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Electric Airplane

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posted on Jul, 5 2009 @ 12:40 PM

Note: these articles have been translated from Dutch through Google Translation service.

DELFT - Scientists from the Technical University (TU) Delft build an electric airplane. If the dean to Jacco Hoekstra of aviation technology is, the speed and climate neutral plane over four years now flying crew.

Electric aircraft are already flying but fast and far they have not really. The unit of the TU Delft must reach a speed of 460 kilometers per hour and has a range of 900 kilometers. The secret lies in the lightweight battery, said Hoekstra.

By the device differs greatly from the current aircraft. The wings are not flat, but arched and have the form of a triangle. The engines are not under the wings, but are there. In a few months, the researchers present a model of the aircraft, says Hoekstra. This unmanned aircraft half meters, a speed can reach 300 kilometers per hour.

The unit is durable, because it is not CO2 emissions. It also makes little noise. An excellent alternative for the apparatus so that now cross the sky. The electron plane is still not as far developed that the current passenger aircraft can be replaced. People in a climate-neutral hour to fly to Paris, must still be patient.

LE BOURGET - The Netherlands is said to provide "a revolution in aviation." The first in the world of Dutch companies and researchers a device containing no CO2 emissions, no noise, and also flies fast.
image enlarge Air show Le Bourget, near Paris.

,, In a few months the first prototype of the unmanned air. With enough support we can in two years if a full size and manned aircraft, 11 meter wingspan ready,''says Ronald van Gent of the TU Delft, which is coordinating the construction. ,, That really would be a revolution in the air mean, like a hundred years ago when the first powered flight began.''

He presented yesterday at the air show Le Bourget, near Paris, a very model of the unit with four electric motors on 'clean' energy to run. There are already electric aircraft noise and emission-free. But the device that the Delft University of Technology, the first of its kind that flies hard, about 460 kilometers per hour. This is the first interest to a large audience and for major airlines.

The new aircraft is one of the gems that are still listed in the confidential knowledge and innovation note that, for the aviation minister Camiel Eurlings (Traffic). They said yesterday at Le Bourget to extra money to draw for Dutch companies that make the shift to sustainable aviation. " ,, We want the sector, where some 100,000 people to work, an incentive to those innovations possible,''said the minister at this newspaper.

Timeline and concept sound both very interesting. The minister of aviation has granted millions for the development as well as for the development of batteries. I doubt we'll have such aircraft flying in 2-4 years, but as long as it could be realized before we run out of fossil fuels, it would be a very good thing. The West could be independent from OPEC if they manage to significant improve the quality, durability and hence, cost of the battery.

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