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george hunt UNCED 1992 Summit

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posted on Jul, 2 2009 @ 07:14 AM

after listening to alex jones yesterday i searched for this video...what do you guys make of it?

one thing i do find odd is that an obviously intelligent man such as george hunt can misrepresent what rothschild says in this video..

'every nation has its problems, its native population and its wildlife'..

that sentence to me sounds perfectly'every school has its gym, its children and its play ground'

george hunt says it means that the native population and the wildlife ARE the problem...

have i misunderstood what rothschild meant..or is he being misrepresented by mr hunt?

i agree the video does talk about setting up a world bank for conservation..and this in 1992..and this is obviously linked to events today..but unfortunately its misrepresentations like the one here that make me question the motives of people like alex jones and mr hunt (who i know nothing about apart from what he says on this video) just as much as i question the motives of the people running our world..why would anyone go to the effort of making a video such as this and make what appears to me to be such a huge mistake?

anyway..heres the video:

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