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Independent Candidate Allowed to Debate in NJ!

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posted on Jul, 7 2009 @ 08:03 PM
Could this be the end of the two party system in New Jersey?

Earlier today, Dagget announced that he reached the $35,000 mark, thus qualifying his campaign for matching funds. This is unheard of in Jersey politics, and what many may not realize, is that this afternoon, the gubernatorial campaign became a three-way race.

posted on Jul, 7 2009 @ 08:06 PM
HECK YEA!!!!!!!

I hope the independent wins!!!

Screw those Repiglicans and Spendocrats! They're all going off the same playbook, and it's about time we get real change.

posted on Jul, 7 2009 @ 11:55 PM
As much as I frown at the "two party" hecklers and the NWO conspiritors I really do believe it is important we bring recognition to candidates beyond the realm of Democrats and Republicans. This is indeed good news.... but the issue with many third party supporters is the fact they continue on with the never ending crys about the two party system instead of focusing on getting support for those third parties.

Third parties lack the will power to push for a grassroots movement or some movement as ron Paul did last year, they should really start focusing on "positioning the troops". The biggest flaw that continues to bring down the third parties is the never ending victim card about how they dont get enough attention, how bad the two parties are, all the same etc. Its time to rally the troops and get out there telling americans that you have more choices in your vote.

I think its time for third party supporters, in particular Paulers and Libertarians to get out there.

posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 12:20 AM
well,, i'm a nj resident

well,,, i voted for lonegan in primary,,,, he said even if he lost there he was still gonna run for gov.,,
i think he isn't gonna do it though,, he's gone quite quiet of late,, no updates on his site

this could be good or very bad,,,,, for those out of nj,,,,, nj is a very democratic heavy state,,,,,,,

will dagget pull votes from christie allowing corzine a return win?????
i hope not

i can't believe corzine is behind by only 5 points,,, that's probably in the margin of error---wake up nj

i really think lonegan was the best bet we had of real change,,, change for us residents not the big state buracrcy

and yet he lost,,,, i just don't get it,,, they said he didn't have enuff experience,,,,, well all the candidates with experience screw us worse and know how to play in the system and continue hurting all us barely making it

even christie is a lawyer for crying out loud!!!!
when will we learn???? when will we finally elect a common man that knows our struggles and will stay loyal to his base

by the way, some nj facts for you

nj--worse overall tax burden in the nation
highest property taxes in the nation
also 1st place for least business friendly state

illegal im. arer killing all our hospitals and burdening our state budget

scholarships to help nj state residents (legal, tax paying citizens)attend our state colleges has just been reduced
yet a new fund to,,in the millions, is being set up to allow illegal immigrants to go to state colleges
what????? yeah, that's ---- up!!!!

also----- RUMOR MILL
if corzine is behind in the polls by a lot-----obama will give him a nice cabinet position,,,, and then corey booker,,, an african american,,, will run against christie,,,,,,
i guess with the overwhelming support of obama,,,,, they figure democratic nj will go head over hells for booker as well

Corzine,, our gov. is a piece of crap,,, former ceo of goldman sachs,,,,, and has only worsened the state of nj,, and dug our hole deeper

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