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Evil walks among us

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posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 06:31 PM
reply to post by Trajan

When I was a young girl I walked into an apartment of friends only to encounter a sinister being not of this world crouching in a corner seemingly unnoticed by anyone but me. When I pushed for an answer to who it was, I was ignored which was very unusual.

My best friend, boyfriend and his twin brother went into a sort of trance where I was not part of their reality for a period of time.

Meanwhile, a different reality did open for me including the demonic being who chased me in and out of the apartment. At one point i forced myself on a family who sat mesmerized in front of their TV even as I went crazy and loud in their apartment yelling for help in the usual teenage manner.

What got me and still does is that the family never even noticed me, other than the father who I forced into my reality to use his phone. I did have influence over them at will.

Once i got on the phone rather than a regular phone operator, I got someone, a female who sounded much like the reported voice who answered the calls of the frantic people on board the fateful flight that crashed on 911. She told me to look behind me that he was coming in, she was also under some dark influence, or the dark force itself.

Meanwhile back over at the apartment a bit earlier, *now this is where it is hard to explain* many strange and unusual things happened between myself and the demonic presence in humanish form.

At the peak of experience we were in some other dimension where I battled for humanity as a whole and my own very soul.

At some point it was as if I could not make it, could not seem to win, and without asking from deep within my soul, flying out of my heart region and standing directly behind me was what I can only describe as an Angel, a warrior type Angel who I knew had taken time out (time not relevant) to come to my aid and help win the battle of the mental/spiritual state.

At that point it became on a level the demon felt even more adapt at which was the physical. Still in the end he did not win, I escaped with my best friend and attempted to flee the State.

After this experience, psychic abilities were heightened. Very much so.

posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 08:05 PM
Antar huh? Wow, what a coincidence...

Ummm, do you start a convo like this. Hey if you are one of the Primes of the Antar heirarchy around the Phoenix Asymmetry, I think we should talk at some point, maybe u2u or something. Your forces or getitng a little chewed up around there. If you got any pull with them, maybe it can help the situation.

Btw, we have noticed an improvement as of late, they're like actually being polite. I like that. Still militant and kinda jumpy but getting cooler all the time.

I apologize if its just a name coincidence, just thought I'd check. No harm checking right?

Ummm, I'm pretty sure my gurl Joan Samiel (actually you probably know her as Joan the Blind around here) mentioned you though Antar, that she's met you before quite some time back. Just dropping a name or two here and there...sure it doesn't hurt. I'm pretty sure she meant you the Earth human here at ATS.

But if you want to compare notes sometime, please feel free to comment here or u2u. Thanks...and I apologize if you aren't one of the Antar Primes I was looking around for. You seem like a facinating person, gotta say...intruiging stories and experiences. i can tell you are honestly relating what happened to you.

Hang in there.

posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 04:50 PM

I'm planning on sharing a message that I have come specifically to ATS for. A plan of peace for the planes.

I will be giving a series of mini-lectures in a series of threads in the Grey Area (as soon as i can get sufficent posts to be able to do so) and I invite u personally to participate. They will cover such issues as defensive spiritual weaponry and techniques, actual technical specifications on such weapons as MAWs (anal probes), AR's and Very Dangerous weapons that are wandering the Universe these days, and a comprehensive spiritual universe/real geopolitical overview of the situation as it now stands.

A lot of information that has only been made available at top levels will be presented and discussed. It is time for you to understand what is going on. I want to be your friend and ally. I want the situation to improve. Need people like u, Antar. Need you to step into a larger destiny.

Spiritual defensive forces have been dispatched to your spiritual location. And stop sweating Antar, I promise that I will not try to visit u in person (ie. Earth). You can recognize forces friendly to me by that crossing symbol like a X sideways. A lot of times they use their forearms. Several MC's have been dispatched to your location to observe, however listen especially to the ones in the black suit.

She is a Reich officer with sufficent authority to countermand, atleast temporarily, any movement of your Soul Matrix defenders. It is imperative that you and your stong men stay at your current spiritual location. There is a practice developing amoung the Evil One to try to lure beings to dangerous spiritual locations.

Do not proceed to V*I*S*T*A, or connect to it in anyway, let your Matrix members know this. They are using QM weaponry there. If any of the GJG try to order you to that location, do NOT comply. You have been warned. That inludes "sending energy", astral projection or use of transports or cruisers.

I apologize for talking out in the open like this, but I haven't done 20 posts yet.

I am Seth of the Joshua and a righteous man. lol but your Matrix members are right, I do have a tendancy to make offers, deals, and do have a tendancy to "pay" people fairly. And I can be very smooth and convincing at times. Peace is made in such ways Antar; you will discover this.

posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 04:59 PM

Originally posted by gravykraken
"As the two brothers were walking home from their job at the local casino, they did not notice as a small dark figure rose from the ground from deep within a portal on the side of the road."

then who noticed?

you know... in order to relay that part? how does anyone know that the dark figure came up from a portal in the ground, on the side of the road?

And, seeing that in order to work at a casino your BF had to be at least 18, legally considered an adult. So I must ask, if he had sex with you (a 15 yr old) is he out of prison yet?
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