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TinWiki: Abduction

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posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 01:15 PM
An abduction is when a person is taken away by primarily alien, but sometimes paranormal, entities.

Alien abductions are one of the most controversial subjects in ufology, and many professional ufologists are in divided camps regarding the phenomenon. Abductions are very difficult to prove, although there is a lot of evidence amongst the body of abductees to at least suggest to all but the most hard-headed that something is indeed happening. A definitive explanation for abductions and whether or not aliens are involved remains the topic of much heated debate.


For the most part, reported Alien abductions seem to follow a pattern, and the victims of abduction, usually unknown to each other and separated by vast distances, report similar experiences. Although not every abduction is identical, there are several common factors often reported by abductees.

In waking hours

The first known abduction reports involved people who were awake and going about their daily routines when they were taken. Often reported are abductions while driving a car or riding a bike. The abductees might see a strange light or craft. Other abductees report that they are filled with a strange compulsion from seemingly nowhere to drive out to desolate, abandoned areas. Often a humming or buzzing noise is reported before abduction takes place. In most cases the abductee has no memory of the abduction itself and might be confused over the sudden passing of many hours, a phenomenon known as missing time.

In bed

Most reported abductions occur during the night when the victims are in their homes sleeping. They sometimes wake and find themselves paralyzed and feel a heavy weight on their chests. Alien beings are seen standing around their beds. Many abductees report being lifted out of their beds by a beam of light or unknown force. Many of them claim that, while being taken, their bodies pass through walls and windows like a ghost. Other abductees may not remember the abduction, but instead wake up suddenly from dreamless sleep with an acute sense of terror and dread that something terrible has happened. It is not unusual for an abductee to report that their clothing is not put on correctly even though they dressed themselves, or to discover that they are wearing someone else’s clothing. Some abductees wake in their beds wearing dirty or muddy shoes even thought they do not recall leaving home.

Missing time

Amongst a large number of abductees, a phenomenon known as missing time is experienced. This is not simple forgetfulness or absent-mindedness, but a period where a chunk of time in their lives seems to vanish. The length of time varies, from 20 minutes to four hours that the victim cannot account for. An example is a person who, walking home at 12 o’clock, sees a strange light. He watches it for ten minutes. When the object disappears, he is shocked to find that 2 or more hours have passed when he thought the encounter was brief.

Abduction researchers believe that this is a result of the aliens possessing the technology to wipe out our conscious memory of the abduction and bury it in the subconscious where it cannot be accessed at will. It is this missing time phenomenon that is believed to be responsible for most abductees' inability to remember their abductions, or to only remember small confusing pieces.

Medical experimentation

Another phenomenon reported by many abductees are medical experiments performed by the Aliens. The abductees describe the event as humiliating, painful, and terrifying. The aliens, which in the majority of abduction cases are typical greys, are described as cold, unsympathetic, mechanical and business-like, and appear to be unmoved by the abductees pleas to cease the experimentations. Many abductees describe the feeling as being akin to a laboratory animal being prodded and tested by a cold, unemotional scientist.

The medical exam in most cases involves the aliens taking blood, skin, hair, and fingernail samples. There are also probe-like devices inserted into various cavities of the body, namely the nose and rectum, where abductees get the impression that some object is being inserted into their bodies. A sort of scan machine is sometimes used on the body.

One of the most curious factors in the medical exam part of the abduction phenomenon is an apparent emphasis on the sex organs of the abductees. In almost every case of abductions involving medical exams, abductees report devices being used on their sex organs to extract eggs from women and sperm from men. Women often report seeing some sort of fetus implanted in their uterus, or one being extracted. Far from being some sort of kinky sexual fantasy, almost every abductee describes the experience as traumatic, dreadful, and akin to being raped.

Eye stare/Mind scan

In many abduction reports, the victims describe one of the alien beings, usually described as the "doctor," staring into their eyes and forcing strange images into their minds. The doctor can be nine feet tall. They say there is some sort of ability that the doctor aliens possess, and often the victim claims that the doctor alien can induce emotional states in the abductee ranging from fear and dread to orgasm. The abductee is often left with the impression that the doctor is interested in the emotional reaction or energy of the abductee.

Tour of ship

After receiving medical examinations, abductees sometimes report that the aliens give them a tour of the ship. When an abductee attempt to question the alien being about where they are from or what they are doing, often the answer is reported as being evasive or purposefully deceptive. It seems the aliens have no desire to inform the abductees of anything, and if they do give an answer, it is usually very cryptic.

One part of the tour of the ship that is the most disturbing to the abductee is what is known as the nursery. It is here they find vats and jars full of strange creatures that are reported to be the crossbred experiments of alien/human hybridization. Some hybrid children of various stages of development and hybridization are observed. Sometimes an alien will hand a strange and often creepy looking "baby" to the abductee and force them to hold it, telling the victim that it is their child/hybrid. The babies are often described as lifeless and doll like.

Images of destruction

Another commonly reported feature of alien abductions is being shown images of global destruction from many sources, e.g., meteor strikes, nuclear warfare and global warming, usually in some form of "theater." The abductees claim they have no idea what these images are supposed to represent, whether predictions of future disasters or simply possibilities. Their alien captors seem very interested in the abductees' reactions.

Strange marks on body and physical side effects

After the abduction, many abductees report finding strange marks, often called scoop marks, on their bodies with no explanation how they got there. Some marks are described as being triangular in shape. The abductees also report nosebleeds upon waking up and hearing buzzing noises in their ears. While they often have little or no recollection of what occurred, they are often left with an uneasy feeling that something is not right. It is common for abductees to report feeling sick or nauseated afterwards.


Main article: Contactees
There exists confusion concerning abductees and contactees. However, the two groups of people claiming contact with aliens could not be more different from one another, there being many obvious differences between the two groups.


Contactees claim they have made positive and ongoing contact with benevolent alien beings. The contactees usually receive their messages through voluntary physical contact with alien beings who are described as benevolent, and say the experience is positive and life affirming. They usually volunteer or are asked to board the alien beings' ships to learn more about them.

Abductees, on the other hand, describe being forcibly kidnapped by cold, aloof, impersonal, and distant-seeming beings. The contact is not sought and is not positive or life affirming, but often emotionally devastating. They are dragged onto alien ships against their will to be experimented on. They often have little recollection of the event.


Contactees report receiving messages of gentle warnings and predictions of disaster from the benevolent beings. They also claim to receive messages of love, hope, peace, and goodness from their alien contacts, who state to the contactees the desire to help mankind evolve to a higher level.

Alien abductees on the other hand receive no messages of hope or love. They often report instead being showed pictures of devastation and destruction with no meaning or context attached. Any questions asked of their alien captors about the nature of their visits are usually met with elusive or brusque answers that reveal little. Alien abductees are not enlightened by their contacts; they are deliberately kept in the dark.


Most contactees either desire publicity so they can share their messages of hope from the "space brothers" or are quite happy to talk about the experiences to anyone who will listen. Many contactees willingly speak at public events to share their experiences and some even form their own cults. They tend to feel that they have been chosen for something special and are quite happy to share this with anyone.

Abductees, however, shun publicity and seldom, if ever, tell anyone of their experiences, not even close family members. Abductees do not come forward and share their abduction experiences with anyone. They often only come out when the victim is receiving therapy for emotional problems, and even then, it takes long hours of counseling to get the abductee comfortable enough to speak of the problem. Even when abductees have admitted their experiences, they in most cases want to remain anonymous for fear of ridicule or loss of job and family. They do not feel special or chosen; they feel cursed and would love nothing better than for the abductions to stop so they can live a normal, quiet life again.


Usually a person who has been abducted does not have any recollection of the incident, or will have memories that are fragmented and troubling. Often, they will seek medical help regarding various physical or mental problems that are often associated with abductions without knowing their root cause. It is usually through flashbacks or discovery of physical anomalies that alien abduction is suspected and alien abduction therapists and researchers are brought in.


One of the most controversial tools used in abduction research, regressive hypnosis, is often used to recover lost memories or fill in fragmented memories of abduction incidents. The abductee is placed under hypnosis and asked to remember the abduction encounter. Often while under hypnosis, the abductee goes through a wide range of intense emotions: fear, hysteria, anger, confusion, sadness, curiosity, amusement, or wonder. Sometimes the recollection is very traumatic and the hypnosis session must be ended for the day.

Implant discovery

Abductees often report having objects inserted into their bodies by their captors. This might lead to investigators requesting the abductee to get medical x-rays, CAT scans, or other pictures of their bodies to see what is inside. Often the tests will show that indeed there is an object in the body. Surgery can be done to remove it. Many suspected implants have been removed. Some turned out to be normal foreign objects of earthly origin. Others were objects that, while strange and unidentified, are believed to be also of earthly origin. Some objects, however, remain a puzzling mystery as to both their origin and how they ended up in a person's body.

Interviewing family and friends

In cases where missing time is involved, researchers will often interview and question relatives and friends of the abductee to corroborate their claims of missing time. Sometimes family, concerned of their loved one's sudden absence, will file a police report.


Abductees come in all races, nationalities, sexual orientations, religions, and genders. However, there are some very common elements in abduction cases. One aspect is that abduction seems to run in families. The vast majority of people who have been abducted have close relatives, namely parents and siblings, who have also had experiences and symptoms related to abduction. Another pattern that emerges is that memories of experiences usually stretch back to early childhood. Abductions start then, and increase in the teen years, peak in the fertile years of adulthood, then decline as sexual fertility declines, suggesting a focus on human reproduction.


The reality of the abduction phenomenon is subject to intense debate amongst ufologists. Some believe the abductions are real physical phenomena committed by extraterrestrial beings. Others believe that they are experiences occurring on the psychic/ethereal level and performed by extra-dimensional beings. Many skeptics believe alien abductions are hoaxes, hallucinations, or products of sick or over-imaginative minds.

Problems with hypnosis

Hypnosis seems to be the favored tool of many researchers, but it has its drawbacks. Memories recalled under hypnosis might not always be accurate, and false memories or memories created by leading questions can cause accounts given under hypnosis to be questionable. Also, contrary to popular belief, it is possible for people to lie or make up stories while under hypnotic trance.

It should be noted, however, that many abduction memories are recalled without the aid of hypnosis, and hypnosis is only used to either fill in gaps or help remember details of accounts.

Sleep paralysis and night terrors

Many skeptics believe that all alien abductions can be explained by sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is where one begins waking from a dream or state of sleep, only to find that they cannot move their body and feel like they cannot breathe. This is actually a common sleep problem, and could explain some abduction accounts. Night Terrors are when one wakes from dreamless sleep suddenly and feels an acute sense of terror, dread, or apprehension. This could also explain some abduction accounts.

However, neither sleep paralysis nor night terrors can explain abduction experiences that occur when the person is wide awake and driving or carrying about their daily business in a state of full waking consciousness.


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posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 01:21 PM
Excellent work. I will need to read this again and again. My understanding of the abduction phenomenon is completely consistent with what you've written.

I've never noticed before reading your work, the juxtaposition between abductees and contactees.

Really fine research. Giant kudos!

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