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posted on Jul, 2 2009 @ 08:58 PM
Sometimes, when a politician campaigns and addresses a bouquet of issues, and the array of issues is vetted, allowing voters a comprehensive, knowledgable approach when deciding support of a particular candidate.

When votes are cast, how many have researched the issues thus voting according to ones understanding where the candidates position is on each issue by attestation of the candidate at speaking engagements, town halls, meetings, other Q & A events, candidate debates, infomercials, ads, interviews and other venues as part of the campaign.

The incumbent, a non-contender, his approval rating low, leaving support of voters disenfranchised, adding a candidate as contravertial as McCain, the party looks defeated, making the testimony of the new candidates is crucial to assure a hard fought presidential race.

To recieve the voters, through their respective electorial colleges, (with another set of concerns, here), each cast ballot, the voters would obviously vote using largely, review of testimony and campaign promises.

One of these promises is a policy of transparency.
We'll use President Barak Obama as the test subject since he won, allowing us to persue his transitions from candidate, to President-Elect, to innaguration, swearing in reciting oath of office, twice, finally ascending to the "throne", taking the reins of the most powerful office of the monster machine, industrial and war complexes et alin the history man..., no..., of the world.
The transparency promise, . is contrary and a long awaited, refreshing, anticipatory change from the lack thereof (link to example of non-transparency here),

The previous administration has many examples akin to the example linked to above, but that would be beating a dead horse.

Obama get off to a gallop, but while waiting for the transparency to manifest, (here), his agenda has evolved at an exponential pace to warp drive speed as legislation is fast tracked and ever increasing.

All the while, the financials and banking systems have become illiquid through bad loan practices, an unprecidented increase in forclosures, layoffs, business, commercial,residential and sub-prime loan failures, takeovers and bankruptcies.

The toxic loans packaged into exotic instruments such as derivatives, sold to markets that invested retirement and other investment funds of working class, retired and other participants in long term invesments, then, taking a short position and purchasing credit default swaps to insure failing loans and then distributing more and more profits as company bonuses. Many institutions have failed, some survived, yet of those that didn't, some were stong competitors of similar companies that survived, and as such, seemed to fail due to preferencial treatment of certain companies that were rescued arbitrarily through decisions of Secretary Treasurer.
Such companies were regarded by Administration, Treasury, the FED, Reports , the House, and the Senate as, "to big to fail", and subsequently allowed further consolidation, and began mergers with troubled institutions to strengthen weak "to big to fail" positions, and to have available a more multifaceted arcenal to combat the varying sections of concern in the credit, loan and investment markets.

There is more, but a distraction and a top contraversial issue for us all.
I use the bailouts because once the TARP Act was passed, hundreds of billions in loans were issued without any transparency regarding these loans, and contrary to the Constituants voice against the bill, and of those on Capitol Hill as wells as their intended use of the dispersment
of the Act's loan monies, and is not persuant to Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006.

The act also through it's so elegantly devised wording, gives broad authority to the Treasutry Department allowing the subsequent decision of Secretary Treasurer Paulson and the strategic change in where and who recieved funds, with this explaination to the nonsatisfaction of Congress ( link to example 1), and the People, (link to example 2), the statement of a career.

As attention is diverted by these and other interferences, legislation is submitted and passed wothout much noticed, and the shell game continues ss campaign promises are dismissed as political rheteric (here), rather than contrary to ones word, and is reported as a nonissue as the people passively sojourn, loosing interest as new contraversy errupts.

National Health care and the house passed climate bill

Another piece of the transparency puzzle is Obama's eligibility, and it's vetting process,
As multiple suits are pending, others have been denied, some dismissed, legal issues, that could be resovled simply by presenting a certified long form birth certificate to the courts, there is suspicion and wonder in the refusal of Obama to do so and the inferences of this position from a President who promises transparency, yet spends over $800,000.00 on legal fees to prevent submitting his birth certificate a document of and simple proof of eligibility.

As the promise of transparency is repeatedly broken, and broken, the questions of integrity and trust arise regarding usurping. and allegiance.

Even with that, no breech of oath and other investigations, mandate, law or reprimand seems to apply to the e l i t e, and the government. As blatant as it all is, the authorized powersand citizens sit idly and do nothing about corporate rule, blindly passing and accepting legislation without redress, indebting our future generations, as indicated here, here, here and here.

The day we awake united, it will be too late for us to do anything but apologize to our children for passing on debt, who will suffer the most from out lack of action .


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