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Nine reasons to celebrate America

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posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 07:19 PM
There is no conspiracy here. Just a news relice I found giving the greatest inventions of the U.S. in one mans opinion. Please feel free to comment on them or add to the list with a few of your ideas.

First - air conditioning - testament to the American ability to conquer the harshest physical environments and to expand American life towards improbable horizons.

For more than a century now, America has been making machines that blow cold air into hot places - without it Florida, Arizona and southern Texas would be uninhabitable.

Florida's population has gone up 10-fold since air conditioning became affordable. It caught on as a way of cooling cinemas when hot projection equipment made them unbearable in July and August.

Without aircon, going to the pictures would be as seasonal a pastime as ice-fishing.

Ice cubes, too, reflect the same happy knack for making light of the hostility of circumstance. sorce

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