme to their purpose, while being involved in various community activities and projects, the proceeds from which would go to charities in the local community.


  • Humility (or Samaritan) [Red fez with a yellow tassel]
  • Perfection (or Sheik) [Red fez with a red tassel]
    available only to those who have attended a supreme or divisional convention


The seal of the AMOS is an owl sitting upon a pyramid. Above the owl are the words "WE NEVER SLEEP"; at the base of the pyramid is the word Xerxes, and below the pyramid is the Arabian sword called a scimitar. The word Xerxes alludes to the password of the first degree of the AMOS.

Fez Emblem

The pyramid lighthouse emblem was used on early fezzes. The motto: “We Never Sleep” ties in with the flame attending lighthouse, since the Samaritans were known to rescue ships at sea. The “X” stands for Xerxes, who was the Great King of Persia 2500 years ago.

Fez & Tassel color codes

The membership regalia of AMOS is a fez/tassel. The fez color and tassel color indicate the degree attained or the office held by the member.

  • Red Fez with Yellow Tassel - Has Received Humility Degree
    (holds title of Samaritan)
  • Red Fez with Red Tassel - Has Received Perfection Degree
    (holds title of Sheik)
  • Red Fez with Yellow & Blue Tassel - Samaritan
    + Past Grand Monarch
  • Red Fez with Red & Blue Tassel - Sheik + Past Grand Monarch
  • Red Fez with Purple Tassel - District Deputy
  • Red Fez with Red, White, & Blue Tassel - Past District Deputy
  • Red Fez with White Tassel - Past Divisional Monarchos
  • Blue Fez with Tassel of Rank (see above) - Division Officer
  • Blue Fez with Purple Tassel - Division Supreme Monarchos
  • Blue Fez with White Tassel - Past Division Monarchos
  • Red Fez ("Supreme") with Purple Tassel - Supreme Officer
  • Purple Fez with Purple Tassel - Supreme Monarchos
  • Purple Fez with White Tassel - Past Supreme Monarchos


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