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Something on Hell and the Reason for Life

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posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 08:17 AM
I would like start off by saying i like taking different perspectives on things, and some of my ideas may be outragous and hard to wrap your head around but here we go. Sorry for grammer, and i wrote this as a response to a U2U, so i dont wanna write it out again. This is why i dont think hell exists and my reasoning for life.

As far as hell goes, i just cant see any form of god wishing eternal damnation on his creations, so 2 different theories on hell. 1. hell cant exist because it is supposed to be the ultimate pain and punishment, correct? Well ona comic side of it, you can really feel "pain" without a nervous system, on a more serious and philisophical side, in order for hell to exist nothing can be worse, but earth is worse, for one reason, here you have hope, maybe it gets better, maybe i will get to paradise. Once damned thats it, it doesnt get better so, you accept it, and suddenly, anything you felt on earth was much more painful and harmful, because you know it will not get better. So Since earthly pain, Physical and emotional, is worse, hell cannot fulfill its only purpose, and thus doesnt exist, at least not as we percieve it.

Which is my second theory on hell, its not paradise, but a rehab for the soul, awaiting your next life to see if you can get it right, to fix the damage done to you on earth.
the layer of hell for the suicides lets take for example, you supposedly turn into a tree and are attacked by ravenous dog for all eternity, what if instead its just a forest, calm peaceful, where you get to relax and you have mans best friend with you to play with adn show you love, and listens to you like no one would when you were alive. and when the damage is fixed you try again.

Theory on the reason for life is, we are here for 2 reasons, 1 to feel physical pain, 2 is to help other through their pain, so it can be felt again. If everything goes right, you only have this body, for what 70, 80 years out of all eternity.... the feeling of pain is a gift, because this is the only time in all eternity you can feel it, unless you # up and get reincarnated and have to do this # again. Now this isnt to say go cause unnecessary pain to others, its still not a pleasent thing to go through, but dont kill anyone and take this gift of life away, and dont end yours prematurely either. you get what im saying? I mean, if u believe the christians even god had to come down and see what it was like.... lol

Just wanna know your thoughts on it all

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posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 10:36 AM
I think its a pretty good theory but, IMO its not that hell doesn't exist at all its just that hell is on earth and isn't as bad as its made out to be. Its like you said, rehab for the soul. So as long as we mess up in this life we will reincarnate on earth to go through all the feelings of the flesh over and over until we get it right, suicide on the other hand is a whole other story IMO, i believe the soul of a person that committed suicide can come back, but it takes much more to bring that one soul back than it would to just bring a soul into the world...


posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 11:03 AM
Also, you'd have more knowledge of God in "Hell" than you do on Earth, which doesn't make much sense. You'd know there was a God if you were in Hell. Hell is at most a metaphor, not a place for the "evil". Earth is as far as we get from God spiritually, not Hell. Hell is just a creation of the Church, hardly any basis even in the NT other than the rare mention of "lake of fire", but who knows what that means, its open to interpritation. But of course, church leaders throughout the ages tell us what it means.

posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 11:25 AM
The laws of spiritual life, human life and physics are similar.

There can be no supreme good without supreme bad.

Malevolence without benevolence

Positive without negative.

Heaven without hell.

It really is all relative.

posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 06:39 PM
thanks for your input

i went to catholic school for K-12th grade... so needless to say im not catholic anymore, idk what religion i follow, closest to my life style right now would be Wiccan, which as effected a lot of my philosophy.

Basically what im trying to figure out is a way to mold all religions so that it makes sense to me. Like right now i figure there at one point there was a supreme god, who created everything, and the reason for the different religions around the world is that its the same god, who just presented itself in a way that the people of the area or era to understand it.

I do like the Wiccan philosophy of the Lord and Lady, being that supreme being, it brings balance.

So if then you take the Romans and Greek Pagans, then Zeus, and Hera (i believe that was his wife sry if im wrong) would be the lord and lady, and the other gods, Hades, Ares, Hermes, and so on, are more of powerful spirts delegated by the Supreme gods to handle different aspects of the universe and life. Or just different visualizations of different aspects of that supreme god.

Also, i think humans have progressed past the point of organized religion in that, religion served as a way to keep law and order, and teach you how to live life, now we developed judicial systems, they have the same values, but they are constantly bumping head between what was and what is now needed. So as far as religion goes, its my opinion we should worry more about just Faith and Spirituality, than following the rules of a past era to a T.


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