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Why we need a N.W.O and the truth of life.

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posted on Jul, 5 2009 @ 08:12 AM
The greatest conspiracy of all is that life began as a one world order if for only but a day, back when our ancient ancestors looked at the tribe as a one nation or the whole world unaware of others.
Back then they beleived that the world was one country they beleived one religion they beleived in one governing body, when they met others there were few choices, become allies or enemies.
There were those who wanted more for themselves like food water possesions and influence over others for their own selfish gains, so they had two choices either fight everyone and seize control with or without followers who thought they should lead or find ways to carve up the tribe(s) and turn them against each other offereing themselves as the solution to their problems.
Over time 'countries' were invented, if you look at the ground beneath you it has no borders or lines no written name seperating itself from another peice of land its all the same.
Countries are illogical and religion followed suit by seperating people by their opinions and turning them against each other offering solace for those who have the same thoughts, or simply trying to conform others to join them.
Political parties were next.
Those who wanted to control the world carved it up into smaller more manageble areas, critics of this and the N.W.O would have to beleive that this isnt true and that the world is what it is through our own free will.
We all know that you can reason with people argue,fight,hate and even beg they will not change their ways or stop torturing beating bullying others, we know its my way or no way, its not me its you,do as i say not as i do.
What the N.W.O know is that it has been like this for thousands of years (refer to noahs ark and why god drowned the world) they know that with or without mind control this will happen.
The greatest conspiracy of all is that we are being taken back to what we used to be, a one world order and the methods that were used to divide this world will be used to unite it with the same greed and selfishness that made it.
Only so much is in our nature that we cant control but we have concious minds and this is what we did with it, the reason they call themselves the enlightened ones is because they know that the only way to have peace and to lose the illogical ideas of contries is to control all minds for their own good free will is something we cannot afford to have.
and we deserve nothing less.


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