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TPTB are getting ready to jump ship

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posted on Jul, 1 2009 @ 06:01 AM
O.K. I havebeen doing some reading and thinking and talking to the only other person i know that has his wits about him and i came up with this theory. I

f you believe in the anunaki then this will make sense if not sorry. Long ago the summerians were were visited by annuaki, again i know they made us, it was documented in the tablets. The summerians were a well educated civilation in astrology and math they discoverd or were told of the 12 planets, us being the seventh and niribu being the 10th planet. the speculation goes that 1 year on niribu is equal to 3600 years on earth, ( living for ever, going to heaven) Niribu comes closes to us every 3600 years and passes between mars and another planet.

Now if this is all true and there is now way to proved it is 100 % but through out history there have been documents that say yes. Niribu might be getting closer, all the planets will be changing on some level in the coming years and if this planet is to change for the worse maybe a leap on to nirbu isnt that far out of the question. Astronaut notice that there watches slow down in space which could also mean that your live could be prolonged cause after all our system (US)is based on the magnetic poles.
Since they engineered us from them and the ape men that were here, we should be able to live on there planet? Why do think that u may ask? beside the history were is all this money going??? It gone nobady knows were it went Billion and billions of dollars gone. Could the be funding space projects? If you think about all the little pieces its not that far fetched. i believe tptb are gearing for a jump ship situation in the coming years and i think the jump is too niribu because we would never know about it till they left ,when they come back we all will be gone and they can start over again. with all the knowledge and history the way they want it.

But how could niribu acceptd that if they are more (POWERFUL ). they struck a deal, continue mining abd taking all the resources well have better control of the people and will be able to have them do and think how we want.

so in conclusion-elite are leaving us for niribu, in 3600 years they'll come back and start this process all over again. only to have better control over the people.

posted on Jul, 1 2009 @ 06:44 AM
May I ask you to provide resources?

posted on Jul, 1 2009 @ 07:00 AM
reply to post by Scarcer

google video niribu and summerians, this guy who gives an indepth lecture, then read echoes of the dark land which insists we were from ape men with that info right there you could come up with the thoery about us being engineered from them... in terms of jumping ship thats me.. in that lecture they talk about the planets and how the egyptians might not have been that advanced to build the pyrmids meaning they were there before they got there.meaning someone else built them, also research the astrounts watches and that our time slows down the farther you get away from space. I was jumping alot from website to website staying away from the pop crazy sites the one that claim doom and gloom and instead look at history and compared that to the history of the first known civilations and found that the history most of know isnt so... so which leads me to believe that this thing has happened before the earth has gone through a transformation and entire civilations have been lost to it..
since we are in a time of fast technology and we are where we are in reference to glactic positions wouldnt you want to live longer if you had the power to do so knowing you would comeback to a new world. and you would only age one year? I would i second plus your day is 3600 years long and you only age one earth year. think of the knowledge. also but not completly counting on this the omega codes by brandon something he is a member here. the book is very interesting sloppy editing but i got the points and notice the code but still cant break them. that book doesnt really have a references but does ask the question why dont we talk about this? cause they dont want you to know the truth. That we were made to be slaves.

take what you will from this but the thoery is possible

posted on Jul, 1 2009 @ 11:38 AM
Considering all of what you are talking about are from the translations of one man, which cannot be entirely proven true or false. (I have indeed read up on the materials to which you are referring.) I know the story of the Annunaki, Nibiru, and the history on this planet according to the documents from Sumerian history as translated by Sitchin.

While your idea is credible, the said 'powers that be' would be smarter than to abandon this place for 3,600 years. From what I have read, and gathered, should the Annunaki be real, they aren't much more advanced than we have become in 3,600 years. They have nuclear weapons, we have nuclear weapons. They have near antigravity propulsion, we have near antigravity propulsions (While I can't prove that, I know it to be so from contacts in the military.), they are geneticists, we are getting much better at genetically engineering.

I think it would be foolish to leave Earth, because by the time they come back, we may not even be here. Earth may be a husk of a planet with no resources left and we may have moved on. I mean, we did just INVENT the first ever Quantum Processor.

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