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Multiple Universes: How Do Our Choices Move Us?

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posted on Jul, 2 2009 @ 02:40 PM
I'm not really sure if this thread should rather be referenced somewhere under ‘Science’, but I’m posting it here and will let the readers and thread contributors decide for themselves. After all, this is a proudly free-thinking forum; one of the few left, and for which I am grateful.

I have been wondering for sometime now, and have finally decided to purge my head of it to you unwitting readers, why shouldn’t there be multiple universes?

We talk about time, space, and electromagnetism all travelling in waves. I believe that ‘universes’, or parallel dimensions, exist: and that they exist as ‘waves’. Each parallel universe (or dimension) exists, for each individual, as the next ‘progression’ or ‘Decision Point’ [“DP”] in his/her existence as /he/she knows it.

For Example: Jane doesn’t know if she wants to go to the movies tonight. What are her choices?
1. She stays home.
a. She goes to bed.
b. She talks on the phone.
c. She takes a walk.
d. She surfs the net.
e. Etc., etc., etc.
2. She goes to the movies.
a. She buys popcorn and a soda.
b. She brings her own snacks.
c. She bumps into someone there that she does not like.
d. She meets her future husband and man of her dreams for the first time.
e. Etc., etc.,etc.
3. Etc., etc.,etc.

Do you see where I’m going here? Each and every decision that each and every individual makes each and every day opens a entirely new universe of possibilities and probabilities into which we are all intertwined, making universes, or dimensions, that change on scales from the most minute to infinite, undulating in wave form, always minutely progressive so as to be unrecognizable to the subject.

Let me ask you a question: You’re at a party and your closest friends and family are there to celebrate your birthday. As you are being toasted, with all of the guests focused on you, you are asked a ‘Yes or No?’ question: ‘So, would you do it all over again?’
- How would your spouse react to you’re answer?
- How would your parents / relatives / friends react?
Don’t forget that each individual will have his/her own reaction which will help to shape his/her own relationship with you in the future.
Some will be appreciative, some will feel unappreciated, and some just won’t care. Either way, it has a bearing on your future interactions and what will be your (and their) future reality. Each slight variation of the interactions of the entire group (and they with others, and all of those with others, etc., etc., etc.) causes a minute change which, in turn, is a new universe or dimension.

Multiply the number of potential results of any and all potential decisions by the number of people potentially impacted (directly, indirectly, current, and at all points in the future), and you have the potential number of universes/dimensions that can be created by answering a question as simple as “Yes or No?’. The results are infinite in all cases, making the number of universes or dimensions infinite.

It’s staggering to me, that I can walk through an infinite number of universes/dimensions in going from my door to the store.

Thoughts welcome.

posted on Jul, 2 2009 @ 03:37 PM
Yeah, it is truly mind blowing.

The shear amount of choices made, even little things like me typing this phrase differently, to the massive choices like, go to the shop or not.

EVERYTHING effects everything. It is actually scary if you think about it.

This is something i've considered for years, but never really thought of a thread on it.

Good work.




That also reminds me. Time travelling. One would travel from a dimension where he had the choice to travel or not, and into the future, and then back. But surely it would be almost impossible to get back to exactly the same dimension you left from, but would end up in a different one, but extremely similiar. The shear amount would make it almost impossible to get back.

So i guess that means that the actual dimension he left, he would never return to, leaving everyone heartbroken, but he'd be none the wiser, living in what he thought was the same dimension.

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posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 06:10 PM
I often think about this, and it really is mind-boggling. When I'm sitting alone or in a crowd, time and again I'll create little scenarios in my head and play the "what if" game. Sometimes they even come true, and much after this episode I'll be thinking of it. "What if that child hadn't bumped into me, what would've happened?" Etc.

I'm just throwing this out here, but what if these alternative realities are proven to be true? It could open up whole new branches of theories and experiments. I'm thinking we would eventually try to cross over to these other dimensions, what would come of it I don't know. Perhaps it would end up colliding our universes, or maybe we'll find new ideas as to how these universes are formed.

Great post OP, thank you.

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