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State of the Union: Powell 'concerned' about Obama's agenda

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posted on Jul, 5 2009 @ 03:12 PM
Blah, blah, blah, blah...

What's that you're saying, General? I can't hear it over the sound of your back-stabbing disloyalty in exchange for political gain.

What's wrong, didn't get the political payoff you expected in exchange for your Benedict Arnold move? So now you are beating a hasty retreat in a lame attempt to salvage some credibility? Hah! Fat chance. Reap what you sow.

But then again, I don't know why anyone is getting their panties in a bunch over him. He's a retired officer who isn't currently holding any political office, he's not involved with either the Republican or Democratic party, he's not doing anything significant at all to warrant being taken seriously in the first place. IMO he was nothing more than a display piece that the Dems trotted out prior to the election in order to exert a little bit of leverage using his claimed Republican political leanings, his race and his previous military service.

Colin Powell made a statement. Whoopee.

posted on Jul, 5 2009 @ 03:44 PM

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Neocons who want to legislate morality and mantain an empire especially in the Middle East with a Christian Zionist Agenda of considering Israel, America's unofficial 51st State are hardly Republicans but zealots and extremists.

Regan Democrats saw a huge advantage in electing him to a second term.

Parties should have platforms that are centrist, and not extreme, and the extreme ellements of the Republican party who have abandoned and ignored a lot of it's primary tenants have become for the most part as bad and as liberal in some regards as tax and spend democrats.

Democrats who a majority of are gravitating so far to the left that they want to legislate morality not in Christian terms so much like the Neocons do but in Politically Correct terms and regulate all facets of life to not just enforce a racial and sexual equality but an economic of one of primarily everyone having to be poor to pay for all their social engineering have become socialists.

The Neocons are so far to the right, and most of the Democrats are so far to the left, they have in many ways circumnavigated the spectrum and could practically reach out and touch each other from the extreme destinations they have each taken their parties too.

If they each took one half more step one to the right, and one to the left they would be joined...if they actually reversed to meet back in the middle where they first split it would be a heck of a long trip, and that's what makes them seem far apart, but on the "Dark Side of the Moon" where both these prominent elements of both parties reside, they are actually within hugging distance of each other, and in fact do, which is why our two party system is really a one party system, with each purposefully creating problems, that each purposefully create false solutions to that just enable both to keep driving what looks like a different agenda, but is really the same agenda forward.

Everyone who is human should live and govern themselves by a 'code' that means something to them as far as their real two political parties, or the extreme ellements that take them over and propel them, are ever going to come close to sharing the "codes" that most Americans live out their day to day lives on, and we really should stop pretending either partry can be a solution or can speak or do justice to or for hundreds and hundreds of millions Americans who just don't share their extreme values to the right or the left once these people gain offices and majorities.

The system is broke, the parties are broke, the country is broke, and being married to a party, either party, who are both responsible for this debacle we are in and facing is foolish in my humble oppinion.

Neither are the solution.

Both are the problem.

Boy when I read this I wondered why you haven't more stars for this post. You'll get one from me and I could give you more as I have done my own analysis of the current political landscape and have come to the exact same conclusion and it is a serious problem. Your posts have all been pretty objective and civil in spite of some of the digs some posters have aimed at you.

The two party system is so infected with the ideologies of its competitor then turned inside out. I see closet gays living double lives coming out in the republican party who have some of the most liberal ideas and I wonder if this is done to undermine the republican party.

I see middle of the road democrats like Arnold and ask what the hell is he doing in the republican party? I see sane, intelligent politicians like Ron Paul whose voting record reflects the values of our US constitution, being treated like a pariah or totally ignored by the press during the debates and I have come to the conclusion that a voter mandated exodus of the entire house and senate is in order to purge the entire system clean and fill it with rookies who have no constituents no lobbyists or lobby to pander to and no "good ole boy" clique of political insiders to "advise" them. The people in the last election voted their anger at a party and that party was the republicans but was putting the most unqualified, inexperienced un-tested and totally un-known man in office at the most critical time in our nations history a smart thing to do?

Just to get back at Bush and some of the neocons?

I don't think McCain would have been as bad as Obama, and had Obama and Barney Frank, listened to McCain back in 2005 to restrain the GSE's with regulation to balance the books, perhaps we wouldn't have seen Obama in trhe white house blaming bush who also wanted the GSE's harnessed.

McCain was not my choice but he was nothing like Bush and those who keep saying he was or that he intended to stay at war for 100 years are ignoring the contextual referance to that statement to make political talking points to associate him to Bush and it was ridiculous,. Calling McCain's ad's negative for suggesting Obama wanted to have Gay sex taught in schools was NOT negative and Obama really DID support such a Bill if you just read it in the ILL senate you'll see it had nothing to do with stranger danger and everything to do with teaching kindergartners how to respect transexuals.

Does a transexual get that offended by a kindergartner? When was the last time anyone got inimidated or bullied by a kindergartner who didn't approve of the type of sex i was having at home and who told the kid anyway?

Don't even bother explaining why they have to teach kids tolerance at a young age because THAT kind of class is not our schools business. IT IS OURS.

What about our economy? We will be unhappy with either party when Both are broken and guess what folks, when the Government is broken, we can NOT expect it to fix itself. WE HAVE TO.

Fascism or communism are the extreme ends of the middle and staying in the middle was what the American Experiment was all about.

When our forefathers were creating a new form of Government called a Republic, it was NEVER supposed to be a democracy as democracies have always proven to degrade into a two party system of the opposite extremes and when that happens they infect each other with members of the other and what you end up with is MUD.

Fortunatley our Forefather had put a clause in our constitution that allows for the people who are dissatisfied with the Government, a way to change it.

That way is up to us and it is the only chance this side of a violent revolution that makes any sense, and that is to FIRE every last one of them and start over. Vote for the guy no body knows, the blue collar electrician who wants to see REAL CHANGE, the teacher who is sick of seeing students learning more about adoring rectal and oral sex between same sex partners behind the guise of tolerance and protected by the politics of correctness, than they are learning about reading, writing, math and science.

Is it any wonder why our Nation is slipping so far behind in Math and Science? Don't blame Religion with hyperbole saying how everyday yo are having some "xian" shoving some 2000 year old book down your throat unless you are going to call the damn police for assault with the deadly book "written by men" as if we thought it was written by anything else.

Don't blame religion for how bad education is in science when evolutionists have a monopoly on it an their is no intelligence allowed. Quit refering to the religious as imbeciles whether they are or not makes no difference because whatever you think you are for or against, those that see it, remember it and I think they would be more likely to vote for things you all wanted that doesn't have anything or take anything away from them, IF they didn't have to see those same individuals who represent what you want, constantly blaming the religious for everything from 911 to the root of all evil. The truth is, they may come to your door and if they do then go ahead and slam it their face and ya know what? THEY WALK AWAY.

IF you didn't call them stupid knuckel dragging idiots picking outr the most extreme version of that group holding signs that say God hates faggots. Believe me, Christians don't represent what you see on television anymore than atheists all represent militant progressives with signs saying "if jesus comes back, KILL HIM AGAIN!" or Militant gays with signs saying, we're here, we're queer and we're in your face!"

The man on the street technique of portraying any group is always unfair.

I don't want to get rid of atheists because they keep the conflicting ideology from becomming a theocracy and would be right there along side us Christians keeping sharia law from becoming installed in our Government and i would be indebted to them for there vote. I don't want to get rid of religion because it is the only culture that seems to survive compared to cultures that had none. So why do I keep seeing the two arguments about which group kills more than the other between stalin and the crusades, SHUT UP ABOUT IT because that crap is not about either one of us anymore.

But give each of us an excuse to hate the other like we see constantly on the boards of ATS, and what have ya got? Angry people suggesting they are denying the others ignorance accusing the other of hate and bigotry while voicing the very same vitriolic garbage of their own brand of hate and bigotry. Sometimes I think the only purpose of places like ATS is to just stir up more of it as it provides a place where we can all see it while the owners enjoy revenues from the addiction of those who love to argue. Occasionally ATS gets vindicated by having shown the above sensibility of someone like ProtoplasmicTraveler or many other posts like that one.

Want to vote for the "right guy" next time?

Then Vote for the butcher the baker or the candlestick maker, anyone with a sincere interest to serve the republic and serve it according to the document they must read and follow to the best of their ability and not to the dictates of some mysterious NWO or the ever ambiguous "PTB" or the sexual special interest group and their special sexual "orientation" whose only benefit to their political agenda is the Government mandated and forced acceptance of their sexual bent which is none of my business anyway.

There is no mention of anything about a persons marriage rights or "right to marry" anywhere in the constitution that I know of and saying anything about a "right" to marry anyone they want. It has always been licensed or something you had to qualify for. This idea we have regarding marriage being approved by federal Government when the federal Government has no business getting involved either way.

Let the states decide and let the people vote their conscience and lets hope the way we garner support is a little more sensible than waving the bible at a sin when we have all sinned and continue to sin when that same Bible you wave says being guilty of one we are guilty of all of committing ALL of them so who are we to judge and who are you to suggest what is or isn't something I need to tolerate.

Tolerance is a crock and it isn't what divides us that makes us strong it is what unites us. So why are we talking about things that constantly divide us. Do we actually believe we can gain support for a bill on close ones like Prop 8 when we insult the very voting block that group needs to pass it?

You may think all you like about hating the Bible and those who believe its many truths may want to consider the fact that this may be a Christian Nation but it was intended to be SECULAR Government for a reason. That loving your enemy may have more to do with understanding them than it does about having sex with them and I am saying that about BOTH of these two segments of our divided society

If your state and the people have said no, then the answer is no. If it is yes, then DEAL with it. It won't change attitudes either way but having the federal Government force the issue upon us will only create RESENTMENT towards the other. Isn't that what we have been seeing lately?

Win or lose, the pursuit of happiness was never intended to be a damn Government entitlement to satisfy anyones particular sexual indulgence NOR is it the Federal Governments responisbility to play referee Nor is it the federal Governments responsibility to impart morality for God.

Nothing unites us like a Common enemy and if we are to point our anger at any two groups let them be Both the incumbent aristocracies of the Democratic and Republican party stooges that have rooted themselves so deep and for so long they forgot who the hell they work for but were wise enough to talk as if they do. THEY ARE BOTH as ONE in that the directions they take are are both unacceptable for they are both out of touch with being right or left of dead center. Where it may not be exactly what you want, but it is something we all can live with. THAT was the idea for the American Experiment and we have one shot left at saving this country from itself and it is up to all of us.

Don't get apathetic or cynical thinking it will never happen because IT CAN.

Four years ago If I would have told you, the next Preisdent was going to be an unknown, inexperienced Black guy, whose only circle of friends were former terrorist and religious extremist preacher a tranny looking wife with a hatred of rich white people, you would have said I was crazy!

Americans voted for Obama enmasse like no voter turn out in history and whether you like him or not, it proved the most unlikely scenario can happen if Americans get angry enough. Well we have a reason to stay angry but this time lets be smart and reboot the entire system and put in the people that represent the default settings of the American Government

NOVICES! CAB DRIVERS with PASSION and a love for their country, Construction guys who see what is happening and care enough to try but never had the money to get elected. You, Me, US and WE have all the qualifications to be President if you are a natural born citizen. If that is speaking to you and you are not ashamed then YOU will be required to show your valuted BC and you won't have a problem with it because you want to earn the job and our respect. Do that and you get BOTH of them and if you stick with us, the American people, we will assure you a second term.

Can YOU imagine how proud we all could be for doing something like sending a message to Washington that will scare the b'jesus out of msn? Leno won't have any material ? We can honestly say SCREW the NWO or the PTB or the Illuminati or who ever you think is "really running" things because the fact is, we really don't know until ALL of us vote ALL of them OUT!

If we see they are still there at the end, then and only till then, will we have something very serious to consider and I think you all know what comes after that. You want proof? lets get angry at the REST OF THEM and THIS Time lets not even worry about party affiliation just vote BOTH incumbent party OUT and you can vote your old party back in as long as he isn't a career politician, rich, a lawyer or lobbyist. Lets start aiming our angst at the right two groups because BOTH of them are wrong for OUR two and vote BOTH, Democrat and Republican incumbents OUT of OFFICE.

From now on, lets start seeing how they did by looking at there voting records and not listening to what saturday night live does to make one or the other the butt end of a joke because frankly, most of the time, they got their heads up their own asses anyway. Do I give a rats ass about what Sean Penn says anyway? NO, Not unless he is about ideals dear to my own heart and that is the point he ONLY represents those with like minded ideas and in no way represents mine.

Conversely, many of you are afraid of Rush Limbaugh because he in no way represents the ideals you have but seriously, he can no more influence someones vote to a Republican anymore than Sean Penn could have influenced mine. Next time, vote for the guy we have no idea about, after all, they couldn't do any worse than those bums we got in there now and this I know for certain because if we DON'T do that, if we don't fire all of them, we are going to only guarantee we end up right where we are headed and I don't think anyone of us, likes the idea the light at the end of the tunnel is gone because Obama couldn't get another dime out of us broke taxpayers to pay the electric bill that kept it on.

So lets quit bitching about Powell and plants and the muddied waters of the counterfiet two party system neither one of us likes. In the past, if the democrats won, I was dissappointed yeah but It was something I could live with and why? Because we had checks and balances that were conflicting ideas of the other's philosophy or ideology and they were clear and distinct.

More than that, they were not so far from the middle of the two extremes of the rights tendency to fascism and the lefts intentions towards communism.

We could always navigate with just a nudge to the left or the right of the political steering wheel but today??

Today we are having to make extreme 180 degree spinning stop on a dime turns that have me in a constant state of emotional whiplash. As Americans, it has most of us lurching for the doors of the restroom to throw up.

We are THAT sick of it.

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posted on Jul, 5 2009 @ 04:41 PM
reply to post by DASFEX

You wrote and shared a great post friend. Big star for me.

I sure do agree with you that we are far better off throwing everyone out of Washington and starting all over again with some 'real' every day average ordinary people, with some real every day average and ordinary common sense, and a real every day average and ordinary ability to just say 'no' to dumb ideas.

As to why more people don't see what's going on is pretty simple.

They think with their hearts and not their minds.

The media appeals to their emotions, the government appeals to their emotions, their employers appeal to their emotions, their High School football, soccer and swim teams appeal to their emotions.

People are encouraged and programed to think in emotional and reactionary terms and it shows as you look at most threads even here on ATS that draws from a far more intellectual crowd that most posts and replies are all primarly based on emotional and not intellectual or rational thinking, and most posts and replies are reactionary and not responsive.

People are easy to manipulate with their emotions and as they react emotionally, knowing deep down it lacks very much if it has any at all intellectual thinking or logic involved they look to the left and the right to others who will validate that flawed thinking through their own emotional reactions to the same subject.

All we end up is in bitter emotionally divided camps with people so overcome by their emotions, vanities and prides, no one can even calm down enough and risk loosing enough face with their new buddies and friends who applauded their emotional thinking to say hey...

Wait a minute, now that you mention it, and now that I am thinking...

I think in my own humble oppinion the first step in getting America back on track is getting most Americans to get their hearts off of their sleaves and back in their chests and start thinking with their brains for a change!

You made a lot of great and wise points friend.

Thanks for posting them.

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