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Sarah Palin Federal Indictment: Embezzlement Reason For Resignation?

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posted on Jul, 5 2009 @ 08:35 AM
Seems some news is coming out that Palin resigned because she will soon have a Federal Indictment against her for embezzelment from when she was Mayor.

Remember that big sports complex she got pushed through in Wasilla at 12.5 million dollars? First it was a complete over kill on what the small town needed, but it was also at a huge cost to the state. Why are some saying it was such a huge cost now? Well it seems that Palin was having her house built and wanted it for free. It is also in the article - her kids had no idea she was going to resign ahead of time - they found out, when we found out.

link to article:

Sarah Palin Indictment - Alaska Governor Sarah Palin reportedly resigned because of a federal indictment pending in an embezzlement scandal that allegedly involves her receiving huge financial favors from Spenard Building Supplies.

If the news is true, the upcoming Sarah Palin indictment would have crippled her ability to govern effectively.

Her resignation was said to be so sudden that her own children were not aware she was resigning until they heard her speak the words. Prior to the announcement, Palin had given every indication that she intended to complete her tenure as governor, including 36 hours earlier during a meeting with Senator Mark Begich.

The embezzlement scandal revolves around the large, $12.5 million sports complex that Sarah Palin pushed through during her last term as Mayor in Wasilla.

Federal investigators believe the cost of the sports complex was inflated to provide free building materials and labor for the Palin home being constructed close by. Both structures, it is said, feature the “same windows, same wood, same products.”

The sports complex's architect and contractors reportedly have strong links and ties to Palin.

Spenard Building Supplies is the largest building supply company in Alaska - and they were also the supplier and contractor for ex-Senator Ted Stevens cabin.

Federal investigators have been looking into this since last October and now indictments on charges of public corruption and embezzlement appear to be imminent.

I guess we will find out in a few days - if all of this comes down. I know I won't cry over it personally.

Why do politician think they can get away with everything? OH - they do most of the time! Look at the bankrupting of the U.S. going on right now - against the people's wishes and voices of disapproval!

posted on Jul, 5 2009 @ 08:43 AM
Good,another one got caught with their hand in the cookie jar..
Two things I never seen in my 31 years on this earth..
1.A politicians son go in the service.
2.A politician and family poor..

1. may have very few exceptions..

posted on Jul, 5 2009 @ 09:05 AM
This would be no big surprise at all, she is a political gold digger anyways. There is most certainly something up with her sudden announcement, I am sure Sarah will end up a wealthy woman before all is said and done. Pity, it was great comedy for a while.

posted on Jul, 5 2009 @ 10:14 AM
I think this is it - right on the mark. There may be even more, but this rings especially true. I hope we will soon hear no more from this conniving narcissist.

posted on Jul, 5 2009 @ 10:22 AM
See thread for full story. . .

Just a bit from the article. . .

...[T]the FBI's Alaska spokesman said the bureau had no investigation into Palin for her activities as governor, as mayor or in any other capacity.

"There is absolutely no truth to those rumors, that we're investigating her or getting ready to indict her," Special Agent Eric Gonzalez said in a phone interview Saturday. "It's just not true."

Gonzalez added that there was "no wiggle room" in his comments that could exclude any kind of probe

No story.

But as we predicted yesterday when it was thought that Palin might run for national office that the MSM was going to turn on all the taps and the slam-fest would begin. . .



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posted on Jul, 5 2009 @ 11:36 AM
I have seen on Twitter (thecajunboy) that perhaps there are some problems with the IRS....

Here is a link to an article from the Daily Beast regarding 11 possible (and not always plausible) reasons Palin is resigning.

It is interesting that apparently even her children didn't know she was doing this.....if there is a scandal (and I'm not necessarily saying I'm hoping for one or anything like that) we can certainly say that the GOP will take another tremendous blow into the realm of diminished credibility....

posted on Jul, 5 2009 @ 11:40 AM
Alaska politics seems to have a lot in common with Chicago politics. Maybe Obama picked the wrong running mate?

posted on Jul, 5 2009 @ 12:13 PM

Originally posted by groingrinder
Alaska politics seems to have a lot in common with Chicago politics. Maybe Obama picked the wrong running mate?

It's the politics of the left that is making this dirty. Chicago just went to Alaska. That's all.

It'll get worse. The smears, the inuendos, the outright lies.

What sucks is that if she is dirty, you'll never know through all the bull#.

posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 04:28 PM
In addition to this lie, there have been 15 official accusations resulting in millions of dollars wasted and causing this innocent person more than a half million in legal fee's.

We never knew up here just how sick and dirty the Far Left was until this hit.

First the FBI admittedly withheld information on Stevens and two others and now this crap. I'm not a Republican and did not vote for Sarah but I'm toying with the idea of voting Republican just out of disgust at the Far Left. The local liars are well known here but dealing with the national smear machine is new to us.

I don't think the First Amendment covers this slander and defamation. It is time a few of these sick people got drug through court and have to pay the legal fees they are causing the innocent to pay.

posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 09:37 AM
Watch Nicole Kidman in the movie, "To Die For".

The charactor she plays is "Suzanne Stone" and reminds me dead center of Sarah Palin.

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posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 09:50 AM
reply to post by Blaine91555

This is why we need to rewrite the rules where if someone brings a false lawsuit against someone then loses, they pay all legal expenses of the party falsely accused and a hefty fine. But the politicians would never do that to their buddies in the lawyer establishment. Just look how Bush's malpractice lawsuit reform proposal was quickly killed.

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