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Freedom from Enslavement....

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posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 08:15 AM

How Fallen MAN Destroys Both MAN And Earth

Our work revolves around the fact that the commercialised world we are in is not of the real world which is the world of nature or creation. Everything of the so-called "civilisation" we live in is doomed but most of us are so addicted to the temptations of the fiction that we are unwilling to give them up, even though we can see that we are destroying the earth as we cling to them.

In the real world, everything takes care of everything else by creating substance, i.e, the tree produces oxygen for the animals which produce carbon dioxide for the trees. The flowers feed the bees who pollinate the flowers. Round and round it goes so that everything is taken care of. This is how we (MAN) are supposed to be living, our actions all for everyone and everything else of creation. Living this way means we do no harm, meaning that the earth flourishes and provides us with everything we need.

The way we live now, however, is all about individuals unconsciously apart from creation, plundering the earth, ripping it apart, drilling holes in it and polluting it. Why are we surprised it is suffering?

The reason we live like this is that we are brainwashed into thinking this is o.k, with our brainwashing coming from all around us - our parents, extended families, educators, media, priests, politicians etc all telling us that there is no other way to make it work, no other possible way to live. Of course, those at the top, the shadowy figures behind those in public view, want us to continue living the way we do because that is how they create their immense wealth and power. As I'm sure you are aware, our dead civilisation is saturated by freemasonic orders/societies, including female ones such as The Order of the Eastern Star, whose job is to ensure the continuation of the plan for world domination, hence the prominence of their members in "society". What all these freemasons don't realise, however, is that by selling themselves to the work of the devil (the order of the dead god of fiction) and acting with the insincerity and impurity necessary to perform the tasks asked of them, they are ensuring their own destruction, both physical and spiritual.

What we offer is a remedy, that of Kindom. Kindom is a community where we all take care of one another, grow our own food, tread lightly on the earth, teach our children how to think for themselves, heal ourselves and get rid of all the "fiction", all the unreal world that cannot do anything for itself but relies on unconscious men and women putting their energy into it to keep it going, to keep propping up dead corpses. Regardless of the time we spend propping up dead corpses they always remain as dead corpses. None of the dead corpse institutions and corporations we live under (finance, law, education, big business, religion, commerce) can exist without us maintaining them. The good news about this is that we only need to put our energy into something else and they will be unable to support themselves and will fade away, taking with them the endless rules, regulations, rituals, procedures and conditions that are currently used to enslave us, keeping us running (surviving) in the treadmill for most of our lives.

The dead world of fiction is the world of the intellect, full of men and women with brilliant minds, stunning intellects and egos that revel in glorified titles and recognition but it is also a dead world because there is no longer any consciousness (substance) in it, no connection to the living world of creation. If you have no connection to the living world while you are in your physical body, how do you expect to get one when your physical body dies? How you live is how you die; if you have lived your life creating substance, you will continue co-creating substance with the rest of consciousness even after you no longer have your physical body. However, if your life has been spent on the fiction, creating no substance, your life will have no substance when there is no physical body to anchor you anymore. Your physical body will be absorbed back into consciousness but you will have lost your uniqueness and therefore be unable to be part of the expanding consciousness of creation. You no longer exist!

All these brilliant intellects, armed with their degrees, certificates, titles, deeds, positions, privileges, status, knowledge etc, think they have power and control and are going somewhere but, as the only way to "go" anywhere is by expanding consciousness, they are heading nowhere and can only become apparitions/thought forms (demons/ghosts) after the death of their physical bodies. The moment you start destroying consciousness you are going nowhere because you are not expanding consciousness. We can only create consciousness (substance) by acts of love that benefit creation and this is determined by the sincerity and purity behind every feeling, thought, word and deed we create.

Regardless of anyones particular specialty with knowledge, the knowledge they profess does not create consciousness for them. What a disaster it has been and still is when you realise how hundreds of billions of Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, New Agers, Satanists, Freemasons, Conspiratorialists, Scripturaltorialists, Freedom-Truthers and experts in all fields of law, politics, commerce, banking, insurance, science, education, etc, etc, have put all their eggs in one basket, pinning their lives to their knowledge base which is doing nothing to expand their consciousness. They have all died and are dying as demons of no substance of the dark-side.
The Darkness Begins

This dark-side has not always existed. Once there really was paradise on earth with every living thing living in harmony with every other living thing. Men and women were wise and valued the gift of the earth that they had been given. One day, one man began to think of himself a little more than was wise. He was a very clever man and had perhaps begun to think with his brain more than he was feeling with his heart. As he became more and more absorbed with himself, he began to notice less and less the glory of the world the creator had created and stopped noticing the messages of love from the creator streaming from every flower, tree, blade of grass and drop of rain. He felt himself ignored and his feathers were ruffled. He called out for the creator to talk to him again and again, not feeling the caress of thecreator[/ex

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posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 08:17 AM

streaming from every flower, tree, blade of grass and drop of rain. He felt himself ignored and his feathers were ruffled. He called out for the creator to talk to him again and again, not feeling the caress of the creator in the breeze that blew around him or the gift of nourishment in the fruit he picked from the tree.

His anger grew to the point where, like a thwarted child who starts throwing things around to get attention, his started destroying the creation of the creator. He began to dream of a world where he was the ruler and leader and where his fellow men and women would no longer be his equals but his slaves. By persuading his slaves to listen to him rather than the creator, they would become unconscious of their consciousness and, in that fallen state, they could be persuaded to do harm to the creator's gift of creation. By being kept busy maintaining his world, they would no longer have time to co-create creation.

Thus began the world of fiction and fairytale that we now inhabit and who can say that the angry man's dream has not been a success? We are a world of destroyers, destroying almost from the moment we wake up to the time that we fall asleep again and, even while we sleep, our inventions of destruction keep destroying for us. The food we eat, the houses we live in, the jobs we do, the distractions with which we fill our "leisure" time and the machines we use to do all this, all cause the destruction of that which sustains us, our beautiful, ailing earth.

Maintaining our lives in the fiction has become a full time job involving our total absorption in the fiction. We have been so convinced that we need our cars of destruction, our expensive houses of destruction, our fittings and furniture of destruction, our wardrobes full of expensive clothes of destruction, our hairstyles, our gym memberships, our restaurant meals and our lattes, that we are willing to spend our whole lives slaving for them, getting up five, six or even seven days a week, working 9 to 5, or 7 to 10 hours a day, hours spent away from our loved ones and hours spent causing destruction all so that we can maintain all the trappings of fiction even though we hardly have any time to enjoy them! And we often don't even enjoy the work we do. Our brainwashing is so complete that we are willing to spend the majority of our waking hours doing something we don't really enjoy in order to have all the trappings we think we need in order to be able to enjoy the few hours we have to do as we choose, hours more than likely spent in ways that ensure more destruction.

Many feel that all is not right and that there must be a way to find some relief to this nightmare but we look in the wrong place for the remedy. We continue to look into the fiction to find a remedy for the problems of the fiction and sometimes we think we find one; a court settlement in our favour, a holiday to a Pacific island or a new scientific discovery that promises to ease the stress. In the end, however, it's back to work, back to maintaining the fiction and back to the constant vigilance to ensure that the family is provided for, with a roof over their head, food on the table and all the trappings of fictional life that we "need".

Jack Jones is a farmer with 10,000 acres of land that he uses to farm beef cattle. He works hard, 6 or 7 days a week, up with the sun, out in his paddock or in the yards, preparing his cattle for the abattoir so the meat eaters can enjoy their juicy steaks. There are staff to be employed and all the expense and paperwork that goes with it, the endless council regulations to comply with, the battle for enough water and the constant thought and planning required to make it all work that occupies his mind while he is working, while he is sitting down in the evening and while he is on holiday. In other words, Jack Jones' whole life is taken up by the 10,000 acres that may give him financial security but will never give him freedom from enslavement.

What Jack Jones doesn't realize is that, if he contented himself with just a few acres of land, built a sustainable house for his family and became a raw food eater, he would be able to grow most of the food his family needed on his few acres. He could then give out parcels of the rest of his land to other families committed to living in a similar way and, together, they would form a community where they helped one another to grow their food and build their houses. With the necessities taken care of, Jack Jones would have hours and hours of time to do what he wished - be with his family, look after his grandchildren, take up wood carving or whatever interested him. Freedom from enslavement is within his reach, but it requires a total change of mindset for him to achieve it and, without that change, Jack will be slaving away for the rest of his life. Like most of us, Jack Jones is so used to the fiction that he sticks to it like glue, unable and unwilling to look at any solution that is not based in fiction because to do so is terrifying as it means giving up the fiction that his whole life has been formed out of.

Such has been the success of the angry man's plan. He has provided us with tools of destruction that are so interesting and absorbing that we spend most of our time creating his world, supporting his civilization of commerce with our careers and our interests and ignoring the call of creation for co-creation. From being busy co-creating creation with the rest of creation, we are now totally absorbed in creating fiction.

So little of our days are spent doing anything that benefits the earth or our fellow men and women, that we cannot possibly turn the tide of destruction unless we totally change the way we live our lives. Unless we move to Kindoms and start creating the conscious living men and women we are meant to be creating rather than unconscious, non-living, dead hu-mans, unable to feel the consequences of our actions. The time we spend interacting with fiction is the time we are not creating substance and is the time the fiction is not creating any substance for us either. We are falling from creation, falling from consciousness into a state of unconsciousness without being conscious of the fall.

When we are conscious, the intent behind everything we feel, think, say and do is for the benefit of creation, which means doing no harm to anything of creation. When we are unconscious, the opposite is true; our intent is to serve the fiction[/ex

posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 08:18 AM

When we are unconscious, the opposite is true; our intent is to serve the fiction which means causing destruction to creation and doing harm with our feelings, thought, words and deeds.
The Tools Of Fiction

The angry man's plan to tempt men and women to destroy themselves has worked to the extent that nearly all our lives are spent destroying the earth as we destroy ourselves. And all the men and women who actively work to maintain the world the way it is, purposely thwarting efforts to return to creation, are working with the dark energy of the angry man and the dark energy of all those who have destroyed before them, destroying themselves to the point of no return in the process.

The intention of the angry man to force the creator to talk to him was not for the benefit of creation but for his own benefit so the tools he needed to realize his dream could not be found in creation. Out of thin air, using his immense intelligence, he began to conjure up the tools he needed to tempt his fellow men and women away from creation into the new world of his imaginings which took the form of knowledge that was not to be found in the trees or the stars. As his plan began to work, he had to find a way of ensuring its survival after his death and because he put all his energy into this knowledge that had no substance, he became that body of knowledge, a demon without substance whose links to creation were severed. To preserve his body of knowledge and continue with his plan, he trained his son to focus on and become that secret body of knowledge, who trained his grandson, who trained his great-grandson, all taking on his body, the body of his knowledge.

What he began was the reincarnation of a demon, the reincarnation of that body of knowledge that was and is used to trick men and women into becoming unconscious without being conscious of the fall, to persuade them to do the harm, cause the destruction that is impossible for a conscious man or woman to cause. When we fall for his knowledge and invite it into our lives, we are also inviting the demon that he became into us, along with the energy of all those who recognised him and worshipped his plan. The "Body Of Christ" and the Roman Catholic "Eating of the Body of Christ" is just one example of demonic possession, of being possessed by the body of knowledge invented by the angry man.

His program of destruction is contained in his body of knowledge, and communicated through his invention of sacred geometry out of which comes mathematics and read and write alphabet languages that are able to explain his constructs (CON-structs - the structures of the CON) that are not of creation and be used to write books to explain the body of his knowledge. Through these means he is able to train others in his knowledge so that they are also able to perform the tricks that have us fall. As we fall by focusing all our energy on to the expanding body of his knowledge we become part of his plan, part of his army because, when we believe in his knowledge, we become part of his body and he manipulates us in his image because that is how we are choosing to create our lives.

The Sacred Geometry he conceived is the compass, the square, the ruler, the angle, the circle, the rectangle, the triangle etc of True Freemasonry, and all together form the RULES OF THE DIVIDE (Divide and Rule). Out of Sacred Geometry come all the abominations of fiction, the weapons of mass destruction; mathematics, numerics, alphabets, reference points, boundaries, time, space, past, future, dimensions, planes, levels, degrees, measurements, percentages, subtraction, multiplication, add, divide, total, weight, value, distance, height, proportions, speed, volume, quantity, rules, regulations, rituals, procedures, contracts, conditions/terms, certificates, titles, deeds, registrations, permits, bonds, accounts, etc, etc, etc, etc.... hundreds of them together forming the construction/infrastructure of all civilizations of commerce.

As his empire (the body of his knowledge and those who joined in worshiping the body of his knowledge) grew, so did the secret organizations he formed of men and women he had tricked into revering his knowledge more than they revered the creator's creation. These secret organizations are, of course, the Freemasonic networks that, at the highest levels, consist of fallen men and women focusing all their energy into the body of the angry man's knowledge to continue his program of destruction, working all their lives to ensure its survival, most of them ignorant of the fact that, by doing so, they are ensuring their own destruction. The Freemasonic symbols derived are the hallmark of the infrastructure of our world of destruction.

The history (his story) of the angry man's plan has been recorded in all of his many read and write alphabet languages that have evolved, one out of another, as the body of his knowledge has expanded and adapted across his recorded ages. From the original alphabet language of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics, invented roughly 10,000 years ago when he lived as the wise man priest until today, a record of destruction to creation has been maintained, both to teach us how to keep destroying and to convince us that this is the only way to live.

The weight of all this history and the constant bombardment of knowledge that we receive daily is used to divide us and rule us for, while we are divided, we destroy ourselves and can never feel the bonds of creation that bind us all together as living, breathing parts of the living, breathing creation of the living breathing creator.

The body of all his knowledge is fiction, is invisible, is without substance, can't walk, talk or create substance and does nothing to aid creation in rolling along here and now so, in order to serve him, we have to have faith in the body of his knowledge and believe in the body of his knowledge and worship the body of his knowledge because we can never experience the body of his knowledge with our senses of creation (sight, sound, touch, taste, feel, smell/scent) to expand our consciousness. We have to put all our energy into destroying creation to form and maintain the physical and material constructions of his dead body of knowledge in order for them to appear to exist and, without our energy, they are nothing. This is the basis of our Western World Civilisation of commerce and of all civilisations of commerce that have been before.

posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 08:20 AM

All civilisations of commerce are the manifestations of the angry man's program in the action of destroying both MAN and MANS Earth.

Living in Kindom will allow us to heal ourselves until we can become truly conscious again, living our lives with purity and sincerity in everything we do so that we no longer do any harm to the earth, one another and ourselves.
Why Do We Need Darkness?

We have become so used to the darkness in the world that we are unable to imagine life without it to the point that many of us will fight to maintain its existence. 'It's part of the duality of creation," we cry. We forget to ask ourselves this; why would the creator of love want to destroy is/her/its own dream and in doing so, destroy itself? When you create a child, do you hope for a few abnormalities and impairments? Do you dream of a violent streak manifesting in your child? Why would the creator dream of a world that contained darkness?

We are so conditioned into accepting the poverty, sickness and suffering in the world that it is very hard for us to grasp the fact that we do not have to create a world in this image if we choose not to. Perfection, that is a world where there is no poverty, sickness and suffering and only freedom, joy and abundance, is within our reach but it depends on us and the sincerity and purity of the intent behind our feelings, thoughts, words and deeds. When we take care of the acts of love we create, love takes care of everything else. It's like the "take care of the cents and the dollars take care of themselves". The more acts of love we create, the more the love bounces back to us from others also creating acts of love. We are meant to be co-creators taking care of one another not lone individuals struggling to take care of everything we need ourselves.
The world we create is up to us. Let's choose something better than the one we are creating now.

Obviously, there is much more to all of this, so I suggest you study our website if you would like to learn more.
A good place to start is here:

3000 Acres In-Between Sydney & Canberra
Not Too Far From Goulburn or Bowral Part 1:
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Note: Part 3 to 5 are being updated creating part 6, 7, 8, 9
so please revisit in a few weeks time.

and here:

Fiona Cristian Reply To State Debt Recovery Office
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All the best to you, your extended family and other loved ones Pauline.

Conscious Love Always
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 09:44 AM
i only got so far as the part about intelectuals being a part of the dead fiction and all i have to say is...
you have obviously never studied biology, horticulture, etc. These are sciences that teach us how to live in harmony with nature, if we use that knowledge in the right way.

overall I get what you're saying and can agree with the first part at least. But not the part about intellectuals. Some are like what you said, sure, but not all.

posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 10:00 AM
this stuff drives me nuts, have you anything new to propose besides the same threadbare thoughts on the evils of the modern world, which you just happen to be spreading via the apparatus of the modern world.

honestly, some vague notion of "love" isn't cutting it for me, john lennon's said it all already, with more eloquence and intuitiveness, and some random guy shot him for it. jesus christ said it 2000 years ago and they nailed him to a tree.

come up with something i can actually use and we'll see if we can't give it a go.

posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 12:34 PM
So Knowledge is destruction and creation is power?
I am so glad I do not claim a religion its all way to f'ed up for me. So does this imply that jesus is the angry guy and, isnt he also known as the body of knowledge?


posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 06:00 PM

just thought this would clear things up a little more for your thread and this is the second line... I love complying wit da man.... sig hiel, FRB

posted on Jul, 7 2009 @ 04:48 AM
Howdy! First of all it is not my article. It is an Australian man's article and his insight from the answers he got within himself in relation to the ringing cedars.

As for the aggressive like answers well it dont bother me. If you cant handle whats infront of your eyes tough. It only shows your grandeur attitude. I did however want to know what others thought of the article. I find it well thought out i agree with the freedom part since ever since i was little i hated being told i need to go to church and believe whatever, i also hated authority. As a small child i felt i was nto free though my spirit wanted me to be free.

You have all the info you need to work with.

Permaculture(learning this technique and self sustaining.)Perhaps read the ringing cedars to get more insight.
Eating raw fruit and veggies
Taking an acre of motherland or buying as a group with people you trust to share with.

Your not taking yourself way out of the system. It will take many many years possibly over 20 years to return to paradise state. By all means super human information highway is still needed.

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