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Yet another conspiracy for Leftist domination

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posted on Jul, 3 2009 @ 05:33 AM
As if it wasn't enough for to create the world wide sweatshop of ''Workers'' directed by ''Requesters'' (see ATM, the Amazon Mechanical Turk... and make note of the use of the word Turk that they cleverly disguise as a so-called reference to a chess-playing AUTOMATON) now they have gone fully leftist politically by attempting to pressure the United States and each of the States into new tax code that Amazon itself recommends.

The newest move towards world domination has Amazon canceling its North Carolina Affiliates because the North Carolina State Legislature is considering a new tax plan that will affect online transactions. Amazon is playing a strong-arm tactic to sway North Carolina away from making up its own mind about such things as taxes in North Carolina. In the media Amazon is fronting like a freedom fighter that has only the well being of the people in mind, but in fact Amazon is angling for more control over taxation as Amazon itself sees fit. The giveaway is the fact that Amazon claims to be willing and instantly prepared to axe any state that makes up its own mind about taxation. Oh really? What if EVERY state decides to make tax laws on their own terms? Will Amazon let it all go? I doubt it.

Amazon has told The Wall Street Journal that Amazon "would support a federal effort to streamline state tax laws and give signatory states the authority to require all sellers to collect taxes, regardless of whether they are physically present in those states". Obviously, Amazon doesn't want states to make their own tax laws. Amazon wants to make the tax laws for all of the States. It seems Amazon would prefer to see Federal laws that Amazon approves enacted in order to have buyers pay taxes on internet transactions between states. Pause. Isn't Amazon saying they disapprove of interstate taxation of internet transactions and at the same time saying that they approve of interstate taxation of internet transactions as long as Amazon can have a hand in the creation of those tax laws?

Amazon is telling North Carolina and Affiliates that Amazon refuses to play this tax game unless Amazon gets to make the rules of the tax game and the Federal Government adheres to Amazon's desired rules. Does Jeffrey Bezos think he is now wielding political power sufficient to control the workers of the world and their tax payments?

You can get more by simply Googling "Amazon North Carolina". Or if you have time, see how Google auto-completes the phrase "is Jeff Bezos".

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