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How the US govt is misleading us on Climate change impact

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posted on Jul, 2 2009 @ 11:45 AM
The US govt has a misleading website Global Change that tells about the climate change happening in the US over the last century. This website has a number of slides that the govt uses to 'educate' people about the climate changes happening and the impact of these changes on us. There is misleading information on future emission scenariois and global warming. I am trying to understand the reason why the govt is doing this. Why the US govt wants people to believe that the climate changes have a larger impact than they really would?

Here is from their website

Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States: Report Home Page The most comprehensive, authoritative report on Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States

Emissions scenarios that describe future economic growth and energy use are important tools for understanding the long-term consequences of climate change. Scenarios are ‘what ifs’—sketches of f...

Source: Global Change

There are some images further in this post, and I am interested in knowing your comments on whether these are misleading or not...contd....

Here is the 1st image
See the 2100 Lower and Higher emission scenario

Here is the 2nd image
See the difference between 2000 to 2008 and 2008 to 2100

The 3rd image
The entire east cost in drought in 2100?

This is the last image

The highest emission scenario is almost double of the lightest scenario

The disinformation campaign from the government needs to be stopped because there is a strong renewable energy lobby that is behind this. The US wants to reduce it's dependance on oil and hence it is misleading people with such websites

Besides the study done on this was by a biologist and not by a climatologist

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