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Tinwiki: Agartha

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posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 02:07 PM
Agartha or Agharta, is said to be populated by an advanced race or species, with a highly developed technology. This race has been inhabiting Hollow Earth for millions of years. The capital city of Agartha is called Shamballa. The source for this information comes from "The Smoky God," the biography of a Norwegian sailor named Olaf Jansen.

Living in Hollow Earth

Supposedly, Jansen's ship sailed through an entrance to the Earth's interior at the North Pole. For two years he lived with the inhabitants of the Agharta network of colonies who were a full 12 feet tall, and whose world was lit by a "smoky" central sun. Shamballa the Lesser, which was one of the colonies of Agartha, was also the seat of government for the entire network of the cities residing within Hollow Earth. While Shamballa the Lesser is an inner continent, its satellite colonies were said to be smaller enclosed ecosystems located just beneath the Earth's crust or discreetly within mountains.

Alleged Entrances to Hollow Earth

There are said to be numerous entrances to the Kingdom of Agartha that can be found throughout the world.

  • Kentucky Mommoth Cave, in south-central Kentucky, US.
  • Mount Shasta, California, US - the Agharthean city of Telos allegedly exists within and beneath this mountain.
  • Manaus, Brazil.
  • Mato Grosso, Brazil - The capital city of Posid is the primary Atlantean outpost, located beneath the Mato Grosso plains
  • region of Brazil. Population: 1.3 million.
  • Iguaçú Falls, border or Brazil and Argentina.
  • Mount Epomeo, Italy.
  • Himalayan Mountains, Tibet - The capital city of Shonshe is made up of the Uighur culture, a branch of the Lemurians who chose
  • to form their own colonies 50,000 years ago. This entrance is guarded by Himalayan Hindu monks. Population: 3/4 million.
  • Mongolia - The capital city of Shingwa is a remnant of the northern migration of the Uighurs. It is located on the border of
  • Mongolia and China.
  • Rama, India - beneath this surface city is a long lost subterranean city, they say, also named Rama. Population: 1 million.
  • Pyramid of Giza, Egypt.
  • King Solomon's Mines.
  • Dero Caves.
  • North and South Poles.
  • Telos - Population: 1.5 million.


Telos is allegedly a domed city with dimensions approximately 1.5 miles wide by 2 miles deep. Telos is also comprised of 5 levels.

Level 1

This top level is the said to be the center of commerce, education and administration. Its pyramid-shaped temple is the central structure and has a capacity of 50,000 people. Surrounding it are government buildings, the equivalent of a courthouse that promotes an enlightened judicial system, halls of records, arts and entertainment facilities, a residence for visiting foreign emissaries, a palace which houses the "Ra and Rana Mu" (the reigning King and Queen of the royal Lemurian lineage who are Ascended Masters, a communications tower, a spaceport, schools, food and clothing dispatches and most residences.

Level 2

This level is a manufacturing center as well as a residential level. Houses are circular in shape and dust-free because of technology employed from within. Like surface living, housing for singles, couples and extended families is the norm.

Level 3

This houses hydroponic gardens in which a highly advanced hydroponic technology feeds the entire city. All crops yield larger and tastier fruits, veggies and soy products that make for a varied and fun diet for Telosians. Now completely vegetarian, the Agartha Cities have taken meat substitutes to new heights.

Level 4

More hydroponic gardens, more manufacturing and some natural park areas.

Level 5

This is the nature level. Set about a mile beneath surface ground level, this area is a large natural environment. It serves as a habitat for a wide variety of animals, including those many extinct on the surface. All species have been bred in a non-violent atmosphere, and those that might be carnivorous on the surface now enjoy soy steaks and human interaction. Here you can romp with a Saber-Toothed Tiger with wild abandon. Together with the other plant levels, more than enough oxygen is produced to sustain the biosphere.


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