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SIX years on ATS!

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posted on Jul, 2 2009 @ 11:35 PM
Way back on July 1st, 2003 I stumbled upon this little site called ATS. It was small and not nearly as advanced as it is now. At the time I registered, under the name GiantsFan, there was just over 3000 members, with little of them actually posting frequently. I remember the old guys like DragonRider, Ocelot, Se7en, and a couple more that slip my mind. I've become more of a lurker than a poster in the last 2 years or so, but I still enjoy this site.

I always wondered how a site starts out as nothing and grows to something huge. I got to experience it first hand. As I said before, I joined when we were just over 3,000. we are well over 170,000 now! I can say my proudest moment here at ATS was when I co-won the ATS T-Shirt slogan contest, with my "ATS: Denying Ignorance since 1997" and even got a free shirt. I nearly won one of the three Rings back in the day (If you were here at the time, you know what I'm talking about.)

I remember the old drama, the WhispersInTheDark kind. I remember the introduction to the PodCasts and the Blogs. I remember the ATS E-Mail addresses being taken away from me
But I got over it! I remember my favorite site ever, SportzTawk, which was a sister site to ATS and is since gone and has now become SportzLinkz, which noone visits. I remember when I knew every member on here, which would be extremely hard to do now!

So while I don't post but maybe once a month, I'll still be lurking here and there. It's been 6 enlightening years, and I expect at least 6 more!

posted on Jul, 3 2009 @ 06:20 PM
Doesn't time fly.In a few weeks I will have been here 1 yearI have learned huggins of stuff from this site.I have also made some cringe worthy threads and posts.
But we live and learn.

I don't normally visit BTS but i needed to post a rant.

I have had a interest in the ufo phenomena,from my early teens,40 odd years ago and still fascinated to this day.

This is a great place for information DarkHelmet.Good luck.


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