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What does your avater tell us about you???

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posted on Dec, 16 2012 @ 12:28 AM
I don't tell me and we'll both know...that's all I know about that.

posted on Dec, 16 2012 @ 10:29 AM
Its me sitting in a box so yeah it should look like me

I use my own photos as avatars.

posted on Dec, 16 2012 @ 10:58 AM
My avatar is currently a picture of Tifa Lockhart who is a female character from my favourite video game of all time....Final Fantasy VII.
This fictional character has great personal and physical strength and is very strong willed, but also can be very caring and shy at times and possess a motherly streak.
I like to think I can identify with some of those qualities......

posted on Dec, 16 2012 @ 03:21 PM
My current avatar, the Grinch, tells you that I will break into your house and steal all your Christmas presents if given the chance... Please post your address and easiest way to break into your house to make things easier for me...

posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 07:53 AM
I think it's time to change my Avatar now that the seahawks got a new jersey. Just reshot the same pic but with the new new wolf gray alternate jersey that the hawks wear, and a black hoodie instead of white....I'll post it after I edit will be a total homage to my current avatar.

posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 07:59 AM
reply to post by Logos23

Great game......took me so long to finally kill the emerald weapon that I made a cocktail and named it after him. People love it.

The Emerald Weapon:

Muddle a few pieces of peeled, sliced ginger and 5-7 mint leaves.
1.5 oz gin
.75 oz. St Germain Elderflower Liqueur
.25 oz lemon juice
.25 oz lime juice
1 bar spoon of lemongrass paste.

Shake hard with ice and then FINE STRAIN into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with a mint leaf if you like.

You're welcome.

posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 08:04 AM
What does my avatar say about me right now?

Well, I'm miserable looking. I'm miserable looking and It's Christmas!

posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 09:31 PM
reply to post by liquidsmoke206

I'm not much of a drinker....too many of those would have me on my back! lol

But it's Christmas coming up and i do like the theme of the dedication.... so maybe i could indulge a little

Cheers for that!

posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 01:51 AM
New Avatar!!!

Very similar to the old avatar but updated....

posted on Mar, 26 2013 @ 01:33 AM
My avatar picture is Neo from the movie Matrix. I've loved the movie and it's main protagonist since i was a child.

I love Neo because I can see a lot of similarities between I and him.We are both introvert,loners, seem can't "fit in" with normal people.Like Neo, I also love to discover about the "matrix": illuminati, mind-control, capitalist system... And finally, I hope to find a beautiful woman who loves me unconditionally like Trinity loves Neo.

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posted on Mar, 26 2013 @ 01:49 AM
My avatar shows that I like robots and art.

posted on Mar, 26 2013 @ 03:30 AM
reply to post by JaxonRoberts

JAXONRoberts! My main man, buddy ole pal
Its been awhile, and I saw you pop in on here, and your avatar put a huge smile face this morning. The Vulcan Doggy.. hehe
Your avatar very much reflects your great sense of humor, and all around just cool dude around ATS/BTS..

posted on Mar, 26 2013 @ 04:51 AM
Hhmmm....I guess you can say my avatar tells you I believe or at least hope the aliens are coming

posted on Mar, 26 2013 @ 06:56 PM
My avatar depicts an adorable, yet terrifying creature called a Dalek.

A thing that lives within a metal, indestructible shell, and lives to kill everything non-Dalek. The ultimate in racial cleansing.

It suits me well.

When I have a problem, my first thought is the Dalek motto.


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posted on Dec, 25 2013 @ 12:11 PM

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posted on Dec, 25 2013 @ 01:03 PM
reply to post by Sundancer

I have not picked my avatar with the meaning it to be a reflection of myself but... there is always a connection to be made with my person.

You tell me...

EDIT: No, I do not see things black and white..♪♪♫

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