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Weapons inspector was set to expose UK govt: Found dead

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posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 11:12 PM
This is one of the cases that has never been discussed extensively in the MSM and only recently has come up again in the media. Dr.Kelly, a weapons inspector, died in 2003 in what the UK govt termed as a suicide, just days after he was interogated. Why was he killed? Who killed him? What was there in the book, so much so, that it cost him his life? We might never know. He was about to tell the UK govt that there were no WMD in Iraq.

WEAPONS inspector David Kelly was writing a book exposing highly damaging government secrets before his ­mysterious death.

He was intending to reveal that he warned Prime Minister Tony Blair there were no weapons of mass destruction anywhere in Iraq weeks before the ­British and American invasion.

Dr Kelly was also intending to lift the lid on a potentially bigger scandal, his own secret dealings in germ warfare with the apartheid regime in South Africa.

Source: Kelly's Book of Secrets

US investogators have produced a documentary 'Anthrax Wars' and it will be screened in London on July 17.

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