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posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 04:45 PM
Are you alright? yep
Are you awake? think so
Are you in need of the toilet? nope,
good, then lets begin.
So a lot of us are very inquisitive and questioning, we would have to be, we
have, the majority of us, rejected the mainstream medias stream of scheming
truth shielding distorted facts. But really, a lot of us are still being
sucked in from the same sources. How? Well a lot of you will already know what
i am talking about, and will be like, oh yea, the web, and the multiple
layers. I know that. So what is the web? What are the layers? who gets caught
by them? are you in it? and where is that damn spider?

The web:

Most basic of components, the inner web:

so here we start. the most simple of the web's layers. The inner layer. This
layer is designed, for the uninquisitive, the foolish, and the well programmed
(in simple terms). The majority of yesterdays society fell into one of these
categories. As we can all see the web of lies designed for the majority, is
mainstream documentaries, media, and basically everything that is taught in
the mainstream syllabus. It is very unusual for someone to start questioning
something that appears to be true, when they are very young. Children, humans,
are not often born believing everything to be an elaborate lie, they are born
trusting, and in love. Although many can be born in false love, the illusion
of the image, the fact remains, humans are not born, thinking everything they
are told is a lie. Quite convienient.

So lets look a little further to how deep the subconcious programming of
portraying truth as lies actually goes, and also how incredibly early it pops
its head up in childhood.

Remember when you used to eat some seeds, or some vegetable and your mum or
dad would go, if you eat that a tree will sprout in your tummy and it will
grow out of your mouth. or if you dont eat your crusts (of your bread) your
hair will grow curly. Or santa is coming, and if your bad youl get coal. Plus
a whole load of other questions you ask, like where does the sea come from,
and your parents not actually konwing the answer make up a bs awnser like, god
left the tap on. or why is the sky blue, oh cos it reflects of the sea, i
mean, some adults STILL believe that! so have a little think, youl see that
the very people who claim later on in life when you may or may not have stolen
a soda, or smoked a cheeky cigarrette in school, the very people, claim to
have brought you up as honest decent children, have basically been lieing to
you since your little crying face popped out the womb and latched onto the tit
of milk love.

it may seem silly, oh they are just little white lies! that doesnt matter.
doesnt it? why do we feel the need to lie at all, jokingly or not.? i mean, no
wonder by the time we get to school we swallow a whole load of ridiculous
garbage, and become subservient pathetic unthinking slaves. everyone, else,
is, doing it! let me not digress. the point is the inner web. the begining of
the programming begins right at home, from your parents family, and that most
lovely of family members, the television.

Im going to digress briefly again. It will be quick, and on the subject of
advertisments. Hey girls, want shiney lovely smooth sexy hair, so some guy
will like you because your personality is so drivellingly boring you have to
look good to strike interest? yes? you do, well great, get crapulation shampoo
from australia made with natural tihs llub bark and loads of other parc stuff.
parc your hair up in this parc stuff. ok then. so. what am i getting at. check
the back of all your hairwashing products, and many other household cleaners.
it contains sodium lareth (laurel) sulfate, which, is, a, fu, k, i, ng,
IRRITANT. thats right. specially the ones designed for peepl with dandruff,
they putt a skin irritant in it! oh my gosh. the genius of the sustainable
ailment/illness that funds the profitering western medical and big pharma
affiliated industry.

so there is another lie. by products, which are sold to you on tv from as soon
as you can understand that if you wee when mummy is changing your nappy, you
can get her face, to get her back for smoking crack when you were foetal. so
you are lied to from all angels. desensitized from it. hey man! its ok to lie!
yyea i told your mum i like her food, if i didnt lie! she would be upset,
sometimes you HAVE to lie.!! everyone does it son.

so incestuastly conditioned to the programme, aslo the degredation of the
mindstate by foods, poisoned airs, and just general, not thinking, means most
people believe obama is actually going to produce change, and mercury in
vaccines is good for you, as some doctors now claim! i mean cbs and cnn said
it, so it must be true.

then further more the other thing that those who accept these facts, also
accept the "all are equal, but some more equal than others" so il move on to
police, im british, so this is done in that manner. but firstly il just
mention something about the law. its the same everywhere. you are getting
robbed. in english language, here is whats going on. weird as it seems... we
are assumed to be a ship for any of the laws to apply to us...

You know what a ship is right? Ever noticed how much we use the words ship
when in relation to a person and ship type words. For example. Ownership. I
have owner ship. Banks have money. Or fake money. And that is something tahts
the side of a river. The baby passes out of the berth canal. Birth would be
too obvious. Basically il let you work out why that is. The docks? The dock.
In court. Our legal system requires us to be basically, as absurd(ity of it
all) as it soundeth. Ships. All of these laws that you know somethinga aint
quiter right here. And when you feel like you just got robbed, but the guys a
policeman. But you did get robbed

“oh yes your driving at 85mph that will be a 100 pound fine” you haven’t hurt
anyone, and the car is designed to cruise at that, if not a bit faster. And
yes yes i know we drive much faster. But were aloud. Were different. Oh yea i
know we look like people but were different, were police men. Or officers now.
And yes we often drive thru red lights but we need to to catch up with naughty
people who do that. Its not naughty for us to do it. Because we come and take
your money, and then you learn a lesson, at least for about 1 week or a few.

posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 04:50 PM
Or you just pretend you don’t ALWAYS break the speed limits and slow down.
when you see us. Because you don’t want us to rob you.. III mean you don’t.. you, because well because its .. well safer to drive like that and if you had an accident. Well. So we make sure you pay us lots of money for “maybe having an accident” but actually not doing anything, thats why we fine you for using a word in public. Oh yes, didn’t know that yet? Oh yes we fine you now for saying naughty words in public, like poo? No like f**k and fu**ing pigs. That sort of thing. Its 80 pounds don’t you know? I know that you used to before you were 47 you know when you were a kid, get told off, but we don’t tell you off, we just take your money. For talking. Your own language. Thats right. Oh don’t cycle on the pavement! Thats 30 quid. And also if you uriniate, tahts an old one, even though we certainly weren’t born with lavatories invented, well we will probably take your money and laugh at you penis, which is probably bigger than mine, because i pretend mine is big but thats why i am a man of authority. Yep. My tiny c*ck. Metaphorical c*ck. My self worth. May the imagery of small penises pass away from your minds eye... NOW!!

now i said something which is nasty about police. I don’t have ANY hate
towards them. More i pity them. They work their asses off. They go bald, a lot of em. Get very bad stress problems, the central city ones do, and then they are not paid that well, get loads of negative qi directed at them from people who don’t like being robbed, but they are just doing their job. Unfortunately their job is to annoy people, interfere, take your stuff and make a lot of noise. Then the rest of the time they like to beat people cos their lives suck, because they are always getting hate sent to them. And so actually it sucks. And police officers, guys, you are so much more than ,that, don’t you get tired of being told what to do? Man i cant be that subservient like some b*tch. Do this? Yes sir! I did that in school. I bet you guys don’t agree with half of what you do. But you do it? Man thats weak. But its hard. And sh**s hard, or soft and runny. Im just saying i feel you. And as i know there can be bad tired lonely people anywhere, just saying, i don’t hate police. I encourage people to be kind understanding even if there being dicks, they have it quite tough you know. And i bet a lot went in wanting to help the world. Not go around beating people and stealing drugs when your on drug squad duty. Nice bit of extra cash or fun though eh? But then the power, the pain, the stress, what you see, the death the horribleness starts to poison and before you know it your the very officer you never wanted to be like? Am i right? Such a shame. Your individual creative souls. Not robots. But your certainly not acting as that sentence suggests. Oh my god. we are incredible divine creatures, How the hell can someone be expected to check out products at a supermarket for like 8 hours a day for minimum wage, this is not on! What the ... Your serious. And do that for 5 days a week and until your old and weak and have no savings cos you spent it on booze to forget how hopeless everything is. (or should i say feels, as its really not) No more!!!It shall be as this no more! Throw of the mental shackles the invisible prison become visible. Laugh and shake it off.

so i know your not one of those. we all know the sort of crap that is peddled
as truth on the mainstream, but lets move out a substantial leap. to where
most of us reside. or should i say you. the middle layer of the web: content in another form of confused deception so you have questioned the regular lies, what about the deeper lies. cos believe, there were other layers, even deeper than this designed to catch the deep thinkers, and here we have it. the check point technique.

THE GET OUT CLAUSE, way of thinking. now. il elaborate. to christians jesus,
the bible and god is the get out clause, i dont have to understand or claim self responsibility il just pray and all will be fine. i dont need to understand how creation works, god did that and he is well clever, so il stop
thinking and blinding quote the bible without even understanding its true
meaning. What about the, be greatful for everything get out clause? if your
greatful you never have the stength or want to change. oh i should be greatful
for my police beating, some people get killed and stuff. so il be greatful cos
i have been told to be. etc etc.
if you are accepting something, and that is inhibiting the progression of
inquisitive or creative thought, think again..
the middle layer is consisting of the easily accepted conspiracy theories and
in many cases, fact. id prefer to call this the distraction layer. i mean
people are on completely different levels of this. but it is THE DISTRACTION
LAYER. ATS addiction and spending time investigating 911 and many other quite obvious events that are not only designed for the obvious purpose. to further an agenda, but also the sub agenda, to actually benefit from people knowing its an inside job, and so focusing more attention and energy on solving it or spreading it. now think about THIS. their actions are controlling the past. for all. UNLESS, you dont think about it. it controls the past for the Sucka;s who are like, ya al quaeda muslims go to iraq rubbish, and for those who use all their or some of their energy spreading the word about it. ITS IN THE PAST. is this the best way of spending your time? i doubt it? its like 8 years ago. the best way to spend your energy? well you be the judge, but living in the past will do just that, prevent you from creating a future.

the political "pigsty" which is just an illusory facade, designed to distract
intelligent people to make them think they are doing anything, when they are
achieving very little.
well where does that leave me, and most of you? we are just the sort of
opposition revered by the psycho players. we sit and chat, type and complain, but what are YOU ACTUALLY DOING? i mean now is the time. I have started to get active. spreading the word. but the words are not in hopelessness. they are with a focussed message.

posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 04:50 PM
for example, chemtrails, ever heard of chembusters? orgonite? google em. they

can be defeated. im tired of people saying, omgomgomgomgomg peolel gonna die!

cure for cancer this. the fact is all these people have been caught in this

level of the web. and most are just sitting behind a computer doing nothing

about it. just visitng a website and not really changing much. great use of

energy. but if your like i was, youve heard stories of people being

threatened, when they get active. i was scared. well fear no more. i have news

for you, these people are weak, and cowardly.

just like a group of police, the refuge of the coward is the group. these

people pick on the vulnerable, poisoning our air food and water, employing

governement funded gangs, to intimidate and beat people who try to protest.

does taht sound like the actions of a strong person? sounds pretty pathetic to

me. but i am going too far from the point.

the web. the middle level. its here. its reading this. its being on u tube.

its focusing on the stuff fed to us. well to be above it its about not

focusing on the problems but the solutions and also not spending too much time



so. been spending time, scouring the internet and coming up with lots of info.

whats changing?

"for what you search, you shall surely find"

so what do you wanna find? where you put your mind, and your own creative

thought energy is whats gonna happen

focus on what you want? if its a paradise, spend your energy thinking about

it, how to materialise it. and think in a positive self empowering way.

so what. whats the high level web?

the extreme outside of the web, for the extremely determined;

this layer, is further than any of the information you may or not find on the

web, in the universal mind, this is a self limitting designed web,

specifically for you. its for the deep thinkers, the psychonaughts that have

lived many lives.

there is no design to the web. the restricting "dark forces" will engineer the

web, to stop "yo ass prying". and this could be any self limiting belief. lets

say, i have found out about all the way the world is run to all intents and

purposes, and i want to change the world. enter, on queue, the disarming

thoughts that are sent, or created, in your own voice, (it has to seem like

your thoughts or youl reject em) and this is how it goes.

I want to help, i want to do something, more than this typing and stuff.

enter, the thoughts, mate, think about it, who ever helped you? why should you

go around helping everyone? i mean, just you know this stuff, so spread it to

your mates and that, but you dont need to save the world. i mean look at

jesus, and look at where taht got him.

right right, i think. i see that. hmm.

i mean thats a basic. in another term, lets say, i say, i should be greatful

for this existence and this human body. that would stop me questioning and

actually realising how my creative capacity has been limited and encroached

upon to inhabit this existence. but that was not the intention orginal, that

is how it has been. but it would stop me probing further.

the webs can be woven, and they serve only one function, to stifle creative

and probing, intelligent thought. the ultimate freedom.

is to purely create what you want. not to focus on any of these distractions,

as thats what they are. distractions.

if you are not aware, of the Anastasia books, the ringing cedar series. then i

suggest you read them. those of you who are lucid and powerful dream

manifesters know taht you have limitless creative capacity, AND, directly what

you put your intention and energy into, is what you get out. now in a dream

space, its a lot faster, instant even. but in this "consensus dream world" it

takes longer to manifest, because there are many other consciousness

influencing it and providing stability.

but it does happen. with skill i have manifested results, directly palpable

extremely quickly. within minutes or hours. they must abide by the rules of

honour. eg, be not of greed or sin. but then if you decide to do some dark

manifestation, your gonna be going down the route to quick pleasure and long

term suffering.

and this leaves me with my final thought. blue skies, smiles, love and truth.

focus on that. it shall be.

with love, peace, and some beer (old habits die hard)


posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 06:14 PM
You are absolutely right about the multiple layers.

The world would be a paradise if people stopped judging, and hence learned to forgive. By this simple process, the truth unravels. However, the closer you get to being the process, the more dissent, raging vehement dissent, emerges and it really sucks. Do what you gotta do. The world thrives off of external acceptance; we all do. What this leads to is some self-interested, vainglorious prick at the top who is reinforced into nothingness by his or her sycophants. this being is quite clever, but only at self-perpetuation. It leads to the worlds never-ending destructive cycles. If we just accepted internal peace and that we are all vastly and inextricably interconnected, and followed with actions, the world would be a paradise.

posted on Jul, 5 2009 @ 04:19 PM
the most important point is the self limitation and to try to show taht most people hear are just another type of slave, thoughtless and easily controlled

assigning to true or false conspiracy doctrine

posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 08:18 AM
any other thoughts?

id appreciate peoples views on the ringing cedar series and anastasia. google ringing cedars and find out about it

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