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A Drug That Could Give You Perfect Visual Memory

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posted on Jul, 31 2009 @ 04:48 AM
I have a very good visual memory. It is how I have slid through life, school was the easiest thing I ever did, I never studied I simply sat in class. When it came to tests I would read the question and visually imagine the teacher explaining it. It also came in handy for business when having to recall and present information to superiors.

But, as some have mentioned it is just as much a curse as a blessing. And I know what the one poster said about his uncle with perfect memory, is absolutely true. I am no where near perfect visual memory, but I could imagine what that would be like and can understand the trouble it would bring.

For me, when I think of something I get a visual slide show, but not a visual video. It's like watching the memory with a strobe light. One of the things it hampers, is your ability to lie about serious issues when it's necessary. Someone says a word and it triggers the exact memory, if you are trying to deviate from facts it takes a lot of will power.

But it has also lead me to remember many traumatic incidents in my life. In fact as I write this I think about them, and I can practically remember every seriously traumatic event in my life, chronologically. Especially, seeing my brother dead and everything about that day, it just never leaves. Things like car accidents or injuries can also be relived. Thus in my opinion, having a perfect memory is not as blessing but rather a curse.

Like most things in life, a healthy balance is optimal.

posted on Jul, 31 2009 @ 05:13 AM
What i was saying was that Person A likes it when they feel pain, Masochist. Ok? So...they might think that it is loving to inflict pain on others, since they enjoy it when pain is inflicted on themselves. Not liking the act of inflicting pain...(Sado)

So, it can be used to show that they would be acting out of a loving intention. Since they find it enjoyable when they feel pain, they want someone else to have an enjoyable experience and so inflict pain on them. Think of it a different way, a child finds a hill and rolls down it and finds it enjoyable, they run and tell their friends to join them, so they experience the enjoyment too. (This time im taking an extreme example of a masochist). (Loving INTENTION).

"all they'd want is to nurture, heal and help to provide happiness. "
- Where are you getting this 'matter of fact statement from'. Surely, I have shown that a masochist, with a loving intetion is trying to provide happiness, when they inflict pain on another person.

Also, as a side note, ever heard of the statement "cruel to be kind" ? For example, my child keeps playing near fire. I tell them not to go to the fire but they persist. I decide that instead of constantly berating them and moving them away from the fire, it is best for them to learn for themselves, (my loving intention *here*) rather than me limiting their freedom, and so I let them burn themselves so that they may learn for themselves that it is not good to play with fire.

"Well, ok, if we havn't already established that knowledge is less powerful than love, here we go: people want power so that they feel happy, satisfied- about themselves" - Agree

"about others, no matter what way they choose to do that.. knowledge does not always provide that true happiness, love always does"

- DISAGREE. Where are ytou getting this matter of fact statement that "love always does" from?

"because if we all had and gave it, we wouldn't even care exessively or unnecessarily about things like money, so we wouldn't be POWERLESS enough to go round causing arguments, conflict, violence, war, murder"

It all depends on your value system. You obviously do not value money, and so believe we value it excessively. I feel that this whole love argument you propose is too good to be true. What is going to get a doctor up in the morning to perform life threatening surgery all day, for no pay, while a rubbish cleaner gets up, picks some rubbish and goes home? Love? Dont feel this is realistic.

It doesn't really matter what we were told as a child what was "right" does it? Even though people might have variations of what they'd describe as right and wrong, it doesn't stop them feeling love and people know that they want someone to be happy if they love them

Yes it does. We are happy when we feel as if we are growing, flourishing, doing the 'right' thing in accordance to our nature, surroundings and so on. If it was taught to you having debates like this was wrong, completely and utterly wrong. Then your natural inclination or desire to debate would make you feel sadness because you would feel like you were a bad person. no?

Get back to me



P.S - You say "...POWERLESS enough to go round causing arguments, conflict, violence, war, murder"

You say that conflict, violence, war & murder are negative things. Who taught you these are negative things?
Back to my point about right and wrong...

[edit on 31-7-2009 by Toughiv]

posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 05:58 AM

Originally posted by fapython
This wouldn't be a very good idea in the long run at all, sure it would be good for soldiers who have a mission and need to remember maps etc, but for everyone else no. Everyone has things that they want to forget. That is the reason why humans don't have perfect memories, otherwise we would have them.

Hmm...never thought of it like that...i agree with you.

posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 06:03 AM
reply to post by Redfield

I dont not agree with "That is the reason why humans don't have perfect memories, otherwise we would have them".

Reason...who said there is a reason. Its just there hasnt been a survivability NEED for our brains to have a perfect memory...heard of Dawkins?

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