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Am i one big experiment?

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posted on Jul, 2 2009 @ 10:48 AM
hey basically let me start from the begining,

"Incident 1"
-when i was 5 years old i used to live near a wooded area,well one day i walked outside before i even open the screen door a sliver/crome ball with like a almost like a eye in the middle that was lik a bullseye shoots out the woods and hovers in a parking lot and i am standing frozen,it was also a weird buzzing sound and then i kinda felt like 2 seconds later it notices me and it ZIG-Zags towards me stoping at each Bam..Bam...Bam then i scream and and it Zooms off,my moms comes to see whats wrong,i tell her what i saw and i am blown off as being a child with a imagenation

"incident 2"
-When i was 7 years old i had my first sleep paralysis experience one of many to come,I woke up in the middle of my sleep to find i cant move,then i see a blue light appear,and this is the first time ive ever been in this much fear and panic.So the light is so real that i can feel the heat run across my face from it,it was moving back and fouth in slo motion across my face,at this point im trembling in fear and somthing tells me it'll be ok ,this part is confusing because idk if this is myself or somthing else telling me this,but it was in a womens voice,eventually the light went awayand i stay awake trembling in fear the whole night,i had school in the morning and i didnt move one muscle at all until my mom came to wake me up,told her what happend,once again blownoff,(awe its ok)my son is scared of the dark,i even told my teacher the same morning and he laughed at me.after this i countinue to have sp somtimes seeing greys,somtimes nothing till 9th grade i fell into a depression because of it

"incident 3"
Summer before 10th grade year,just got done playing basketball at the park,im with my friends outside,its dark out so i decide to walk home,i say goodbye andim walkin and idk why but i look directly above me and its alight hovering over me,like it was to close to me to be a star and the moon was right in front of was a clear summer night i could see the stars ,but it seemed that there should be no reason for a light to be over me,it was like a yellowish light so i started like zig zaging as i was walkin and it felt like it was following me,i called out to my friends who was about 50-60ft away and they seemed to not hear me,even thou im yelling,i asked if they see this lights, yet im ignored as if i wasnt even talkin after this i just start to run to home

"incident 4"
-graduated highschool Sp is sever now,i have it 4-6 times a night,severely depressed,not sudical but feeling the need to go home not my actual house but some where maybe not on this plane or earth idk.Oneday i was at my breaking point felt like i was out of options,something told me to try and meditate maybe it will help,so i did and i just did what i thought was how to meditate and i had a spontatanous kundalini/spiritual awaking like awaking of chi energy i guess,i went through hell when i did this on accident if i had prior knowledge of this i know i would have never tryed it(google it) to get a better understanding


posted on Jul, 2 2009 @ 10:48 AM
"incident 5"
After awaking i go through the good and bad awaking from overwelming energy,panic attacks,extreme bliss but one night i had my first obe,i woke up to this tunnel with a white light at the end on my ceiling and at the time i was dealing with the new overwhelming energy i had gained,it was to much for me to handle i literally couldnt function with it,as i went into the light i was in this beautiful world,it had flowers everywhere perfect grass,tree,white beachs with pure clear water and the sky was pink and yellow and blue.Everything there had a aura around it that glowed,really magical place,i cant really compare it to anywhere on earth,since earth doesnt have glowing trees
so im floating there in the sky and i hear a voice that says let go,i couldnt tell weather it was a male or female because the voice was strong and confident but at the same time soft and comforting but i knew it was talking about the energy that was driving me crazy,so i took a deep breathe and surroundered and then the voice said this may hurt,then i was engolfed in flames,i curled in a ball while floatin in the air and i was screaming in pain,i could see my skin crusting and falling off,and it stated to die down and when i opened my eyes,i was shocked to see new skin that was glowing,perfect skin,all the scars i had went away,it was like i became apart of the world i was at u kno but when i got back to mybody and woke up i realized that the energy went down ive ben there 4 times and imeet a women with dark brown hair and a guy that i think was trying to teach me how to heal with my hands.I was also shown to a library where there was abook on my life and the title of the book was THYMON idk what that means

"Incident 6"
So after the whole awaking and obe,i also gain some psychic abilties on and off just i can ethier see or hear weird stuff,main thing is i can see auras not the colorful kind but the clear steam like energy that floats off every object but One night i was geting ready to go to bed..i turn off the lights and start to close my blinds that are wide open...i take a second to look outside at the nightsky and out of no where a bright star just appeared out of no where,it jus poped out right as i was staring,it was very bright and seemed not far away,there was no other stars out nor any clouds

Thats basically it,there some stuff that happend in between but these are the major one but this is a very sensetive subject for me,i feel all these events are connected.these are fairly recent events,im 19 now i feel like im in a tug of war or somthing,i see the bad ETs then i meet some good one in the obe or maybe they werent ET's idk please give some honest genuine feedback thx sry if this is in the wrong forum

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