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Congress Leaves the Nitty Gritty of Healthcare to Obama Inc.

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posted on Jul, 7 2009 @ 06:50 AM
I had to read this story twice this morning because I couldn't believe it the first time around.

With its self-imposed deadline for health care reform only four weeks away, major health care overhaul proposals in both chambers of Congress leave key details up to unelected Obama administration officials, giving the administration the power to ultimately define what health care reform will look like.

Way to look out for the best interests of your constituents.
So much for transparency once again.

In fact, bills working their way through both chambers give the administration broad powers over a key "reform" component -- health insurance “exchanges,” a new national purchasing pool from which individuals and businesses could choose health insurance from a range of options, including private plans and a government alternative.

The health insurance exchanges would be run by the administration, allowing Obama administration officials and the bureaucrats they employ to design and run a permanent government health care bureaucracy designed to act as part insurer, part enforcer for the new exchanges.

Good luck to those who think this plan will be good for the nation. Bureaucrats set it up and bureaucrats will determine your outcome as it relates to necessary treatment. More red tape to slow down the process. This whole plan should be left up to the states who in turn act as the clearing house to shop for private plans followed by tax credits to the consumer.

The administration will always have the final say. Micromanaging at its finest.

The administration is even allowed to define a “qualifying” health plan and how that plan pays for care, meaning that while states can establish a gateway, they can only establish the type of gateway the federal government wants them to.

“The Secretary shall, by regulation, establish criteria for certification of health plans as qualified health plans,” and “The Secretary, in consultation with experts in health care quality and stakeholders, shall develop guidelines concerning,” how qualifying plans pay for health care.

This whole process is set to establish yet another Department with its own administrator in addition to the Health and Human Services Secretary. The Health Choices Administration run by a new Commissioner of Health Insurance Exchange.

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posted on Jul, 7 2009 @ 03:11 PM
The new Commissioner of Health Insurance proposed by the House Dems. will serve as the 33rd Czar in Obama's administration and he will be accountable only to him. The Insurance Czar will be stepping into your living rooms in the near future.

This notion of a Health Insurance Czar is already getting objections from the State Insurance Commissioners. They claim that the czar will simply duplicate services already provided by them with no added benefit to the consumers. Just more big government.

One person to oversea this mess... Makes no sense at all.

The govt. has failed with social security, medicare and medicaid and now they think that this idea will miraculously work.

They are now proposing a new surtax on the wealthy to help pay for this B.S. What a great idea.

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posted on Jul, 7 2009 @ 03:22 PM
Where are the defenders of any type of "free" health care is better than nothing?

People are so blind that they have not clue what they are wishing for.

Like I said I be darn if am going to allow bureaucracy dictate what kind of care I deserve.

People we need a revolution and fast.


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