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Adam and Eve: A Myth We Live Daily?

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posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 04:50 AM
First, let me say this, regardless of your personal faith, I ask that you at least consider this before completely dismissing the idea.
This does not hold the Adam and Eve story so much a Creation story, as a moral.
Basically, it seems to me, that the story fits very well as a analogue of daily temptation.
The snake tempts the woman, the woman temps the husband. When succumbing to temptation, the man blames the woman, the women blames the snake, not taking responsibility for their mistakes.

This reminds me of much of the normal temptation we go through, in life.
We find, or are given temptation (cookie jar, wallet on a desk, or whether or not to eat the last jello snack in the fridge.)
We argue with ourselves, come up with reasons we should, and either we decide to give in or ignore it.
If we take it, and get caught, how many of us find something else to blame.
Heck, much of American mentality at the moment involves finding someone else to blame.

Dunno if it makes sense, don't think it's a particularly new thought.
Anyway, i'm headed to bed.

posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 07:02 AM
oh well, the old story between Adam and Eve.
I love it

Is it a myth or not?
I guess its a myth, but the whole creation is a big myth. Or not?
Love is myth.

For me its a fact that the woman is made out of the man. Whatever this means. We have to learn how to live and love. And we have sometimes problems with eachothers, but thats ok, cause we learn the relationship. And to learn the relationship means to learn a little bit how god work

Love is so strange, that nobody really can explain it. But everybody wants it.
We are made from eachother, but splitted here at earth.
so we have to learn how it is to be alone.
cause in heaven we are always together


posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 11:18 AM
1 woman, 3 guys, and an entire species to produce?

Mamma was a busy woman.


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