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Michigans Unemployments exptected to jump to 30% by start of fall.

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posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 01:57 PM
Hi, just saw some glooming news. This is just for Michigan.

Here is googles graphs:

it shows right now at 13.9%. Thats the number for may 2009. They already are saying that we are at 18% currently. These are estimates. They now think by the start of fall that unemployment rate could jump to 30% due to large amount of businesses closing down this summer due to poor sales.

They claim that it's just the starting of a economic collapse. On the radio this morning they talked about the economy. They said that the U.S is offical ever since june 25th been 100% broke. This means that we can't create enough money in the U.S to pay off our loans to other countries. Before june 25th 09 We were still able to pay back small amounts of it. Right now we will be playing a ponzi scheme. This means we have no money so we borrow money to pay off others and the borrow other peoples money to pay back the money we borrowed. So we will just keep passing on others money to other people.

The unemployment rate is based on who is collecting unemployment from the government. This was created by regan. So that the unemployment rate will be low. On the radio today they were talking about them doing their own servey study ever since we bailed out the banks they conducted a economic study on true figures of how many people are unemployed in michigan.

SO far they said that the current number they found was 50%. the people that have jobs are just hanging on and some they found engineers that are great engineers by in their 60s working for Mcdonalds doing janitor work. They also found some engineers that posted job applications on craiglist. On the radio they brought up a 50 year old man that lost his job and now is close to losing his house. So now he is constantly getting gigs to pay off expenses. He said that one job was to scrub a bathroom clean with a toothbrush for 25 bucks which he did that. He done other jobs like sweeping a floor for come small industrial complex for 15 bucks. He has no health insurance nor any dental.

So far in the city I live in. We got property taxes hiked. They also are trying to get rid of traffic lights and starting to make round abouts even in heavy traffic conjection roads.

The reason I am posting this to see what others think. I am hearing rumors on ATS from other members and also people in my area that the U.S economy supposed to collapse sometime in September because it's the U.S fiscal year. I was told this year was one of the worst economic year so far.

My tax professor was telling us that he is planning to leave the U.S and go to asia. He told us that his buddy already went their and found lots of jobs in Indonesia. He told us that the reason is that the U.S government will keep hiking taxes in a crooked behind the scene way.
He points out that if you add up all the taxes you had to pay for one whole year you will figure out how much your taxed on and how much is hidden. Like gas tax and much more.
Now if you add that year to a new year with higher taxes plus adding in some new ones like carbon tax and fat tax. You can thank algor for the fat and carbon tax. He said you can easily see wages and saleries falling and expenses rising. He said in his point of view. He think s the future of the U.S is that it will be a luxury to be part of the U.S Prices will keep rising.

I don't know how true all this is but it hows how bad our economy is doing so far. Yet I thought obama said that the bail out and simulus money was supposed to help the economy and yet it didn't but they said it did. It was just not enough to help us. So we need a new plan.

I would like to know what you guys think on here. Is the U.S in a worst shape then in the year 2008? what will 2010 bring? will 2010 be the start of the North American Union? will our economy collapse by Sep or will our economy hold at a low value just enough so we can live and let the U.S government take our liberties away and welcome in the North American Union?

From what I hear. The economic collapse was all engineered. They wanted the economy to drop at a very low value so that every American and Canadian and Mexican will be busy working. While they make finalization on getting the new union into being. That is the reason why taxes are going up. It's to keep people busy and controlled. What I mean by controlled is that you won't have time to learn new things or listen to what is happening around the world You will be busy making a living from day in and out till you die.

So I would like to know what your thoughts on about our economy. Meaning the U.S economy.

citi group stock fell. I was told by friends that it showed weakness in the company. They were nervous seeing that because it's one indicator that the economy is really in sluge.

So far our stock market has been a bear market for at least 2 or even more then that years. I know it was at least for 2 years.

I also seen alot of teachers being cut from their jobs in michigan. These are low numbers nothing alarming but was surprised that teachers are getting laid off. This results into bigger classrooms attendance and higher tuition for classes.

I am a college student by the way. I just notice this summer registering for fall classes. their was a high volume of people registering for classes. I started at 12:00am to register online. I had to stay up till 10:00am to finally get to the registering form. After that day I talked with others in my summer classes. Most of them told me that their is a expected higher attendance in colleges for the fall. This may only be in michigan because alot of people that worked for GM and the other autoworkers are now changing career paths. I already met about 30 of them. Most of them are going into the medical field.

So would Like to hear more about what is happening with our economy and what is the latest economic news. I am kinda sick of watching TV. Finding out more lies about our economy.

the figures I see on the news are usually old stats. So I would like to hear what members on ATS think about our economy and how is it where you live.

I currently have no dental insurance. My dad got laid off from a steel mill. He is a retired gm employee and we lost the insurances from gm. So we only have a health plan from the steel mill. The dental just got cut off.

PS: take a look at the unemployment stats from the Gov website. They do say that unemployment figures are not complete. They are based on only people collecting unemployment. So whatever percentages you see is just the amount of people that been accepted to receive unemployment benefits.

Here is the website:

Thanks for your time.

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posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 01:59 PM
sorry, i know this may sound a little calloused but what a great time to shop the Michigan classifieds for great deals!!!

craigslist here I come!

posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 02:35 PM
I don't live in the Us but I am keenly watching the situation. I am sorry to report that it doesn't look good for you, but the rest of the world isn't in great shape either.

I think it's going to be a nasty crunch - and coming soon - if you can afford a few ounces of silver I suggest it is the best thing you could do for yourself.

The global economy is sick - the Us is the worst at the moment though - it is not going to get better soon. If you can grow some food - do that, food is likely to be a large expense for most people, because you won't be able to afford much aside from rent and food.

One thing I should really add here - I believe the fundamentals for silver are extremely strong. If a gold backed currency is implemented either by the US or BRIC or both, then silver will regain its status as a precious metal. At the moment it is valued only as an industrial metal - gold is monetized, then silver will follow - but vast amounts of silver have been consumed, so there will be great demand but an extremely limited supply.

Although this may sound crazy, the fundamentals of silver tell me it can easily appreciate by a factor of 50 times, possibly 100 times - within the next few years - depending on when and if a gold currency comes into effect, it may happen very soon.

Without a new gold currency, silver will appreciate, but only like an investment - maybe 20% a year - if a gold currency is implemented, then I think silver will spike amazingly.

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posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 02:40 PM
reply to post by Amagnon

I have about a thousand dollars worth of silver chains, would they be worth as much as an ingot? I don't know about precious metals. It may be time to learn.

posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 04:07 PM
You know, I read your lengthy post and was just getting ready to post a
reply when I scrolled into JulieMills very short post . . .and was distracted !

(What a fine set . .err . .sense of humor she has.)

In California we're experiencing similar problems. High unemployment too.
You are not alone. Let's just hope that things really do change !

posted on Jul, 9 2009 @ 01:00 AM
reply to post by SIEGE

yep... but michigan is on top with the unemployment. It's hard here. Since we have poor
public transportation system. We have buses and trains etc. But it's not good enough where you can just hope on them and go to work or anywhere you want to go. It has limited destinations at different times. Like in New York. I went last month. I notice the subways. I saw people using it daily. Going to work or school. Yet trains come and go. I mean you have a train that will come in time where you can hop on and get off to caught other trains that will take you to your destination.

So over here in michigan you need a car. If you can't afford a car then good luck finding a local job. Jobs here are usually miles away. My dad had to drive a 2 hour drive to and from work not the total. Total would be 4 hours to get to work and back. That's time that he is not working but driving on the road to work and back. He is old too.

Over here I been looking for a job. I worked for a guy as a VP of technology. I worked for 4 months. The guy playied games with me. He is 26 and took over his dads cell phone consulting firm. He hired me... the terms where that I will get paid 75 bucks for the first project which was to work on a existing website.

A previous programmer quit and so I had to take over his work. I then found out they used google servers for free to host their website. Yet how the previous programmer created the site was using django admin system. Yet google only allows google admin libaries to be used. So I for 2 days not 2 days straight but apart. I had to work 24 hours. for 2 days.

I figure out that the previous programmer created this problem. I told the ceo this.

he then told me to work on other sites he had in mind. So I agreed. we talk about it and he offered 600 bucks. but the conditions were to pay me when I finished the website.

now he gives lists that are small and the keeps every week adding more and more.

So noticing this and not getting paid for 4 months for hard work. I decided to call it quits. He took my cell phone number to use to register one domain with google and then when I told him I quit. He kept asking me to give me cell phone numbers and register 2 more domain names. So I register the names but it needed 2 new cell phone numbers. So I told him this and he response rudely saying umm are you asking me to do the job I ask you. I told him flat out I have no more cell phone numbers. So he finally got 2 more new ones and gave me it and I finished the domain name registration with google.

I currently quite that job and now unemployed. I been looking for one. I even looked for small jobs. Like family video. All the movie/game rental shops. I tried them. I tried McDonalds. I tried alot of places. I usally just waste time. Cause they don't tell you they have job openings. Now they ask for you to apply for a job then once they need to hire someone that's when they call you.

I now get alot of spam from family video and other rental areas. Since I gave them my e-mail info just for contact purposes. I never accepted anything for allowing them to send promotional stuff to me.

So what I am saying is that I think we are just hitting the tip part of the iceberg.

I am scared that the U.S will eventually fall. I hope I am wrong. I don't want to be write. I can today see driving habits changing. In michigan people are getting more reckless and more depressed. I see more crime rising and alot of scams. Many scams are people impersonating as employer or a contract house that search for workers for companies.

So right now people are giving critical information to people that they think are offering good jobs. Like One company I contacted for a computer repair job.

They are located in new york. They told me they are in michigan. I went threw it and find out that thier is no job. They took my information to sell it to marketeers.

I now get a huge pile of mail and e-mail and even phone calls on my cellphone about promotions meaning marketing ads. Junk mail or junk period.

I notice those things are on the rise. Over here it's very hard to get jobs that high school students can do. Those jobs are getting filled by workers that used to work at GM or the other automakers. They will work at a restaurant while attending college.

So I am just saying so far this summer. I can tell by how people are acting right now. Here in michigan. They are nervous and stressed out. I now see more often people running red lights in a hurry. This includes semi- trucks. I talked to a guy that was a trucker but is now in college with me. He told me that what the truckers do now. Is they get their pay check only if they get to the destination on time. If not they either get no pay or they get some deductions. Those deductions would go to the person that paid for the shipping service. So I don't see any improvement. I am just seeing things getting worse. I still talk to many in college. Most of them are scared about the future.

I mean last year michigan was close to shutting down the state police and making huge cuts. They put a tax on movie tickets and hair cuts and many other service businesses.

That didn't last more then a month or two. The businesses complained that they lost business because of it. Michigan governor found out later on after enforcing that tax. They got 10 million in profits. This means they over taxed. They got a surplus of 10 million. so they decided to stop that tax. So now that didn't shut down the state troopers.

we still have our financial problems. Just that I personally think that this is not the worst. We will see a grim future soon.

I made this post to try and get us thinking about about the future of the U.S I just heard on fox news. That obama might get ready to do another stimulus package for the banks. They are losing more money.

To me it sounds fishy. It sounds that it's engineered. They are slowly draining money out of our economy in the U.S to control what we can afford. This will automatically limit us on travel. This could be a indirect control on us. kinda like a leash that is not visible.

So I am just trying to figure out why our Government want to keep throwing our tax money towards banks. The banks shows that they are not lending money out and yet are not doing what they were supposed to. So they lose money and we are back at it again giving them more tax money .

I mean they went on vacation with out tax money. I don't see why our U.S government are just giving free money to corporations. That don't easily lend money to people. So I am hearing that obama will give another bail out stimulus stuff to the banks again.
If this is true. I don't see how anyone would do such a thing unless they wanted to. I mean like their was something in it for them or they got threaten. In order words their has to be a motive behind why we give the banks tax payers money. Even though we did this already in the past and it didn't work. The banks went on expensive vacations and use the money foolishly. I personally don't think anyone is stupid enough to keep giving free money to banks that never showed results on making money or progressing on profitable operations. Or stimulating the economy.

So I am predicting a grim outlook for these coming years. I am not saying North American Union will happen. I just think the future will be bad. Something big will happen. Maybe a great... great depressions that we never seen in our history of history.

Well I hope things turn around. we can always hope.

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