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Molotov Mitchell Speaks At VA Tea Party on the 4th, Raises Key Points

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posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 08:26 PM
Here we have Molotov Mitchell speaking at one of the 4th of July Tea Party rallies. After watching this he raises some key points about the lack of respect from the MSM towards the Tea Parties.
One of the points he raises is that the people doing the Tea Parties aren't very well organized. We really don't have an effective head figure or leadership. He seems to be taking the opportunity of this to promote some organizing through his DEN program.

For a little background on M.M. he previously did the interview with the guy who debunked the Obama Certificate of Live Birth during the election. He runs the YouTube channel illuminatitv, which I am quite sure has little to do with the actual Illuminati that we have come to so much despise and/or fear; I am more of the belief that he uses that name under the pretext of enlightenment.
On one of my previous threads I raised the issue of him and his promotion of DEN, the Domestic Emergency Network at

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