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The middle East, we are playing Poke the penguin for a loooong time

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posted on Jul, 7 2009 @ 07:08 AM
It's pretty much a fact that when you pester someone long enough that person will eventually react, and not in kind. Just klick here for a simplified version of what the western world is doing in the Middle East for quite some time now.

People are complaining that the middle east is so uncivilized and backwards compared to the enlightened and supreme culture of the western world (Yes, i'm exaggerating but you get the point) and that they have to shape up to connect with us. I'm not sure if that is the way to go, let everybody and every culture go where it wants as long as they do it unto themselves and not anybody else. I'm sure that when they are left to their own ruling it will be ok at some moment in the future. No rush and no 'helping' them in the world as the western world wants to see it.

Stop poking them and leave the middle east alone please, thanks. The same goes for middle eastern foreigners in the Western world. Where i live we have a group of people that get blamed for everything for such a long time that a lot of those guys really are playing the part they are assumed to play. The good ones are being looked at the same as the ones that cause trouble and end up causing trouble because it is what they are accused of in the first place, creating a downward spiral into civil unrest and hate. It's not the way to go i think, blaming others for a problem that includes everyone involved just fuels the discontent.

So in short, let's do something revolutionary and STOP POKING.

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