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United (State) Kingdom victories ?!

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posted on Feb, 10 2003 @ 09:35 PM

Originally posted by James the Lesser
Really? I thought we didn't use full strength cause we feared pissing China off and having to fight 600 million chinese. And with Korea, to me a political standoff. If we would have charged in, guns blazing and "won", we wouldn't have to worry about NK having nukes.

Oh well, thanks for correcting me Thomas.

Well that's what Doug wanted to do. If only Truman had reinforced him and let him move to the Yalu. Also they should have been allowed to attack Chinese facilities.

posted on Feb, 14 2003 @ 04:45 PM
nans, i wub j00.

posted on Feb, 14 2003 @ 06:45 PM
Thomas Crowne,

Vietnam was another U.N.-type scene, although in a covert manner. Militarily, the U.S. could have easily won, but that was not suppose to be the outcome. It's a bit complicated, and most Americans don't care nor want to be bothered with the facts, but it really wasn't a loss.

Could you clarify that abit better for me ... The way I'm takeing it as, is not really to well. My grandfather fought in that war and almost lost his life. From what he tell's me (first hand mind you), it was a damned war, not some friggan UN crap. So as far as fact's go, I'd rather believe a man who faught in that *war* first hand, then some UN story you wanna spew out. So, I'd really appreciate some clarification, as to me, that post was offensive.

posted on Feb, 14 2003 @ 07:28 PM

Originally posted by James the Lesser
Of course, could ask when last time UK won a war.(on their own)

Well, the last time we won a war we fought on our own would be the last time we fought a war on our own. 1982.

posted on Feb, 14 2003 @ 08:12 PM
1982? You mean when they bombed a third world country? Wow, great war! ow could they have won? I mean, bombing a third world country, you have a 1 o 2,000,000 chance of winning, nearly impossible. It would be like the US bombing Canada, no point cause Canada is so weak it would roll over and play dead at the first pop. Heck, they were ready to surrender when a guy shot a jet with a .22. He was complaining about the jets flying to low, the Canadian governament said they weren't. When they pulled .22 bullets out of a jet, they apologized and promised not to do anything about him shooting one if he didn't say anything about them flying to low, they would correct the problem.

Or like England attacking France, set off a couple fire works and voila, France is theirs.(What is it about the french and weakness)

posted on Feb, 14 2003 @ 08:37 PM

You- I- wha-

Yeah, god forbid anyone should bomb the hell out of a third world country and call it a war!

The irony is just....
For a start, we didn't bomb them!
Our only planes were twenty fighter jets to defend our ships from their fighters. No bombs.

And Third World Country?
Here is a link to the list of Argentine forces. It's not too shabby. They had Mirage fighter and Exocet missiles. Argentina was not a third world country, okay?
Also, they invaded us.

Get your facts straight, please.

If crossing the Pacific to retake an island occupied by hostile forces doesn't meet your criteria... I suggest you state your criteria beforehand.
Two Victoria Crosses were awarded for the conflict. Both posthumous.

[Edited on 15-2-2003 by Gryphon]

posted on Feb, 19 2003 @ 07:13 AM
What are you talking about? It was the falkland islands, they didnt bomb argentina.

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