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Armageddon 10-10-2009

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posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 01:27 AM
link theres a thread now. ET_MAN said he was leaving the other one. What got my attention from him was his date of Oct 2011 and that fits perfectly with one of the Bible's statements regarding duration of the war and it said that the earthquake would be 2 years after the war. War is on 10-10-09 so his date fits perfectly. Ive been wondering about the 2012 date since I found that part.

I believe the Bible is the ultimate reference to this war because of its amazing quality and quantity of details if you read it right. And ALL of it fits the news perfectly. There are more videos on youtube of people warning us including one where a russian tells us to leave America because Putin plans to ERASE us. There was one news article out of Russia where they they said they "would adopt western techniques of preemption and use overwhelming firepower very quickly to prevent a retaliation" and that fits perfectly with the Bibles "destroyed in one hours time". I couldnt relocate that one article when I did the document but there is plenty other news.

For the ones saying there is no possibility of Planet X / Nibiru......theyre full of crap. NASA announced they found Planet X in 1983 with their IRAS telescope. This was after they knew it already existed by the perturbations of the outer planets. Two weeks later, they retracted the announcement and made sure everybody knew it was a "mistake". Since then, the governments of earth have spent trillions on infrared telescopes in space and the usa and france built observatories on antarctica. They have also constructed the "doomsday" seed vault and many underground cities. In addition, this brown dwarf star is told about by all ancient civilizations on earth. One of the best descriptions comes from the kolbrin bible which describes the very thing seen on MS WWT and Google Earth/Sky to the lower left of Orions belt. This things effects have been felt on earth for a while now and is responsible for the magnetic field fluxuations which caused the jet crashes last month.

There are government agents all over the web promoting LIES about Nibiru, chemtrails, vaccinations, and the coming russian invasion. I dont know how much they actually know of the invasion but at the highest levels it is being planned. We use up all of "their" resources, we will never accept the mark of the beast, and we will never give up our guns. Kissinger recently told medvedev that he would have all our guns confiscated by september. As for the mark of the beast, Russia announced in 07, i think, that they were setting up a world financial capital.

What all this means is to do what the Bible says and to "come out of her" but it says to not go to Canada. I wouldnt choose Mexico either. If you absolutely have to stay, find a good place to hide and have two years of food and water. Cheap grains can be purchased at farm feed stores. 50 lb of corn is less than $10, wheat is about $12 and oats are $13. Rice from sams club is about $26/ 50 lb. Water storage is more involved as we need a lot of water to live. The Bible says there will be those who avoid the famine and are still killed by the sword. it also says that all heads will be bald....from the fallout, which is what it means by wormwood, not Nibiru. nowhere near any cities will be safe and I am sure that without divine help, we will not make it.

for those who like revelation, bush was the abomination of desolation, putin is the antichrist because he is the one who has gathered the nations together, and obama is the eighth king that is of the seven before him and he must endure a short period.

ok, i run out of stuff for now. ill try to answer anything i can thats an honest question but im about sick of govt liars and i dont have much patience with the things they say, whether they actually be govt or just stupid people.

posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 01:28 AM
reply to post by sapphirearaidia

I'll take a look.
Heck, if I didn't have an open mind, I wouldn't be on ATS.


posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 02:32 AM
reply to post by AntiLieGuy


I am glad you showed up... I left a link for you on the other thread, for you to find this thread...

I just started this thread, ...FOR YOU ...really...It is the first thread I have ever started...If you look at my profile you will see that...

I just appreciate all the work you put into your book full of very good information...

I felt as many people as possible... should see it...

I am so glad you came along and shared your information with us here on ATS...

Of coarse I can only speak for myself...But...I appreciate what you have done...Thank you very much...

The conclusions you came up with sound very possible to me...IMO...

Like I see ,or hear many people say...It is better to hope for the best ...but prepare for the worst...

Because as I see it...I don't guess there is anything we can do to change what is fixing to happen...

With all the past Civilizations warning us this is going to happen...and
It is in the Bible also...As you have shown...Repeatedly...

Then Just look at what is going on in the world today...That should be enough to open up any ones eyes...

posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 02:35 AM
That reminds me of the storyline of the 2012 movie. How would the government prepare it's public for an ELE? The answer? They wouldn't. TPTB know that Nibiru is coming and EXACTLY where it is, they're just trying to secure themselves since they know they can't stop it anyway. Then they'll act all surprised and mention some excuse as to why the satellites behind the sun didn't see it.
Plus, I thought Nibiru was supposed to be a planet not a brown dwarf? (which is supposed to be a failed star)

posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 02:52 AM
reply to post by mikerussellus

Well...Thank you...

The video just gave a lot of information I had not heard before...IMO...

Plus...Just for instance...Watch the new Trailer for the new 2012 movie...

Read what it says...How would the Governments of the world prepare 6 billion people for the end of the world...THEY WOULDN'T...

I think anything that they know is coming or going to happen..They will not share with us little people...The whole world would come to a stand still...If they did...They know that...

here is a link to the trailer...anyways...

You should really go back and read through all of the information that AntiLieGuy has in his book...

It is packed full of really good information...IMO...

Here is the link again...

I posted his book for all the great information that is in it...

He probably does not agree on some of the stuff I am saying though...Some of this other stuff is just my opinion...

posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 03:19 AM
reply to post by Genus

That is funny...

I was thinking of the 2012 movie...and typing a reply to another poster when you left your message...About the same movie...

I even left a link to it to show what it says...

If you listen to the link I left earlier on page one...It has a new interview From coast to coast that explains about Wormwood...and planet x...

If I remember the interview correctly...The man says...That Wormwood is the brown dwarf...and that Planet X...was a planet that is circling with it...That Wormwood is like the sun to Planet X...

If I am not ...mistaken...(I could be getting mixed up...but don't think so)

I am going to listen to it again...Just to make sure...

I would recommend the interview with all the information that is on it...

Here is the link again...

It has 12 parts to it...It is a very good listen...IMO...

I can't say that AntiLieGuy...agrees with me on this interview...I don't know if he has watched it or not...It is My Opinion...

posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 03:53 AM

Originally posted by sapphirearaidia
I found a new interview from coast to coast about... Planet X.....Wormwood...

In this interview this man Gilbert Eriksen gives the exact location of the incoming planet X...

He also connects a lot of very interesting information I had never heard before...

Here is the first part... of a twelve part... interview from youtube for anyone who would like to listen to it...

IMO...It had some very good information in it...

I just found this interview a couple of days ago also...

Just watched it,
.. A load of rubbish, he had my attention until he started talking about jesus being the creator of the universe..

posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 04:45 AM

Originally posted by sapphirearaidia
On this day Russia, China, and the SCO will destroy America. Russia has told us they will preemptively nuke us over Iran for two years now and they have put the hardware in place to do it. They have taken out our satellite and a pull-behind sonar array. Chavez just gave Medvedev and island for his supersonic bombers.

No they won't.

This will happen:
1) They will say something nasty using diplomatic channels
2) They will sell weapons to Iran for profit
3) They will also continue doing trade with the USA
4) A few years later everybody will have forgotten about it

You Americans are really way too paranoid about other countries. Trust me, the Russians are not going to start a nuclear war. I am not really sure if the Americans would like to do that, since they are obviously mostly a country of paranoid, trigger-happy fat ex-cowboys armed with nukes.

posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 05:12 AM
reply to post by AntiLieGuy
I agree with the Russia/China/US war senario, but I think your timing may be off a little.
The war that is described in Isaiah 17and Psalm 83 is clearly a war between Israel and her Arab neighbours. Israel, concerned with a nuclear armed Iran, launches a pre emptive nuclear attack against Iran and her allies, particularly, Syria, as Isaiah 17 describes an attack against Damascus, destroying the city completely, overnight. Israel will win the war in one day and it will be all over before the US or Russia or anybody can stop it.

This victory will allow a lot of other prophecies to take place, including the rebuilding of the Jewish temple.

This war is destined to happen very soon now, and perhaps even around the date you give, but it will not involve Russia or China attacking the US. That war (World War 3) comes later, after the passage of Planet X.

I beleive that the rigged election in Iran has a great deal to do with this as no doubt Iran are very close to having their bomb, and will not allow a mere election result to delay their plans to destroy Israel.

The passage of PX soon after this war sets the stage for WW3. The major powers clearly are aware of PX and have their leadership and military bunkered down for the blow and will be largely intact afterwards. They know the effects it will have, including the destruction of all satellites in orbit, especially the Stars Wars military ones that warn the US of any launches and incoming missiles. The Russians or Chinese would not dare launch against the US while the US can see them coming and fire off a retalitory strike, thus ensuring a MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) senario.

PX taking out the satellites is just what their waiting for.

These senarios are outlined in a very well written and researched book by Tim McHyde titled 'Know the Future'. I have only scratched the surface here regarding the books content. It goes on to give a complete timeline for Revelation, including PX, WW3, WW4 Antichrist, Mark of the Beast etc.

You can find it all

posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 09:50 AM
Thank you sapphirearaidia for the thread. ill participate as much as I can. The people saying "aint nothing gonna happen" is going to irritate me though, but Ill try to ignore them for diplomacy and respect for those who can still think, but there arent many because of all the programming and poisons being applied now and for the past couple decades(?).

I did listen to one of the parts of that interview. i was tired and didnt catch the others. im thinking that guy doesn't have a grasp on what the Bible actually EVERYBODY I know....especially the churches.

Let me clarify for one of the posters on here. THIS land....America... is the land that God promised to Jacob back in the day. America is Zion, the Mountains of Israel. There are many reason why it could not be the little crap hole in the middle east. One of them is the size of the invasion force....200 ya gonna fit that into a space the size of NJ? Anyway, the Bible is talking about hte land that we (Israelites) came into, NOT the land we left. Read the two pages of my document where I have the description of the country being invaded,....there is NO other country that even comes close.

As far as the one who said the russians arent going to do anything....hahah. thats what they all say...until it happens. To ignore all that news and ACTIONS (destroying our satellite, destroying our pull-behind sonar array, all the preparations theyre making and all the hardware theyre gathering all around us), to ignore all that is pure stupidity. it is your life youre gambling with when you choose to ignore the information and you will lose. its not just the Russians either, its the entire SCO, the Nations Gathered, and it includes most of the worlds population and land mass. Theyre technology is every bit as advanced as ours, some more so. Russia alone has more nukes than we do and China has been very busy....maybe look up their new underground nuclear submarine base.

Anyway, glad someones listening. I been at this for two years and no one has done a single thing to prepare except me.

Not buying food now is insanity too if youre paying attention to the economy. it is way way worse than 1929 and by 1933, 50 million americans died from starvation. back then we were 90% self-sufficient, now it is less than 10%. So for you non-believers, dont do anything. Everything will be fine and we will live happily ever after.

posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 10:49 AM
triune: please read your Bible as everything you have said is wrong. Also, the election in Iran is NONE of our business, like everything else in Iran. Iran is what will get us destroyed. if you want to talk about rigged elections, lets talk about both elections where the evil dictator bush became president with tons of election fraud. I dont think they rigged obmams election as the poisoned, brain dead masses were completely fooled by this slick-talking LIAR.

The Bible says that the land that will be invaded (the Mountains of Israel):
1) rules the world
2) goes from sea to sea
3) invented rap music and the whole world listens to their music
4) invented nukes
5) invented cars
6) goes from sea to sea and is a fat land spoiled with many waters
7) has winter and summer houses at the same time
8) has a contract for freedom for all and yet they have none
8) they have already taken 2 countries for themselves
9) they have two sisters, one younger and one older (canada and australia)
10) the whole world will weep when theyre gone because there will be no one left to buy their merchandise.
12) has an obesity epidemic
13) the circumcised nation
14) they have the image of jealousy in their northern gate (statue of liberty)

And every book that talks about the war CLEARLY says that the passing of Nibiru (great earthquakes and yellowstone) will END this war.

Russia has threatened us over Iran for two years. iran is their 7th largest trading partner. irans power station was built and is owned by russia. iran has numerous billion dollar energy contracts with china and india as well.

if you want to talk about WMDs belonging to countries who continuously attack their neighbors, have not signed the NPT, and have violated pages of UN resolutions....then lets talk about the tiny litte crap hole in the middle east that everyone calls israel today. Lets also look at their involvement with 9-11 and the uss liberty and their history of false flag operations. hmmm........

posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 02:39 PM
the loose nuke(s) bother me a lot. just saying.

posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 05:12 PM
reply to post by AntiLieGuy
Yes I agreed with you about the US being taken down in a war. Its your timing I have a problem with. Where do you get your 10-10-09 date from for this war ?

Revelations clearly show the fall of Babylon, or Mystery Babylon or Daughter Babylon (all biblical names for America) to be at the 6th trumpet, after the passage of PX (Wormwood in Revelations) which is the 4th trumpet.

The 5th trumpet is the opening of the Abyss, which allows Satan to commence his reign on Earth in the form of the Antichrist. The Antichrist will be the then leader of the EU (revived Roman Empire) that will along with other nations, including Russia, China and propably some anti US South American countries attack America and defeat her while she is in a weakened state from the natural disasters caused by Wormwood.

posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 07:37 PM
triune: revelations clearly shows nothing but a few details. clear is the one word i would never use to describe that book. You obviously didnt read my document. the answer to all of that is in it.

Ezekiel, Jeremiah and 2 Kings have the date. Amos, jeremiah, and maybe more have the time of year described as the Fall. Alexy Fud in Russia also says this falsa flag will be in the second half of '09. Biden and others have said it would be within the first 6 months of obamas term but theyre off a little.

Please read those other books. They provide a much better picture of whats going on, then you can use revelation for the few details it provides like helicopters, yellowstone and fake jews. If you read my document first, you will have a much better chance of understanding what you read.

posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 08:11 PM
reply to post by AntiLieGuy

Just wanted to clear up a few things I had talked about and posted earlier...

That interview from youtube...It is by a guy...Gilbert Eriksen...( of coarse he is promoting a book he has written also...Millennium Prophecy...Which is just a side note to let you know...I am NOT promoting his book in any way...)

I did not agree with everything he had to say in his interview...But...I did enjoy some of the information he had researched...

He actually gave the exact scientific...Location where he says Wormwood was coming in towards our planet...

Here is a page with Pictures and some scientific information he has come up with in case you would like to take a look at it...Link here...

That is the first time ...I ...had seen anyone give a EXACT LOCATION of where it is coming from...That was very interesting to me...

He does have his own take or interpretation of what the Bible says...
Which as I said I did not agree with a lot of what he had to say...

Just thought if you had time you might want to take a look...

posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 08:20 PM
none of this is going to happen. as i have stated before, we will not be allowed to destroy ourselves with nukes. it will not happen because this planet holds value for other entities and therefore any way we destroy ourselves will be only us and not the entire planet.

posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 08:34 PM
reply to post by AntiLieGuy

Also wanted to let you know...

I did a little research into China's underground nuclear submarine base...
As you said they have been VERY busy...

Here is a link with some actual pictures that have been taken of it...I thought that they were very interesting...Link here...

I thought this was interesting also...

The Chinese navy has rapidly acquired a blue-water capacity. It has 57 submarines, five of them nuclear-powered, with many of them equipped with Yingji-8 anti-ship cruise missiles that they can launch while still submerged.

It underlined this capacity 18 months ago when a 75m long Song S20 class vessel, built in the Wuhan shipyard, with unusually quiet German diesel engines, suddenly surfaced in the middle of an American battle fleet.

The submarine appeared within 8km of the US aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk, in international waters not far from Japan's southern island of Okinawa.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Thought that was interesting...Here is the link for the rest of the article...

Also one final link form our wonderful Fox news with some interesting things to say...

Satellite photos of the base obtained by FOX News show a large harbor and massive tunnels that defense experts say could shelter many nuclear subs.

The Defense Department has estimated that by 2010 China will have five operational 094-class nuclear submarines capable of carrying 12 nuclear missiles each, according to the Daily Telegraph.

According to the Defense Department, China has 57 attack submarines, but these satellite pictures suggest their 094-class nuclear submarine may already be available.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Here is the link for that article...

These do show that China has a very advanced Underground Base...

The article with that surprise submarine (China's) popping up next to our Aircraft Carrier The Kitty Hawk off the coast of Japan is pretty creepy in itself...

There is a lot going on...As I have said before...It is very hard to keep up with it all...

I have been doing research for a couple of years myself...

Looking at all the things going on...Knowing things just didn't seem right...

There do seem to be more people waking up every day though...Which is a good thing...

I do appreciate all of you information... like I have said before...

posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 08:35 PM
Hi sapphirearaidia! I scanned over that page. it seems he has a bit of information there. i dont like the way he keeps calling Nibiru wormwood though. i am almost certain that 'wormwood' in the Bible refers to the nuclear fallout. he also thinks the burnt 1/3 of the earth is from Nibiru but it will be from the nukes. It seems that people who believe in Nibiru dont know much about the Bible and vice versa. Ill read the page in more detail later. Ive been getting over the cdc-created bird/spanish/pig flu this week. I think thats what it is and its not as bad as other flus Ive had but it sure make me tired.

The chemtrails here were bad today. They destroyed the sky early in the day and kept it that way. the past few days they havent sprayed much here and were spraying a lot on the west coast. Now it is reversed, today the west coast got a break and theyre full-on here. I am certain these are hiding the sight of Nibiru.

Zachariah Sitchin says Nibiru will be coming from sagittarius and thats where the reported "WOW signal" came from but Microsoft WorldWideTelescope and Google Earth/Sky show an object that fits the description given by the Egyptians to the lower left of Orions belt. Im not sure where it is but I know it's coming and the chemtrails are hiding it. Nasa also announced they found it near Orion. I havent yet built a model so I dont understand exactly where it is and why it is more visible some days.

That mother shipton prophecy that et_man referenced, that is good. I put part of it in my document but there is more from her. George Washington and Nostradamus also had visions or prophecies about these events but Nostradamus is kinda like revelation.....whack.

Im sad. This is the last 4th of july we will have and nobody even knows what the day is about anymore. It is not about hot-dogs and fireworks. It was much easier being blind and ignorant. I guess thats why most people dont want to hear any of this.

posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 08:44 PM
guidanceofthe third kind: haha, youre delusional. ALL the evidence and prophecies and statements form world leaders sayt hat we will be destroyed with nukes. its in the bible twice that "let them be filled with the devices which they have imagined" and it describes nukes perfectly, their look, effects and even the radiation poisoning. you should keep the "its not gonna happen" stuff on youtube with the govt agents. Theyll agree with you.

sapphirearaidia: yea, the chinese have been very busy. I didnt put the news of the sub base in my document but I prolly shouldve. You already know this i bet but just last week they destroyed one of our pull-behind sonar arrays with a sub and last year they snuck a sub into the middle of a complete us battlegroup doing manuevers completely undetected.

Its very disturbing about chavez giving Medvedev and entire island with an airbase on to launch his supersonic bombers from. Its happening exactly like the Bible says. They pretty much have us surrounded. Oh yea, where theyre gathering....Siberia.....thats where Russia took out one of our satellites too a couple months ago. Like the Bible says "from the North".

On another know that Noah's ark is fully visible on mt ararat now? until it was censored a couple months ago you could see it on google maps. I got the old pics though before they censored it. not very clear but you can tell it looks like a brown boat and it is the proper size of about 525ft in length.

posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 10:14 PM
reply to post by AntiLieGuy

Dear AntiLieGuy

I would dearly like to see those photos of mountain Ararat.

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