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Recounting some of my UFO Experiences

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posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 04:10 AM
Over the years i have seen a couple of things which to this day i cannot explain.

My first ever UFO sighting was when i was about 12 years old, me and my family went to a public country park like at around 8:00pm because it had snowed really deep and we wanted to wait untill all the people had left, as my family was making there way back to the car i stayed behind lying on my back looking at the sky, i got up and walked towards the car in the distance, i turned around and just above the trees i saw 3 bright white objects just slowly moving, they were very bright, like a full moon but smaller, i watched in amazement as they went behind the trees and dissapeared!!
There was no sound and they moved so slowly, i ran to the car and told my family but they just brushed it off and that was that..

My second sighting was recently, i was looking at some storm clouds coming (yes i love storms) and right high into the sky was a tiny grey blob, it stayed still, i watched it thinking what to do, so i ran into my house and got my telescope, as i went back outside it had moved further away, i tried to get my telescope on it but it kept getting smaller and smaller untill it just vanished!!

To this day i still see some star like objects moving across the nights sky slowly, but im not sure if they are just satellites.


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