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VIDEO: Cancer therapy via intravenously mega-dosing vitamin C

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posted on Jul, 7 2009 @ 09:37 AM
Has anyone heard of this specific cancer therapy?

I recently "fell" into an extensive amount of information detailing the ongoing practice throughout the world of intravenously adding extremely high doses of vitamin C directly to the bloodstream to selectively (and very effectively) kill cancer cells.

These studies and therapy programs have patients receive upwards of 1/4 kilo, direct i.v. with dramatic results. As in very good. Not only this but for the thousands of patients who have undergone the therapy, there are no negative side effects to speak of.

Two time Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling discovered these findings many years ago I found out.

The following video briefly discusses it.

A major disclaimer is that I also want you to watch the documentary responsible for the information in the video. I say this because I'm not trying to sneak in that fact but it be nice for people to check it out.

(click to open player in new window)

posted on Jul, 7 2009 @ 11:43 AM
Vitamin B variants are even more important.

Things like folic acid reduce the likelihood of rogue cells developing. Cancer is rogue human cells with cracked and mixed dna. It is cells of the host that grow faulty and try to form another lifeform basically. It develops its own blood supply and leaches nutrients from the host just like a pregnancy. It's in everyone all the time but the lymphatic/immune system usually takes care of it.

Take away proper lymphatic function and the B variants and it's a perfect environment for rogue cancer cells to form.

Vitamin C seems to be a general good thing but I really think more research should be done on Vitamin B / Folic Acid. Vitamin B17 has raised eyebrows in the past. Worth looking into, but big pharma will never allow it unless they implement codex ailmentarius. Then B17 and the like will be the lifelong subscription plan they want you on.

posted on Jul, 7 2009 @ 06:08 PM
Cancer and the methods to eliminate it from the body are completely understood and withheld from the general public (and the mainstream medical profession).

Remember, what's being described here is what we are made to believe is a "completely unorthodox use of vitamin C". This has nothing to do with preventative treatment or healthy living. For the time being, this is ultra-mega dosing intravenously to kill advanced forms of cancer.

We are made to believe "cancer is an unfortunate, anomalous event, and when we get struck, it's some type of exterior force, like numbers being drawn in a lottery, and we have to 'make due' with this unfortunate hand we been dealt".

The exact nature of what cancer actually is, is VERY easy to understand. But the responsibility is too great for most of us .

Believe it or not cancer is the act of cells within the body "forgetting their functions". As we live on a daily basis, our bodies are affected by a many number of cancer cells. These cells are our own body's cells who have lost their ability to function and therefore usefulness to us. A healthy body has all the means required to rid itself of these cells with ease.

What happens when cancer becomes a problem is, our level of nutrient deficiencies within the body reaches a sustained point and creates an atmosphere where we are no longer able to effectively handle these otherwise "harmless" cancer cells.

We live in a world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain the required amounts of food nutrients for our bodies, all the while dealing with the continual increase of toxicity we are exposed to. All chronic disease is the result of nutritional deficiency and toxicity. All of it. If our bodies are not healthy, which most of ours aren't, we can't deal with any illness manifestations as a healthy body could.

With cancer, our nutrient deficient bodies actually have certain cells, within our organs, "loose their way". This means they literally start worrying about their selves, and not the function they had with the organ. And as Atlantican said, it starts to create a tumor network which leaches nutrients away from their supposed destinations. Tumors grow and what are we suppose to do? Cut them out.

In mainstream media and common perception we have an "unrelenting battle with a deadly foe that we do not understand much about but are learning more and more everyday". I say that is COMPLETELY FALSE.

If we all understood THE fundamental reason why cancer appears (laid right out above) then it would be no time before we all knew about vitamin C mega-dosing and the other dozen or so easy, cheap and extremely effective cancer therapies.

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