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Where Does Human Energy Go?

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posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 10:07 AM
The problem with these threads is that hollywood has muddled everyone mind on this. People that mess around with these things know a little on how it works, but most people are taught all there lifes there is nothing to it. This is how they control people.

There are bound to be loads of books on energies, and probably if you got into satanism you would learn alot more, to the op. The people behind the scenes know alot on this, but they are not going to tell us, as this is one of the ways they control us,a nd why would they want people being aware of this.

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 11:35 AM

Originally posted by KarlG
Law of Conservation of Energy (in physics):

Energy cannot be destroyed or created - only shifted from one form to another.

Chemical energy is created into electrical energy in our body when we think, or which changes into kinetic energy as we tremble in anger.

Then we expand that energy by SLAMMING OUR FISTS INTO WHAT MAKES US MAD - or a table, or a cardboard box - kinetic energy.

If not, we sweat. The energy expands as heat energy through our sweat.

If not, we GIVE off electrical energy. Happens when your electrical field is boosted so much by the energy that it enters the atmosphere as magnetic charges undetectable by human sight. For the truly "gifted", they are able to focus these charges into things like telekinesis and magnetism - allowing them to "move things with their mind". Ever heard of things falling spontaneously when someone is pissed? Ever heard of water heating up when someone who is particularly anger focuses his energy on the cup of drink in front of him?

That's for the truly "gifted", though. Otherwise it just goes into the ether as electric charges, which exists as one of the many light/electrical wave energies in the air, part of the spectrum that allows us to see, that allows our text messages to get transmitted, that allows people to get static.

"gifted"? Lol.
Everyone has that ability, everyone is also braught up to think that psychic abilities
are hollywood atleast here in the USA. Like the post above mine the people that are controlling the masses wouldnt want the masses to learn of this for it would destroy the system in which we live today. Its quite pathetic really, if only you skeptics would take everything with a open mind and practiced something like seeing auras or astral projecting for a month or less then you could get your proof but! You controlled humans are too lazy and too hellbent on instant results you probably will remain ignorant.

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 11:48 AM
Ask yourself why did a country the size of uk, run the world in one of the biggest empires ever. What do they know, as there is no rational sense to why a country of that size would be able to control so many countries.

The problem many have is they are fooled into doing what the ptb want, and if you follow the rules of others you are only doing what they want. This is why so many books people read do not work for them, as its got to come from you.

I heard rifat on rense, talk about kabalh, and what the insiders do. But the way i look at it, there is no real one way to do this, and someone in the mountains in asia may have equally good ways of doing it. But they have not been conditioned to think like us in the west, where remember teh witch trials was for the peasents to stop them believing in an ability to manipulate reality to what they want.

Look at it like this. A psorts person is trained that they have to think about shooting a ball into the net for it to happen. They have to think about it. So whats the difference between the fan in teh crowd and teh person thinking about sticking the ball in the net. The only difference is that the player has the thing in the match to kick the ball, but he is still thinking about putting the ball into the net. You in the crowd are just as much likely to have thoughts on this as the player on the pitch, though he is the one that kicks the ball.

Ask yourself why do teams play better at home than away?

And do not go of in rants about, how come teams win away, of course it is more complicated than the simple thing above, i.e the metal strength of teams, the ability of players. But always remember that the players are taught that they have to think about actually scoring, while they shoot.

This is one example, of how the ptb tell us, that we have no power over reality, when in fact we have an equal power over reality like everyone else. Your thoughts are just as much energy as someone elses.

Plus do not go away from here thinking you can do this and that, it is far more complicated than i have wrote, but i have given you a basic version.

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 12:23 PM
I think our energy will go back to the the Earth from where it came.

Eventually the Earth will explode or be exploded by our dying sun and our energy will go back to the cosmos....from where it came.

Billions to trillians of years will pass and we will be reborn into a new star and new planet. Then we will get to ask this same question again and again and again!

[edit on 11-7-2009 by bismarcksea]

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