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Prophet Yahweh - a spaceship named `chain saw jean`?

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posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 06:50 AM
Just when you thought it was safe to say `hes gone` hes back... with a twist.. he means business this time

You cant make it up, he tried this in the early 2001/2002,

he tried this in 05 with james randi,

he did it last year with his `30 day tour` and ` a craft will hover for 3 days` which never came to pass (which he guaranteed as well),

and now.. he has been carrying out a new campaign over the last couple of weeks where he guarantees within a week from now, a spacecraft with `an extra terrestrial angel` inside it called `chainsaw jean` will appear..

he claims it `wont be an orb but a proper advanced spaceship`

you cant make this up

well, i gave him the benefit of the doubt last year when NOBODY did, i highly doubt ANYONE believes a word the guy says this time... but theres always that `what if`?

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posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 06:52 AM

Originally posted by plejarenlyran
You cant make it up

I'm sorry for the 1 line post, but someone obviously has done just that

posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 06:56 AM

Originally posted by Acidtastic

Originally posted by plejarenlyran
You cant make it up

I'm sorry for the 1 line post, but someone obviously has done just that

im being serious go to his last few videos...i havent made up any of this.. he has clearly said in his second to last video that within a few days it will come to pass.. his words not mine... and yes the weather must really be getting to him

posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 07:03 AM
He's called Profit Yahweh for a reason.
The guy is a hoaxer.

posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 07:11 AM
Pofit Wayheyyy is back on the scene . lock up your daughters.

An Angel called 'CHAINSAW Jean?

Chainsaw , what kind of Angel is that ? A hell's Angel maybe/ But NO ALIEN visitor in their right mind would want to be called Chainsaw anything.

One post is all you'll get from me on this thread, after this I'm caling the Mods to delete ANY Prophet Yahweh thread. The guys either a HOAXER or someone suffering from delusions of grandeur, and we shouldn't have his name mentioned on ATS in my opinion.

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posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 07:16 AM
reply to post by plejarenlyran

I know you were being serious, and i wasn't accusing you of fabricating this footage. But the "Profet Yehaa" is a well known muppet. His muppetry is legendary in the muppet hall of fame. Infact, I;d go as far as saying that his hall of fame muppetry, far exceeds his acual muppetry, which is only slightly muppetish. As opposed to muppetry.

yes, I've been drinking.......

posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 10:39 AM
I rate Profit Yahweh probably the second funniest dude in history, next to Billy Meier that it.

I would dig to see the Behind-The-Scene sneaky-cam of this dude's operation.

posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 10:42 AM
Are you sure he isn't a member of the Church of the Subgenius? (a.k.a. The Church of Bob)

This sounds an awful lot like something up their alley.

Of course, the Church of the Subgenius was always Tongue-In-Cheek and meant to be satirical.

Profit Yahweh sounds more like someone who didn't see get the joke and took their message as literal truth.

posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 10:45 AM
Wasn't he demanding ridiculous amounts of money to 'make the visitation happen' last time? More 'Profit' than 'Prophet'

This guy has issues, i'm surprised he's still trying after the last time.

Chainsaw Jean indeed

posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 10:46 AM
Couldn't he have come up with a better name than Chainsaw Jean?

posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 11:07 AM
I shall turn on my magic powers and capture Chainsaw Jean and have "it" land on top of the malicious hoaxer.

Logical reasoning here> If there is a Chainsaw Jean then I do have super powers.

Side note: I believe God would never, never name an Angel Chainsaw Jean.

Oh my goodness. Can't believe I'm responding to this tread. Is stupid contagious? Not you OP but the perpetrator of this lie.

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