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7/7 The Ripple Effect

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posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 01:19 PM
Forgive me mods if this isnt the right place - I have posted on 7/7 in the UK before but we havnt got a forum of our own.

Following on from the BBC's documentary "The Conspiracy Files" I decided to view the subject matter - "7/7 The Ripple Effect"

I think some things should be said about this You Tube classic.

I welcome constructive criticism - however please note you work under the T&Cs of ATS and I will report any abuse.

So here goes

1) The commentary by "Muad'dib" is by an English man with a northern accent - so one would assume no axe to grind - however he chooses an alias of the lead character in Frank Herbert's book Dune, the character who is supposed to be a messiah to the fremen - a Sufi renegade therefore Arabic tribe.

2) All through the video Muad references the involvement of Mossad

3) He claims that all CCTV footage is in fact controlled by Israeli run companies

4) He claims bombs were pre planted on the number 30 bus - then contradicts this by claiming Mr jones planted the explosive

5) He claims Tony Blairs statement was doctored on the BBC website (despite my having watched the self same statement go out from Gleneagles on the day of the attack)

6) The claim that the bombers were shot in Canary Wharf - is based on a paper that doesn't even know that CSFB building is in Canary Wharf - not outside it (I should know I have presented to the board in that very building)

7) All assertions that Michael Portillo is complicit in government planning is a true farce - anyone would remember the cheers when he lost his seat and therefore not part of the government - some hope - he is a conservative !

To my mind this film crosses the line between conspiracy and treason - maybe the producer needs reminding that we still hang people for treason - a look at our statute book might help

1) Assassination of a monarch
2) Arson in a naval dockyard
3) Treason

All punishable by hanging

No wonder he hid his backside in Ireland.

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