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Quantitative Law of Existence

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posted on Jul, 2 2009 @ 12:08 AM
Simple really...

I found this while surfing the web.. what do you think?

As is:

Fair Use
Any entity may use this knowledge for any use that the knowledge itself justifies.

Self-Evident Quantitative Proof of the theory of the Law of a Quantitative Existence, and the Law of a Quantitative Universe:

1. All things within any given area exist.

2. Because all things that exist are in existence, all things in existence must be quantifiable. Unless, of course, a society or scientific body lacks the knowledge to measure and categorize such an existence.

Established: All things in existence are quantifiable. They may be thought of through the scientific process, which is the basis for all new theories; including changes in language, society, or any other function of an intelligent species.

3. THEREFORE All things in existence are quantifiable.

4. However, things which have been proven mathematically do exist.

From this 'Proof'  comes the theory of the Law of a Quantitative Existence and the Law of A Quantitative Universe:

All things in existence, except for Scientific law, are, at least, inherently dual.

Quantifiable Law of Learning

If an idea or task is explained in a way that an organism can understand, the organism will be able to understand.

All things that can be explained in a way that is appropriately quantified for that 'being', will be understood.


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