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I need some help with this... Foreclosure Issue

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posted on Jul, 2 2009 @ 04:45 PM
Top 10 in Foreclosures
CA: 463,433
FL: 293,087
AZ: 111,310
IL: 106,084
OH: 92,581
MI: 89,708
NV: 79,896
TX: 72,891
GA: 71,926
NY: 55,667
US TOTAL: 2,288,520

and they said it was a 2 trillion dollar problem.... so why are we paying what 12 trillion to fix a 2 trillion dollar issue....? reminds me look at who we are talking about here, they purchased $600 hammers... well, I can tell you that is just cooking the books... In the NAVY, I saw a late night cook the book session, supply officer and petty officer... I just laughed with them... but, I felt betrayed, stolen from... you know the feeling...
that what these two people did, when the books dont match up ... man you can get in big trouble... so mark it up, dispose of spoilage, phantom purchases and damaged\disgard .... ok, the books are now balanced ... not saying anything whether its legal or not ... probably not .(but it happend outside the USA, they dont follow the same laws when you are at sea). but it's the left hand looking at the right hand ... and any damage to either hand will cause you extreme pain... so, ask no questions, report nothing ... and just hope they fail the audits, but they never do ... you would be shocked at the stuff that gets signed off on.... if you get to close to a protected person or operation ... you will find yourself stationed to Antartica... or worse...

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posted on Jul, 2 2009 @ 05:18 PM
the general net worth of the USA economy is 14 trillion.

The net worth of CDS is 60 trillion

a lot of mula!

both can be found on c-span


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