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UK Extremists gets money allowance while UK Extremist victim cannot.

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posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 01:39 PM

Seems there is a lack of law dealing with terrorist victims, why does not India or Pakistan pay up either? I would not go to India either not in this climate of war and many may not sympahise with Will Pike I know.

Justice Secretary Jack Straw has told a survivor of the Mumbai terror attacks the law must change to compensate victims of foreign terrorism.
Will Pike, 29, will never walk again after falling as he tried to escape from a third-floor bedroom in the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel with his girlfriend Kelly Doyle.

The couple met Mr Straw after discovering that both the Government and their travel insurance company were refusing to compensate Will for his injury.

Mr Straw signalled a change in the law was needed to support British citizens hurt in foreign attacks, saying: "It's very important to me. It's important to the Government."


Now verses this story it may make your blood boil, but I like how news stories over the years shows so many ironies in how the governements here in the UK work.

Muslim extremist Abu Qatada to receive £8,000 incapacity benefits a year - for his bad back

Abu Qatada is to receive almost £8,000 a year in benefits because he has a bad back.

The fanatical cleric, said to be Osama Bin Laden’s ambassador in Europe, will get £150 a week of taxpayer’s cash after being released from jail last week

Qatada left Long Lartin prison in Worcestershire after the Appeal Court blocked his deportation to Jordan.

He is now living in an £800,000 four-bedroom Edwardian semi in a tree-lined street in West London.

His incapacity allowance will push
the family’s total annual handouts to more than £50,000.

His wife has been claiming £45,000 a year in child benefit, income support, housing benefit and council tax credit for the past four years.

Taxpayers are also footing an estimated £500,000 a year bill to provide round-the-clock surveillance on Qatada, who has been described by a judges as a ‘truly dangerous individual’.

He arrived in Britain 14 years ago

So the irony of the day is that this guy gets lots of tax payers cash, has lots of babies of course, would probably support the idea of blowing up infedels up and yet people like him are still here getting payed by the British public.

Then you have the Extreamist victims like Will Pike who by people like him is in a wheel chair because Abu Qatada like minded friends do what they do best which is to kill and put fear in people to establish an extreame ideology or protest view and will probaby get more UK Tax payers money than Will probably will ever get. They should put both in a documentary just for sheer comparison.

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posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 01:54 PM
sickening, but is this not a typical brittish way of doing things?

According to much of what I read it would seem so.

posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 02:02 PM
There's nothing to stop Mr. Pike applying for all those benefits too. And last time I checked your entitlement to social security payments wasn't determined on your political beliefs, religion or anything along those lines.

If/when Abu Qatada gets thrown out of Great Britain then his entitlements will stop. Until then he's entitled to claim it ... unless you're suggesting the government should legislate against one individual because they don't like him.

Should the taxpayer financially compensate Mr. Pike ? Of course not. The same for all the other poor little dears who demand compensation ... it wasn't me, the taxpayer, who blew them up, shot at them or knifed them ... so why should I pay up ?

And why does compensation always have to be in the form of money ? Why can't we compensate them through the medium of modern dance, pot plants or fluffy kittens ?

posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 02:05 PM
In a way its good it happens as more people will wake up and demand change, but these days people are too tired or too stupid to really care unless they overthrow the government, more chance when we do get that far it would become more facist in the process.

I think India should compensate or Pakistan at least, but doubt if tourists really care, intelligent tourists would avoid such places, its always the peacekeepers who get beheaded, my advice is leave them to it.

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