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OUR great Love affair with MUSIC

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posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 12:25 AM
Music....there are many things in this world that I could live without if I had to....but music is not one of them.

There are so many reasons as to why I love music, so bear with me while I explain.

Music to me is life. It is a living, breathing, moving, feeling entity that charges the human mind and spirit.

Two things in this life are universal, one being music...and the other being laughter. Each my two favorite things in their own simple way.

Music can transcend borders, can surpass language and culture, can overcome race, gender and nationality. Beethoven's 9th could sound the same to an ear whether it be from Russia or from the far reaches of Latin America.

Music is all heart and soul. It can move us to tears or overwhelm us with joy. It can inspire creativity and pure passion in our hearts. It can cause our bodies to sway or bounce uncontrollably. It can also make us feel and force us to think.

Music can paint images and portraits within the human mind, taking us to levels of wonder and excitement that no other medium can reproduce.

Music is the very foundation of the human condition. Life is a soundtrack of memories and sounds and times and places. It is about pain and heartache, want and desire, love and enjoyment, or even anger and discontent.

To me there is no other form of communication that is more powerful, more natural, or more directly impacting on the soul. Music has gotten me through so many times in my life, good and bad, like an old friend.

Music gives me hope, it inspires me to do more and to be better. It stimulates feeling inside that nothing else can induce. It promotes creativity within. It also unites us all as humans, as nothing is more primal or more sacred than sound and rhythm in unison. It is as old as mankind itself.

Music is power, music is beauty, music is life.

I love music for these reasons and many more. So for the true fans out there who feel as I do, please tell me your thoughts on this subject.

What does music do for you? Why do YOU love it? Would you die without it?

posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 05:26 PM
This thread really deserves more attention. I often feel that music is our original form of communication, and we could sing before we could talk as a race of beings. Spoken language sometimes seems so clumsy by comparison. I find it very easy to slip dimensions when I'm really absorbed by music, (I hope that isn't too woowoo for you.....) and I can meditate very easily to some kinds of music, but I particualarly love Loreena McKennitt and the way she mixes up Middle Eastern, Russian, and Celtic ideas to produce her own nation.

I would happily choose the hifi and cd collection over the tv any day of the year! One good thing about living in the middle of nowhere is that the volume can go up to 50 if I want it to, and frequently does when my other half is out and the tv is off.......and I will play anything from Mozart to Whitesnake....(sorry! *blush*)....and yes it shifts my mood and physicality immensely when I let it, and I don't doubt the healing abilities of the right collection of frequencies.

Finally, I hope this works, cos I've never embedded a vid before, so apologies if I mess it up. If this woman isn't a Faery Queen in some parallel world, I can't imagine who is.....

Edit to say.....see? Told ya I was rubbish with techy stuff, and messed that up....need a friendly Mod in tow at all's a wee linky, and I hope this works.

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posted on Jul, 5 2009 @ 12:43 PM
reply to post by BlackOps719

Music to me is life. It is a living, breathing, moving, feeling entity that charges the human mind and spirit.

I knew this about you. And it is exactly how I feel too.

I never feel so alive as when I have a guitar in my hands. But when I listen; I can make a connection and share in the spirit of creation.

I can remember the exact moment when these men opened my eyes and ears and in a way decided my destiny.

And this man sealed my fate!!

I wonder if Jimmy Reed ever knew the absolutely mystical influence he would have on white boys all over the planet with his simple, soulful, gut level, absolutely honest method of self expression.

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posted on Jul, 5 2009 @ 02:21 PM
Well there was research done by Dr. Oliver Sacks (new hero of mine) that says that music, or rhythm rather, is more innate in humans than language. Brain damage which causes speech loss does not affect the ability to keep a beat.

For me, music is my reason for being. There's not a lot more in life than music. I've basically dedicated my life to it (I don't recommend doing the same).

Music is unique and is only a quality that humans possess. Proof of a soul? I kind of look at it that way.

posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 06:16 PM
reply to post by BlackOps719

I totally agree... I love music... From Johnny Cash to Bob Marley... Dance music to classical...

I used to be a club DJ in the 90's and have a huge record collection....I am now learning to play the guitar. My Brother plays guitar and sings... my sister plays drums and guitar... and my Mum and Dad always loved music and encouraged us as kids.

My wife is also from a musical background and, now that we have kids of our own, we have made a conscious decision to make music a central theme in our home.

Music is so much better than TV and games consoles... Music is creative... Music is food for the soul...


posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 06:46 PM
I love how some of the hardest things in life can be said so easy in a song, and a song can make those things sound so much more simple and straight forward than they seem to be! I love how songs can affect me on so many emotional levels so easily!....I just love music!

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posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 10:04 AM
Music has saved my life in more ways than one.

The world would be a much colder, much more confusing place without the gift of sound and song. Almost every world culture throught history has it's own unique musical culture, from the largest civilization to the smallest, most remote village.

Sound has been influencing the way we live and communicate since man has been aware enough to listen.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 10:40 AM
Like Muckster I also used to DJ in clubs, which on some occasions were the best nights of my life, I was always into music, my dad was a drummer in a 60's rock band so music was always in the house. My older brother was in a band then started DJing and is still playing clubs most weekends. Getting into dance music pretty much shaped my life, I chose my university on the quality of clubs, cemented the friendships I had and still now. i produce dance music every day.

after getting ill, i could no longer do the DJ thing, with the late nights and partying, but I have set a small studio in my bedroom and spend my days banging out 4/4 beats.

I love all music, but tend to have quite melancholic tastes. This is one of my current faves

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