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Iran internal political crisis: decissive stage of the WWIII

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posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 08:08 PM

The chief of Persia will occupy great Olchades
The trireme fleet against the Mahometan people
From Parthia, and Media: and the Cyclades pillaged:
Long rest at the Ionian port. (C.3:64, Michell of Nostradamus)

Through fire and arms not far from the Black Sea,
Will come from Persia to occupy Trebizand
To tremble Pharos, Myteline, Sol joyful
The Adriatic Sea covered with Arab blood. (C.5:27, Michell of Nostradamus)

the Arab prince Mars, Sun, Venus, Lion
The reign of the Church will succumb to the sea
Toward Persia well near a million
Byzantium, Egypt will resist the temptation. (C.5:25, Michell of Nostradamus )

The Peace of God to all that belong to the light,

Dear readers,

There were many questions arriving to my inbox during the last days about what can I perceive concerning the election crisis in Iran and what it represents for the world.

Let me tell that this event that for many arrived in a surprising way, it is perfectly consistent with the tendency that since 1990 is ruling the world with respect to the drastic changes in the balance of power and the end or complete transformation of old regimes, specially for the ones that represent some type of extremely hard rule or oppression: Communist party of the Soviet Union, fall of all the Marxist regimes of Europe and central Asia, fall and subsequent moderation of the Sandinism in Nicaragua, fall of the hegemonic PRI in Mexico, end of the German Democratic Republic, end of Czechoslovakia, end of Yugoslavia, Tiananmen square rebelion in Beijing.

Iran is only one case of many in which the new political democratizing currents are pushing to change the status quo, is a sign of our times in which more people in every nation wants to take part in the political decisions responding to their thirst of freedom and justicy, other examples are of course the political changes happened in Iraq and Afghanistan with the aid of USA.

Nevertheless there is another global trend that is trying to destroy the status quo in the world, trying to break the traditional balance of power and in particular to erode the supremacy of the white race and the Christian civilization, that is the one that is now pushing with more strength the hard line of the repression to act fiercely in Iran, it is represented by also radical regimes like Venezuela, Libya, Syria, Nicaragua, Cuba, Bolivia, Equator & Salvador.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this situation is that even drastic repressive actions are not going to stop the political changes , as it looks is the thought of the authorities in that country. To the contrary the brutal repressive violence will boost more rebelion and also more desire of freedom breaking the fragil cohesion of the Islamic State. Everything point to the fact that only a deal or political pact between the regime and the opposition can prevent a total civil war that of course will bath in blood the country, if that doesn't happen in the following hours the humanity will see one of the most cruel and barbaric repressions since the time of Stalin or Hitler.

In these moments I can perceive that even in the middle of the political confrontation there are efforts in both bands to don't collapse the Islamic rule through an intestine conflict, however there are many international interests interfering and in some sense they are going to decide with their weights the final result of this political equation:
Europe assuming a passive resistance with respect to the Islamic fundamentalism, USA looking for the opportunity to reverse the expansion of the strong Islamic Revolution, Russia wanted to enhance its alliance with Iran that is of course strictly strategical since there is no communion of ideologies, and China that is possible the most opportunistic of all trying from one side to be closer to potential Muslim allies but at the same time acting cautious to don't damage its relationship with the west. The other two powers that are also interested to move this crisis in the direction of its own interests are North Korea and Israel.

Edgar Cayce has seen this important change in the increasing sphere of influence of Teheran since 1930's when he wrote about the Persian legacy, about the ancient great civilization iniciated by Zoroaster, that was the first one great spiritual leader of the humanity to adopt monoteism. Cayce suspected that in this epoch of the begining of the third millenium there will be a renaicense of that old power. This process, according with Cayce, finally will derive a new political order in the middle east giving again protagonic role to Persia in the Modern History, so important that coincedes with the Nostradamus quatrains that clearly point Iran as the leader country in the Islamic alliance that will fight the WWIII.

My impression is that we have ahead two important situations, from one side the extreme pressure that the most hard line military sectors of the USA are going to perform over the Obama administration to use this special circumstance to attack Iran, and from the other the possibility that there will be surprising military actions in Asia that be created by the allies of the current government of Iran trying, to deviate the attention of its political crisis:

- North Korea will intensify its nuclear essays and also its missile tests defying the UNO.
- Venezuelan Hugo Chavez and Equatorian Rafael Correa Dictators will create international incidents with the Democratic states of Columbia and Peru to maintain higher the oil prices.
- There will be a huge attack in Iraq by the rebels.
- Georgians again will try to push, with the support of Western powers, Russians outside Ossetia and Abkhazia as part of strategy to voicot the Moscow-Teheran alliance.

Perhaps the most interesting fact is that the Talibans of Afghanistan will try to pact with one of the political factions in conflict in Iran in order to assure support to their war against the governments of that country and Pakistan.

With respect to the role that America will take in this internal conflict for me it is clear that if Obama cede under the will of the most radical elements of the Armed forces to attack iran this will be perhaps the worst military mistake ever committed by USA in the middle east, since that is precisely the type of action that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad needs to join all its people around him. In this moment it is pretty more convenient for the democracy in Iran and for the US interests to look for some type of agreement with the opposition forces and to give them support to continue their fight by themselves without external military intervention, that would be interpreted as Iran's soveighreinty violation.

From other side, even if America remain neutral in the intestine war in Iran I can see that Israel is seriously considering at present to attack strategic targets in different points in which they suspect it is concentrated the nuclear power hidden by the Persian armed forces.

An attack of the Jew state over Iran in this moment will be easy to boost a generalized conflict of dimensions never before watched in the middle east region, in other words, the third important stage, after the wars of Iraq & Afghanistan of the great third world war that Nostradamus predicted to occur in this epoch and that I personally have predicted to explode in some instant between this 2009 and 2012.

I think this is the hour that requires more consciousness on the spiritual people of the world,
on the ones I use to name the Light forces to pray to God to stop the actions that can push the humanity to a third global conflict, only God can defend us of the abyss of misery and chaos that we have ahead, since this war will come in the most critical moment of the worst economical recession ever registered in 70 years, that can be turned in terrible devastation for many nations, the great depression many are fearing by now.

thanks for your attention,

your friend,

The Angel of lightness

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 12:27 PM
reply to post by The angel of light

Dear readers,
The Peace of God to all that belong to the light,

Today the news are absolutely focused in the discovering of a terrible plot of the Iranian government to kill a Saudi diplomat in American soil, this to create a huge crisis in the relationships between the Arab World and Washington.

Please read:

Perhaps many are now surprised or astonished to check this information, but certainly not the ones that have read periodically my threads, since this is precisely the accomplishing of what I have been predicting concerning the role of the current Iranian authorities about their plans to boost a huge generalized conflict in between the Islamic world and the western civilization.

You are going to confirm with all the information that the media is disclosing about the secret Iranian conspiracy that my claims about two years ago of this Machiavellian plan were not all exaggerated but the most reliable intuition of what is coming for the world.

The Truly face of the Teheran regime is now clearly exposed to the public opinion.

thanks for your attention,

your friend,

the Angel of Lightness

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