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Freedom....cherish it.

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posted on Jul, 5 2009 @ 12:22 AM
I've gone to see many fireworks shows...pretty much every year for the 32 years I've been around. I never realized the significance of what it means....I just viewed it as a day where everyone got together to watch a pretty display of colors.

But not this year.

Our country is now 233 years old as of today. As I stood and watched the fireworks going off suddenly seemed different to me. What we are really doing is celebrating freedom....where all of our families get together...have good times...and enjoy the rare freedom that we have been given.....and remember all of the great things a people..have accomplished.

Sure...we've made many mistakes...and done some horrible things.....but a celebration of freedom...there is nothing greater.

We should all be proud of our history...and what we've overcome....and be fearful....accountable....and have hope for our future.

Remember what we were so lucky to be born into....the freest people in the world.

Happy Independence Day everyone!!

May freedom continue to shine a light in the darkness.

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posted on Jul, 5 2009 @ 12:30 AM
I like the sentiment.. and hwo expressive it is. I am canadian, we have our dayon the 1st of the month as to your 4th. Canada is different, oour day of celebration was created to hide the fact that, while british immigrants were give land and supplies and even paed to take land in this country, immigrants of chinese decent were charged a "Head Tax". Given no land and no money when they payed this "Head tax". I've seen videos of the meetings where they cited "This is White man counrty, if we want it to stay that way then we must kep the chinese out". I am of Native decent, meaning from the aboriginal inhabtants of canada, So to me this has never and never will be white man country. And for me celebrating this freedom is like celebrating injustice. Sorry to take your post the other way, but knowledge is power....

posted on Jul, 5 2009 @ 12:36 AM
Happy United States of American Independance Day!

Just because we don't all use it, doesn't mean that those freedoms aren't still there.

Gotta love that.

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posted on Jul, 5 2009 @ 12:40 AM
reply to post by KingAtlas

So to me this has never and never will be white man country.

I agree.....this is not...and never should be...considered a white man's country. It should stand for free as one can be....this is what America should stand for.

Yes....there have been atrocities...and yes.....there has been oppression...but look at how far we have come. We are a melting pot of all religions, races...and beliefs.

I truly believe that true liberty can be achieved......we all just have to look beyond our own personal bias and opinion...accept people for who they are.

posted on Jul, 5 2009 @ 12:47 AM
Oh, and I don't mean to sound it may come off this way.....but I just think we all forget what has been matter where we are from....that has given us the chance to live let our children grow old...and hope that they become better than how we are.

We are leaving them a mess...that's for sure....but I hope we can overcome it....and it's up to us to remind them of what is important.

It's not cell phones, it's not video games, and it's not the latest and greatest song......

It's the basis of everything that allows us to thrive...the will of those who think they can change the world with the ideas of visionaries....

If the world could realize how great society would advance if they were all completely free....the possibilities would be endless!!!

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