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Gothic Literature. Poetry/stories etc...

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posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 02:18 PM
I have created this thread as a means for me to communicate to others what I have spent years of depression working on. And if any others wish to contribute, I would definitely like to hear what you have written and have to say.

This first one is my most recent. An act of kindness was bestowed upon me in a manner that I have not been used to in many years, and I wrote about it,

Inspiration. The incomprehensible never

The inspiration that sparks the inner light, flies free from within my black shell of a man. A life so hopeless within the fruits of such adamant misery. A fleeting glimpse of a shining star that keeps the head from dying completely, a stranger of mercy. Even through the vast distance of a digital world; through which I did grant thine greetings, she was an inspiration in the midst of never ending catastrophy. Beyond a monetary debt, I owe everything to the anonymous smile.

Among the sea of sadness that never seems to elude me, without even caring for a way out, I am showed a certain kindness of which I am unaccustomed to. Given a picture of what it looks like to live in a world that I cannot comprehend.

Thou closest friend dubbed misery, hast forsaken me for one moment amongst eternity. Undefined time that constitutes an eternity within itself. I giveth my fullest attention, my most humble intentions. And I love the sadness, for it never stays gone for long. But for one night, I can sing a better song.

I giveth my deepest apologies, you were never meant to see this world of mine. And thank thou for a kindness so alien to me.

This next one was written about 3 months ago

Nightrise. Despair is the new happy

Amongst my deepest desires, did come ringing from within my gothic soul. A beautiful wing displayed upon a pedestal of darkness. My face lights with such passion, as the fruits of misery splay open my path. From within my mind I crawl to see the black sun rays. An endogenesis that makes it so clear. My thoughts seem to transcend such a perilous and mortal existence. The trail of blinding light that ended so long ago, I shall never look for again. For within my immortal reality, I fly with tattered wing amongst my fallen brothers.

I look to the dawning sky. To the goodbye of yesterdays nightfall. Across the moon, a shimmering image of a once dead twilight. Now I smirk with hope for a better night rise. A darker heart. I glide with joy upon the frozen winds of tonight. For I am free. And the monsters let loose, that I did carve from my own loathe. Good bye to the light. Despair is the new happy.

I will post more if so requested. I hope someone enjoys them.

posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 02:51 PM
Sounds good....

Come over here and join us.


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