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posted on Jul, 3 2009 @ 11:17 AM
Hello ATS,

I've been a member for a while but i've never done an intro, so here it is.

Right now, i'm going to write down exactly what i believe in, (well most of it) and some info about me.

I'm doing this mostly because it is good for me to write everything down, and because i'd like to see how other members react to my beliefs.

Here it goes:

I was born to a Christian Family, but not strict. We would attend Church every christmas and easter, but not every sunday.

I came to ATS whilst searching about UFOs, and decided to join.

I am now NOT religious. I am not against religion atall, but i think we're lucky enough to live in a society where we're free to practice and believe in whatever religion we want to. Take full advantage of that fact. Don't just blindly follow the path you inherited. Make your own way and search until you find what works for you.

I believe everyone in life has their own path, and that it cannot be controlled by others. With this in mind, i think everyone should forge their own beliefs, rather than sticking to a certain religion.

Although i did this test,
And my result was Neo-Pagan.

According to this test:
I am a Existential thinker, which i suppose is about right.

Don't ask about the quizzes, they were on some threads a while back so i thought i'd do them.

Right, down to my main beliefs.

I believe in God. The One Divine Creator. One almighty energy that created absolutely everything.
The God(s) in various main stream religions are/were Ets. That also means that we were created by Ets.

"Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them."

I believe we were created by a race of Ets that was obviously human looking. I have no idea what for though. A slave race? Possibly. But what is for definate, is we deserve freedom.

Everybody has a soul, which can come from the future, the past, where ever. The soul chooses the body.
The body is merely a vessel for the soul, and in that sense, i try to look after/care for my body as much as i can. Eat healthy etc. The body was choosen for my soul, so if i treated it unkindly, that'd be abit unfair on it, don't you think?

When i think of reincarnation, i think of what I like to call the fountain of souls. I need to get around to drawing it, and ill post it on here. Basically, on the bottom of the fountain, where the water is, is our soul. The soul is taken from the basin, and moves up the tube, this is life. The way it is inside a tube, also represents being inside a body. When the water gets to the top of the tube, and shoots out, this represents the soul being released from the body (death), and it lands back in the basin again, where the soul is then reincarnated again.

I believe Jesus was an Et, and was reincarnated into a human body as a test. The test was against humanity. It was to see if humanity was still a barbarious, brutal race, and to test their will. We failed.

I meditate daily. I believe the real root to heaven is inside of you. Real Eternal Salvation can only be found within.

Everybody has an aura, which can be seen. Children and animals can see auras, in which they are attracted to. Some babies cry when looking at certain people, for not apparent reason. I believe they do not like the persons aura. We can see auras, but over time we have lost the ability (no idea why)
Holy people such as Jesus, has such strong auras that everyone could see them, which were depicted as Halos.

I believe in Karma (to an extent) and i believe that the better you are to people, the more the universe rewards you. I say to an extent because i have seen people have terrible things happen to them, for no reason, and things which i would not like to talk about.

I believe that more people are becoming aware and are waking up to everything around them. A new generation of spiritual awakenings.

The one true goal in life, is to become a part of the Divine.
I believe through ascension all beings will evolve and eventually loose the need for a physical body. They become pure energy, and can be reunited with the Creator.

Dimensions (This is what i wrote on another thread, so its a Copy and Paste)

"I'm no expert on dimensions, but the way i have always thought of it, is that there are parrallels (physical), and spirtiual dimensions.

Parallels, are just what you'd expect. Dimensions running along side of ours, with changing factors. When i come to time travelling, i believe that every time you travel to a different time, you are altering anothers parralel dimension, by simply travelling to it. Each time you would travel, you make another dimension, creating a sort of dimension tree. So parralel dimensions, are just like alternate physical dimension coexsisting within ours.

Then there's spiritual dimensions, which i believe can be accessed through dream states, astral travels etc.
I believe the higher through the dimensions you go, the less need for a physical body as such. So there is sort of a scale. E.g 1=very physical, 10=complete energy. When you astral travel, you are travelling without your physical body, therefore are in a higher dimension. The ascension, which is talked about alot now'a'days, i believe will be us, humanity, climbing the "dimensional ladder" as i like to put it.

What is in these spiritual dimensions, i have no idea, but it is only fair to assume they can contain things like planets etc.

When i think of ghosts, or entities, i think of them in another dimension, very close to ours, maybe borderline with ours. So they are in another dimension, that maybe crosses paths with ours, which is why we can "feel" there presence, power, etc Like they are layered on the top of our dimension."

Erm, well i think thats about all for now.

If you have read all of this, then nice one. I don't expect many people to. It more to help me than for me than anyone else.

Feel free to ask me about beliefs on anything i have missed.



edit: personal info removed at member request /kj

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posted on Jul, 3 2009 @ 01:09 PM
Hi Jacob, I believe we have met before (mind manipulation book when you were in Cyprus), did you ever get a chance to read it my friend? It seems we share a lot of the same ideas. I agree with a lot of what you posted. I look forward to seeing more of your posts. Take care!

posted on Jul, 3 2009 @ 02:09 PM
reply to post by freeyourmind1111

Hey there,

Thankyou, and no, i never did read the book.
Wrong book got delivered !
Luckily i think i have found the same book as an Ebook, so i can read that.




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