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TinWiki: Abydos Glyphs

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posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 01:23 PM
On March 2, 1999, Fox Television broadcast live from Egypt's Giza Plateau a world-wide television special called "Opening the Lost Tombs: Live from Egypt." The program contained a segment by investigator of the Enterprise Mission, Richard Hoagland. Hoagland presented incredible graphic evidence suggesting that a "high-tech" civilization had existed prior to the known Egyptian civilization. The evidence presented were glyphs discovered that were carved into the ceiling beams of a 3000-year-old New Kingdom Temple. The temple is located at Abydos, hundreds of miles south of Cairo and the Giza Plateau.

These glyphs depicted flying machines that are very modern in appearance, completely impossible to build given the knowledge of ancient Egypt.

Hoagland's Abydos discovery was verified in November 1998 by a Fox television crew's own several-hundred-mile trek to the SETI-I temple at Abydos and actual filming of the glyphs in place within the temple. The find is nothing less than astonishing support for the controversial sub-text of the March 2nd Fox Egyptian telecast: that we are not the first, suggesting that a prior, "high-tech epoch" to civilization somehow came before the now known Ancient Egyptian Civilization.

Opposition to Modern-Machines Theory

On Thu, 21 Jan 1999 Katherine Griffis-Greenberg stated:

"...I am afraid that you have been subjected to the famous "Abydos helicopter" mania, here. There is a simple explanation to what you are seeing, at least, as we see it in Egyptology. There is no mystery here; it's just a palimpsest (though without the use of that term, and which is defined as "A manuscript, typically of papyrus or parchment, that has been written on more than once, with the earlier writing incompletely erased and often legible" AHED). It was decided in antiquity to replace the five-fold royal titulary of Seti I with that of his son and successor, Ramesses II. In the photos, we clearly see "Who repulses the Nine Bows," which figures in some of the Two-Ladies names of Seti I, replaced by "Who protects Egypt and overthrows the foreign countries," a Two-Ladies name of Ramesses II. With some of the plaster that once covered Seti I's titulary now fallen away, certain of the superimposed signs do indeed look like a submarine, etc., but it's just a coincidence.

What is happening in the photographs is quite clear; just consult Juergen von Beckerath, Handbuch der aegyptischen Koenigsnamen, Muenchner aegyptologische Studien 20, pages 235 and 237.

This issue comes up from time to time on such academic e-mail lists as the Ancient Near East (ANE) List and so on, so we're all pretty familiar with it.


Katherine Griffis-Greenberg Member, American Research Center in Egypt International Association of Egyptologists University of Alabama at Birmingham Special Studies

Hoagland Claims Discovery for Himself

On March 2nd, 1999 Richard Hoagland appeared on the Art Bell radio show discussing these glyphs. Unfortunately, Mr. Hoagland implied that it was Enterprise's discovery with the quote from the Enterprise Mission website.... "Hoagland's Abydos discovery." Viewers who have been following the Amargiland website for the last 3 years will remember our posting of these photographs about 2 years ago. At the time of posting, Amargi Hillier sent many requests (via fax) to Art Bell and Richard Hoagland to take note of these glyphs. These communications were ignored. It is unfortunate... for Mr. Bruce Rawles should receive credit for this incredible observation and presentation to the world, long before Richard Hoagland talked about it on March 2nd, 1999.


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posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 01:50 PM
Oh I remember reading a while back that a tourist taking pictures found these and then showed someone in the Egyptology community. I also dont believe for a minute in the excuse that these are nothing but overlays of other glyphs. I have seen the simulations and I just laugh at it. They only say this cause Hawass wont have it any other way.

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