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S4 Informers UFO Hypotheses - *MUST WATCH*

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posted on Jul, 9 2009 @ 06:29 AM
Robert O. Dean is Victor!

There is a youtube video about that.

posted on Jul, 9 2009 @ 07:44 AM

Originally posted by xSHINIx
Robert O. Dean is Victor!

Sorry but this is just not the case.

Listen for yourself.

posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 06:29 AM
On volume 1; Parts 10 thru 12 are now online here:

posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 06:59 AM

Originally posted by ThInGS Ar3 NoT WHaT Th3y
On volume 1; Parts 10 thru 12 are now online here:

Still says 11 and 12 are private when I try and access them.

posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 05:41 PM
reply to post by jdm2104

Yep still private - what is that about?
I'm keeping my peepers on it to see when he uploads the others - but I have a feeling this is only the 1st part (all 12) of the whole series he is doing?

posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 09:58 PM
It's a great 'documentary' and I really enjoyed it. But I have a strong feeling that it's all b*llsh*t. It really bugged me that one of the old guys had a Billy Meier poster on the wall

posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 10:57 PM
the o'connor guy's language was off to me. like he doesn't real know military speak. babbling about mac10's, being a seal from delta team 6.

Sorta doesn't add up.

Why would they outfit a security team at a ultra high security base cary a mac 10. not an MP7, MP5 anything better. mac 10's don't do good security.

a marine who went on to become a black SEAL. WTF i call massive BS> seal team black in the marines? I know marines who later went on to become seals. but they call themselves seals not marine black seals.
Secret govt. hitman. Well Richard Marcinko was a Govt. hitman. totally different characters. this guy doesn't sound like a hitman. although marcinko sure does. so much more authenticity in marcinkos recounts of how hits really work.

As for the vatican doing hits. Yeah they do. I well known italian (now deceased) film producer. has a major film company all over the world. based in Los Angeles. daughter writes cook books. he left italy to go to the US to receive protection from the italian mob in the US. they were protecting him from a hit against him from the sicilian mafia. and also, a hit issued from the vatican. he owed both money and they both wanted to cash out at the same time. he couldn't do either so they wanted him dead. yes the vatican will murder you over money.

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posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 11:30 PM
OK Volume 2: parts 1 to 11 (out of 12) are up - dunno what happened to Volume 1: parts 11 and 12

Rock on Rick!

the plot thickens...

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posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 04:24 PM
Volume 2 is incredible.

I suggest you all watch this - anyone know what happened to the gray called ja-rod? How about the meeting with this grey exchange, and after years and years of research - they end up with very little knowledge about the Zetas!

Was this just a cunning ploy by the Zetas (greys) to give as little as need be in exchange for - well for what? This part doesn't really dwell into the exchange - perhaps volume 3 will.

But as far as a story to be told in UFO/ET lore, this one is solid stuff!

posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 05:54 PM
I've been watching the videos.
There's nothing new in them
because I've read or heard
the same information in previous

The man that shares those videos
is an Alex Collier supporter.
Alex says beings from Andromeda
are here to help.
And that is ridiculous, because
there would be many different
species just in our own galaxy.

Instead of Alex Collier,
I support the message found
in Google called ...
"Decide Whether We Should Show Up".

Robert O. Dean talks about underground
tunnels with a glass like wall finish.
Clifford E. Stone also talked about
similar tunnels found in Vietnam.

I don't understand why advanced beings
would make such tunnels when they
know we humans will find the tunnels,
and the beings can do what they want
in their motherships and smaller craft
without making any tunnels.

And on top of that, I can't imagine
how Robert O. Dean can get near the
other tunnel builders to ask questions
let alone the other tunnel builders
having the guts to talk about things
that they should not talk about,
that could land them in jail
and destroy their family, etc.

While I am here in this thread,
I must say, I notice in YouTube comments
many people saying things like
"NASA and Government are liars!", "NASA and Secret Keepers
need to be jailed and hanged".
Well I don't think that is the right
attitude to have. Because it would
have been easy for me to not tell anyone
while I go away with teams and study everything first.
That's what they said to John Callahan ex-chief of the FAA.
They said, "we don't tell the public about this,
we go away and study it". ....... and .......
then we all got the internet.
The planet Earth is controlled by a small number
of our political, financial, military and religious representatives.
That includes the WHO, WBO, IMF, etc.
Two of those groups have helped keep the world on gasoline.
And I don't know, but it may have been to help
fund programs that fight back at not so friendly ETs.

For several years I have been reading and ranting
in Alien UFO UseNet Newsgroups with UFO debunker
and UFO agency types and others similar to me.
Sir Arthur C.B Wholeflaffers A.S.A recently
said to me ...
"We Don't Trust Anyone".
And I suppose that would happen after seeing
all the many different species, and seeing all
the different games and programs going on.
And Alexa once said to me "It's a Jungle OUT THERE".

And one of the things that annoys me about it all
is the Universe is many billions of years old
and I would have thought after all this time
that other more advanced beings would have
systems and ships and technology to help
lower life forms such as us. But instead
we have been though absolute hell for the
past 50,000 years.
You can't get more hellish than a Roman War
or recently World War I.
And all the advanced ETs just fly around and watch!
So that is why Sir Arthur said "We Don't Trust Anyone".
And they shoot down every ET craft they can get.

What we Humans have to do is look after each other.
Be nice to each other. Create Heaven on Earth
with families, communities, and surroundings.
And all of that is reflected in our after-life.
We also have to build motherships.
(Better than the Silent Running movie ones)

Don't wait around for Jesus or Extraterrestrials
to help you with all your problems.

What I do is just support
The Disclosure Project.

Have a Great Day!


posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 08:01 PM
reply to post by watchZEITGEISTnow

Part 12 of Volume 2 is up now. (The news Connor gets is crummy.)

Volume 2 is loaded with interesting info. I'm not sure what to make of all this, but it sure is an intriguing watch... makes you anticipate the rest.

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 09:52 PM
reply to post by misfitoy

It's full on eh!? I especially found the part about 2 fleets of 'our' UFOs cruising night patrols constantly over the skies. That is maybe what all these critters or UFOs we see in shuttle missions scooting by?

Also so many other things to discuss - I'll wait to volume 3 to really start asking some questions - like what ever happened to O'Connor??

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 10:07 PM
reply to post by Project MotherShip

Not a single star for your informative and enjoyable post, well I brought one down just for you.

U2U me sometime and we can talk.

As for the videos, I got through the first 5 or 6, and all I can say at this point was that they were enjoyable to watch and I do respect the men for coming forward to provide as much evidence as they can.

I felt like they probably have some really good stuff in reserves and that is what I am interested in, for now they are just making sure that all of the shadow lurkers are not going to go after them...

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 03:09 AM

Originally posted by antar
reply to post by Project MotherShip

Not a single star for your informative and enjoyable post, well I brought one down just for you.

Thank you Antar!

Your reply cheered me up.
Even though I'm sitting here totally overwhelmed with this Swine Flu I have.
But to be honest it will do me good.
I will bounce back from this with fresh energy
and good determinations and care for the future.

But, yes, it's a busy Galaxy and Universe.
I study about it for many hours everyday.
Sometimes in the past I got a bit depressed
but that was because the Friday night beers were detrimental,
and I have out-grown beers and cigarettes 100% this time.

Once in mIRC Undernet #UFO
two people popped in that I have never seen before.
One person just flat out said to me...
"Why don't you stop using that toothpaste".
The second person said
"Yeah man get off the apple juice".

Then they just vanished.
I should have listened to them.
To those people concerned, please accept my apology.
I'm going to the GYM and doing great now.

And one quote from a documentary called 'Abduction Diaries'
had an impact on me, and I have to focus on it's wisdom.
The quote is ...

"All I know is,
I have to be,
the best Human Being,
I can possibly be".

And did you all catch the recent X-Conference in YouTube?

Dr. Roger Lear and Dr. Edgar Mitchell
and other people's speeches are excellent.

And have you all ever heard of a meeting that took place with Dr. Steven Greer and some secretive group that said to Dr. Greer...
"We have been waiting for years for someone like you to come out and do this. We can only help from behind the scenes."

So it always made me wonder if the Bush Admin
were supporting that particular group,
or trying to flush them out.

For me, I'm not worried about being killed.
I'm just an individual.
But for some special groups it would be a huge worry.
Because they know, their entire spiritual and Earthly future
depends on their actions today.
Most people have no idea how serious all this is.

Here is a bit more of my thoughts and data ...

I just re-read it, it's just a bunch of quotes mainly.
And confirms what I said before. i.e. It's a busy Galaxy!

But I'm optimistic.
I liked that quote from the documentary called 'The Secret'.
... "it's been proven that a positive thought is a 100 times more powerful than a negative thought".

And you see it in YouTube comments.
A negative idiot comment gets thumbs down.
A positive intelligent comment gets thumbs up.

And here is a tip for you, if you want the latest 'UFOs Aliens' research and developments... (Apart from this excellent ATS)
I'm friends with almost every top UFO researcher in FaceBook.
(230 people)

Just join up with your real name or a fake name,
and request to be friends with Stephen Bassett, Nick Pope, Peter Robbins, Dr. Michael Salla, David Sereda, and many other top names found in their friend's list.

And make sure you see the video of Dan Aykroyd talking with David Sereda about Dan's real recent encounter with real MIBs.
Dan would never lie about that.
You will find it on the internet somewhere.

As a final note from me ...
Mainly focus on those good people and support them.

And remember, that woman (in The Secret)
cured her breast cancer with happy movies and thoughts of gratitude.

And to back up that fact...
Google Quote :
"The feeling of Joy is strongly sought in the universe for its energy is divine."


posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 06:27 PM
This is a great post, op. I noticed some things while watching these videos. The first thing : stevens said the same thing that lear said about having lazar apraise his house. Lear also said he met lazar that way. Found that a bit odd. Second thing : O Dean mentions Jarod and a certain microbiologist that also worked with Jarod. Dan Burisch is a microbiologist that also talks about Jarod. I can see how these stories are coming together.

Just one thing and I know, it is getting old.

Videos 11 and 12 vol 1, video 12 vol 2? Also, I just found out that vol 3 with Collier has been removed from the youtube account. What the hell?

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 07:47 PM
I watched S4 Informers Volume 1 earlier today and was a little disappointed to see parts 11 and 12 were set to private, so I messaged ufohypotheses via youtube to ask if/when we will get to see the missing footage; still waiting for a response but once received I will let you guys know.

As for what I did see, the footage [I assume] is some 18 years old so I wasnt surprised to have not heard anything I hadnt heard before. My personal opinion is that I highly doubt anything will ever come of this, nor will there be any kind of disclosure. *IF* there are aliens there, they cant be good, why else would they stay hidden for so long? The excuse that mankind isnt ready will and does not wash with me.

As much as I would love there to be aliens in contact with man, as it stands, I do doubt this is the case, unless such beings are of the same train of thought as most politicians (lie cheat and steal with you bent over a barrel), in which case we're ALL doomed (politicians included)

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 10:10 AM
reply to post by enduser

dont hold your breath, i messaged him over 2 weeks ago and still no reply. I am lost now, they say 11 and 12 are up but are volume 2??? i dont get it, i just want to watch the damn thing.

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 10:31 AM

Originally posted by Project MotherShip

The man that shares those videos
is an Alex Collier supporter.
Alex says beings from Andromeda
are here to help.
And that is ridiculous, because
there would be many different
species just in our own galaxy.

Robert O. Dean talks about underground
tunnels with a glass like wall finish.
Clifford E. Stone also talked about
similar tunnels found in Vietnam.

I don't understand why advanced beings
would make such tunnels when they
know we humans will find the tunnels,
and the beings can do what they want
in their motherships and smaller craft
without making any tunnels.


You say it's rediculous that Andromedans are here to help because there would be more being in our solar system? That doenst make any sense...

And do you realize that we've only been building tunnels for the past 100 yrs maybe. These glass like tunnels have likely been around for thousands of years... We're did they come from? We didnt build them...

posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 10:42 AM
Good videos, s/f for you

Heres my thoughts or the things that stick out most to me. First and foremost, as a Marine I never heard of the "black-seals" or whatever he called them. I'm not implying its false info, just sayin I never heard of that - ever. Perhaps thats because they're so secret
Bob Dean mentioned a jump room btwn S-4 and Pinegap. Maybe I missed something from his prior interviews but he never brought that up before. David Wilcock currently has been pushing the idea of a jump room btwn "here" and planet Mars. While it does sound fascinating, I want to believe it but some part of me says something aint right. In my opinion, it seems too good to be true(timing) due to only hearing that from Dean now. I just figure he would've mentioned that along time ago.

While it appears to correlate with what Dan Burisch had said previously, I have a hard time buying anything he says. But Bill (ex-worker) appears to corroborate the story of a captured alien named J-Rod. And didnt a Dr. Wolf tell a similar story? On that note, I could've sworn his story(Wolf"s) was that of him orchestrating some type of escape which again, I recall Burisch having a story on the same thing except it was he that orchestrated the escape. With all that being said, imo Bill's story seems the most believable as he was just "point across" rather than a dramatic story. programs
Well now its down to a two man team that rotates in/out working on another planet. Somehow this story started with 12 then it became 10...and now 2.

To be fair, I am a true blue believer in extra-terrestrials and UFO's. Government built as well as retrieved. I'm just trying to figure out (if any) inconsistencies and sometimes when you hear the same story but it's changed every time, I get suspect. All in all these were good videos and I am looking forward to volume 3.


posted on Jul, 21 2009 @ 06:44 PM
"Black Seal" could be a figure of speech, rather than an official category. Maybe it's a Seal simply doing deep black budget duty. As for tunnels going nowhere, several years ago I was driving my family from Vegas on I-15 toward the Grand Canyon when our van's fuel pump failed about 70 miles north of Vegas in empty desert. A tow truck driver towed it back to Vegas for auto dealer repair. On the way, we talked about anomalies. The driver knew a man who said he'd worked on building very large underground tunnels out in the desert where, in the immediate vicinity, there appeared to be nothing of visible interest. The driver also pointed out a federal prison on the far north outskirts of Las Vegas--just off of the freeway that goes norteast to the Grand Canyon. The word, from people who do deliveries to the prison is that it contains a special section run by the Navy.

We both thought that odd: a Navy section in a federal prison on that far north fringe of Vegas closest to the Nellis domain. People suspect that it's a hellhole where whistlblowers may be put to keep them from getting the story out about places like S-4. As for S-4, Boylan says a source told him that S-4 was being downstaged so that alien disks could be moved to a new location in the Wasatch mountains near Salt Lake City. But I suspect that Boylan was being fed disinformation by his (sole) defense source, perhaps an attempt to draw attention away from the main site, S-4, which would be too expensive to replicate, especially way out near Salt Lake City where there aren't as many defense support crews and such.

On that same trip, after having visited the Grand Canyon, we drove north from the canyon's north rim, driving on highway Alt 89--goes up into Utah. 21 miles into Utah, we turned west on highway 14 at the Long Valley Jct. About 18-20 miles later on highway 14 we saw what may be the sludge residue from building great lengths of underground tunnel. Here's what we saw.

There, mostly on the north side of highway 14--in a forested section of mountainous area with numerous resort cabins built in the area, were huge, coiling sections of what appeared to be a grayish, maybe powdered granite sludge. It was light to medium gray in color, but it was massive. Many, many tons of it heaped in some strange way all over the landscape in plain view from higway 14. It appeared to have been dumped from a cylindrical container so that it coiled up and over the rocks on the ground. The coils were some 10-15 feet wide, usually about 50-70 feet long before they broke into another segment, which appeared to suggest that one large container was dumped, then another moved in to be dumped near it. In other words, there were 8-10 foot gaps where each section had been dumped. The piles of this stuff were at least 15-20 feet tall in places, clearly visible for as much as a mile or more running all over the landscape on the north side of highway 14, some piles also on the south side--very close to the road where you can see the smooth, cylindrical contour of each section of dumped material. It absolutely isn't a natural formation. It is a dumped artifact of some human doing.

Here's what it may be. Reports about underground digging note that high energy lasers are used to drill miles of large underground tunnel during a single day. To do that, the rock being "drilled" would have to be vaporized by the laser, and in order to vaporize it a water solution would have to be sprayed near to the rush of vaporized rock in order to take it out of the air, in order to remove it without too much mess. That would create large amounts of rock-colored sludge, which may be what those huge, acres and acres of coiled sludge-like material was that we saw. On the surface, it would dry to create what we saw. There isn't much population in that area, just a small town called Cedar City, UT--population 24,000. The sludge coils are more than 20 miles from Cedar City, over a summit, which doesn't make sense. If it were something from Cedar City, it would have been placed on their side of the mountains--down in that flat, more arid area where Cedar City is located (i.e. near a mountain south or north of town). But if the sludge is from undergound drilling, it could have come from tunnels in the area.

Cedar City (20 miles west of the sludge piles) is on Interstate 15, which runs from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City. I noted no large highway tunnels anywhere where we drove, i.e. on highway 14, so the sludge piles remain a very stark mystery. If the sludge came from the Nevada side of I-15 in the Nellis area, it was deliberately hidden just across the nearest state's first long mountain range (east of the larger, flatter and more arid desert areas) to keep it out of most public view.

Laser tunnel diggers must remove what they "dig," and the only way to do that would be to shoot the lased material into jets of water to create a sludge. That creates a massive disposal problem that would be a tell-tale indicator of tunneling in the area. But, by trucking the sludge some 50-100 miles away, it could be dumped in an area that is less obvious, away from heavy freeway traffic.

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