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possible reason for the health insurance fine

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posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 10:23 AM
It was brought up on another thread that Senate is planning on implementing a 1000 dollar fine to anyone who does not have health insurance.

I have not seen any conclusive evidence that the Senate is actually going to do this, but it seems there are a lot of rumors around, so I am basing this on the chance that they will do it. Hypothetically speaking.

Now at first I had the same reaction, that this fine is terrible. But my thoughts are that the Senate is thinking, between subsidations, government healthcare, and private healthcare, no American should have an excuse not to have healthcare.

Unless you are not American.

There are 11 million illegal immigrants in the US right now. Many hospitals, especially those along the border, are reeling from the effects of a heavy burden of people using emergency services when they are illegal, and cannot or will not pay for it. Now whether they can or not is another debate. Now I heard that the effect on American hospitals is minimal. But I don't think that is accurate.

The average cost to the government to cover people who are not insured is 1100 a year. hhhmmmmmm
It equates to about 48 billion dollars a year.

Now an illegal immigrant, depending on the state, maybe afraid to apply for govn't healthcare. They do not want their name on a list, or any list. So they tend to use ER care.

The senate can't come right out and say, we will now be fining illegal immigrants. It would cause a huge uproar in the latin community. But this may be a sneaky way to start recruiting costs.


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